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10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have

Not everybody can serve the community, develop spiritually, or be a leader. There are certain qualities you must have in order to lead a team, or simply show your followers the right way.

Most people believe that leading is easy to learn, “you simply tell people what to do, and they’ll listen to you”. But... that is never the case!

Good leadership skills require fairness, love, carefulness, attention, and understanding. 

Without these inherent traits, nobody can truly call himself or herself a leader. In order to lead a team, you must first understand and connect with each person individually. Great leaders will remember and love each one of his or her team members equally, regardless of how many people are part of the team. A good leader will care endlessly, and help his or her apprentices evolve. A good leader will let go of ego, teach, lead, and love.

Enough with the theory. Here are 10 most important personal qualities any leader should have. Take your time to read them, and don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!

10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs to Have

1. Honesty

A leader should always be honest. Without telling people what you truly think, there is no way you can form true connections with them.

You must let your team know what you expect from each one of them, and accept their qualities, as well as their flaws.

Your job is to be there for them, but also teach them when they are wrong. You can’t expect honesty in return if you constantly lie to your followers.

Honesty brings honesty in return.

Make sure you make that clear from the beginning. Without honesty, there is basically nothing and no one to work with.

2. Courage

Be willing to go beyond the boundaries and break the rules. As funny as it sounds, no leader has ever played by the rules. Leaders think outside the box, and have the courage to take real action.

Be brave enough to take risks and win big.
No risk, no fun, right?

Expanding our horizons depends on our abilities to be courageous and curious about others. Without these two important qualities, there is no way we can truly evolve.

Constantly asking to receive new information is a wonderful method to develop. But for that, we need courage!

3. Passion

Have you ever seen a leader who’s not passionate? I haven’t. Leaders are role models. They will shape a person’s life and character. They have a tremendously big influence on people.

Leaders determine their followers to take action and become passionate about their beliefs.

Therefore, could an unpassionate individual be called “leader?” I doubt it. Any great leader must be determined to achieve goals and change the world.

Featured in the article: "10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have". Passion led us here. Passion, beliefs, leadership quality.

4. Communication

Imagine high-school. Your Math teacher gives you an assignment without giving out any directions. She says, “Help yourself,” and leaves. Is that common? Yes. Is that proper? No.

Communication is the key to advancement. How are you supposed to know how to solve the Math problem if you teacher did not communicate effectively? How are you going to save yourself from a bad grade?

Leadership requires communication skills.

Telling people what you expect, being open to new ideas, and listening carefully are essential qualities when leading a team.

Featured in the article: "10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have". Leader showing communication skills with his team.

5. Originality

Call it originality, authenticity, or vision. However you choose to refer to it, having this quality as a leader is essential. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your long-time goals?
  • How are you going to change the world?
  • What methods are you going to use?
  • What do people mean to you, and how can they add to your “changing-the-world” process?
  • If you feel like you stopped evolving, what do you do?

Featured in the article: "10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have". Woman Originality as a leader.

6. Being a Good Listener

Listening to people is crucial! Imagine a person who is talking, and talking, and talking, and giving out advice, yet when it is their time to listen, they stop caring.

Would you want to talk to such a person? Would you ask for advice? Honestly, probably not. Why should you, if all they can do is talk and talk, and never listen? How are you going to expose your ideas and make yourself heard?

Listening to the people around you is such an important quality. Not many people can do it, yet the few who can will change things for the better.

7. Responsibility

Life doesn’t happen to you, you control what happens in your life. Take responsibility for your actions and words.

If you make mistakes, own up to them and be honest with yourself.

You change what “happens” to you, because it is your life. There is no reason to blame others for it. Thus, make sure you stay responsible for your actions, and teach people to do the same!

Featured in the article: "10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have". Leadership requires you to be responsible.

8. Integrity

The above qualities are all part of the “integrity” core value. When you have integrity, you basically own the world. There is nothing that could potentially hurt you or make you feel embarrassed. Why?

Because you’ve already told the truth to the people around you. There is no shame attached to any of your actions anymore.

You owned up to everything you’ve done, and you have the courage to admit it!

9. Focus

After you’ve set your goals on how to change the world, focus on strategies to do it.

Map out your plans and strategies, talk to your mentees, and listen carefully to what they have to say. Make sure you take into consideration every single opinion – believe me, every single one matters!

Featured in the article: "10 Personal Qualities That Every Leader Needs To Have". Leaders focus on the strategies. Map out plans.

10. Action

Last but not least, it is time to take action!

A great leader will not “wait for things to happen,” he or she will make things happen. Implement your vision with integrity, listen to other people’s opinions, focus on your tasks, communicate effectively, and be responsible for your actions.


Any great leader makes mistakes, so don’t be afraid to be wrong. Being a leader does not mean being right all of the time. It means being able to listen to everybody, take their opinions into consideration,  make decisions, make mistakes, learn from them, and turn plans into action.

Making mistakes when leading is inevitable. Good luck on your leadership path! You got this!

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