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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Enjoying your career is extremely important for your long-time well-being. According to a survey conducted by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 72 percent of people who have daily stress and anxiety say it interferes with their workplace at least moderately.

If you are not content with your current job position, consider making a change. The stress is not worth it!

Welcome new activities into your life and start asking questions. Make changes that are beneficial for you, and be happy.

Think about what you enjoy doing, find your passion, and finally, find that job worth waking up for.

Even if it seems unreal, turning your passion into a career is attainable.

Just keep in mind that you will have to work hard and be perseverant. Here are five questions you might want to consider.

How to Turn Your Passion into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What Are My Passions?

Featured in the article: "How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself". It represents people coming to a point of no return and having to ask what their passions are.

Without passion, everything becomes uninteresting. Knowing what you aim for career wisely is critical.

It’s time to ask yourself what your long-time plans are, and what you are truly good at. Finding the right answer to your “why?” questions will help you succeed. 

Here is a good way in which you can identify your passions, and align them with your career goals:

  • Brainstorm – write down every single passion that you have. What do you really enjoy doing? What makes you forget about time while you’re at it? What captures your attention? Next to each one of your passions, write down good career ideas that you consider fit. If you get stuck in the process, take a break and try later, but don’t give up;
  • Pick your top ones – it’s time to prioritize. Look at your list again (try to complete this process over the course of one week, don’t rush it!), and pick three passions that you are most excited about. If you could do only three for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? Take your time to make your choices. Prioritizing is an essential part of the procedure;
  • Apply passions to goals – now that you know what you enjoy doing, think about your plans (more on it on point 2!). How do your passions connect with your career objectives? Which one of your passions is the most feasible and could possibly bring you financial prosperity?
Next step is finding out what your career goals are.

Your future depends on the choices you make now. If you really want to improve your life and make your dreams come true, now it’s the time to consider all the factors that might affect your career. So, what are your business plans?

2. What Are My Business Plans?

Featured in the article: "How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself". It represents a person planning future business plans and setting goals for career success.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Would you like to open up a business, or work as an employer? What career path attracts you the most? Time to take control of your career.

Let’s take things step by step:

  • Identify your career opportunitiesresearch different companies, and chat with professionals in your field of interest;
  • Match your passions with your favorite job options;
  • Prioritize againchoose the opportunities that seem most feasible. When making a decision, consider your level of comfortability with the job, your expertise, and your determination. If, for instance you are equally passionate about fashion and horse-riding, yet have background working as a designer, I would say definitely go with the first option;
  • Set goals – even if life does not always match our predictions, setting business goals keep us motivated. Stay on the right track by setting SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.
Now that you’ve found your passions and set your goals, it’s time to reach out to people. Think about whom you could reach out to on the next point.

3. Whom Can I Reach Out To?

Featured in the article: "How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself". Represents business woman reaching out to a mentor to receive career advice.

While it is true that being independent feels amazing, there are times when asking for help has a tremendous positive impact on our careers.

Receiving constant feedback quickly leads to improvement and progress. Reaching out to the right people can give rise to both personal and professional growth

  • Study the people around youwhat are each one of their individual qualities? Is there anything you admire in a specific person? Is there anyone who shares your passions?
  • After finding someone you admire and connect with, reach out, and be honest. Dan Humphry, freelancer at AustralianEssays and motivational life coach, shares his opinion. “Asking a simple question using three indirect ones can be frustrating to any person seeking to help you. If you have something important to ask leave shyness aside and ask away. Be honest with your intentions; let them know why you approached them.”
  • Evaluate the people you admire and always pass their advice through your rational filter – could they be wrong? Are your mentor’s ideas feasible enough?
  • Always follow up with your mentor, and be open to criticism, as most of the times it will be truly beneficial for your career advancement.
  • If your mentor challenges you, take every opportunity that you have to prove them that you are continuously climbing the success ladder.

Reaching out to different people and developing a mentor-mentee relationship over an extended period of time is a great method to achieve success rapidly. 

Finding people with similar passions (that have already made it!) sets a good example, and keeps your pumped. External help is always welcome, especially when it comes from an expert in your field of interest.

4. How Important Is Money for Me?

Featured in the article: "How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself". How important his money? Brainstorm and planning

Following your passion and transforming it into your career might take a long time. You’ll have to stay determined, and understand that great things don’t come easily.

You should also ask yourself: “How important is money for me at this time in my life?”

Getting started on a new path might be a financial burden for people struggling to live on a tight budget. 

Is money important in your life? Is your current career providing enough for you to save for later investments? Have you planned you budget accordingly? Have you discussed your plans with a specialist? 

Think about all these steps you need to take before quitting your job and starting your own journey.

You may not find an immediate answer that pleases you, but you can work on finding solutions for that problem.

For instances, if you can't afford quitting your job right now, you can find a part-time job on your passion. Do both jobs, until you make the same amount of money in your part-time as you do on your regular job. 

5. How Motivated Am I?

Featured in the article: "How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself". Motivated woman for turning her passion into a career.

Figuring out what motivates you is crucial! How else are you going to progress and keep yourself accountable for your work?

  • What frustrates you? What boundaries can't your cross? Define them.
  • What type of environment do you need in order to thrive?
  • What do you need in order to attain your goals? Is it food that makes you happy? A good workout? Hanging out with friends after a rough day?
  • What would you able to give up in order to obtain your goals? Is it your social life? Family life? Maybe nothing at all?

Wrapping Up

Turning your passions into a career is possible, make sure that you are motivated enough.

However, ask the right questions before making the decision to change your life and follow your true call. Don’t rush the process, go with it!

We hope you've enjoyed reading this article and now you feel ready to turn your passion into a real professional career.
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