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Why He Who Has A Why To Live Can Bear Any How

Header image of the article: Why He Who Has A Why To Live Can Bear Any How

From time to time we select great quotes to inspire and motivate you. Deep quotes from accomplished people can give us a great perspective on life. 

In our collection of Nietzsche quotes we found this quote that surely intrigued us:

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”Friedrich Nietzsche 

The original in german, "Hat man sein warum? des Lebens, so verträgt man sich fast mit jedem wie?", comes from this Nietzsche work "Twilight of the Idols".

Later cited in a Viktor Frankl’s book "Man’s Search For Meaning", providing us with an English version for a better understanding of these Nietzsche words. As an holocaust survivor Frankl's book gives this quote a deeper meaning, by sharing his experiences in concentration camps and how some of those prisoners found a purpose to live and eventually survived.  

Today, what is the meaning of he who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how? Why it can be so inspiring for anyone and be connect to self-improvement

Let's get deep into it and help you out! In case you need content for your essay or you just want to 

He Who Has A Why To Live Can Bear Any How Meaning

#1. What's Your WHY To Live?

First things first, we live for a reason, ask yourself what's that reason? What's that why to live?

No problem if you can't find it yet, but you should look for one. 

Finding a purpose, is what gives our life a meaning. 

When it comes to motivation, having a purpose is key. Finding your why it's a part of that purpose. 

Either you find a why or an you find an excuse. 

Question yourself and you should find that why from different angles. You'll surely find the answers that fit in your life. But ask questions in an empowered and positive way:

What's your mission in this earth? What's the reason behind the goals you want to achieve?

Connect your full life with it. It's about your passions, your health, your wealth, your family, your business, you name it! 

Why you want to do it? 

Is it for yourself? For your family? For your friends? For your community? For your people? 

Is it for the money? For the thrill? For your personal development? For the planet earth? 

They all can be part of your WHY. 

#2. The Importance of a Strong WHY!

Now, don't make the common mistake a just having a why. You need to have a strong why!

A strong why can give you the necessary strength and resilience to continue to fight for what you want, even when you feel like giving up.

A weak why will make a victim of circumstances.

What gives life it's meaning is the pursuit of something that we really are passionate about. 

If it's indifferent to you, than it's easy to allow yourself to be taken over by temporary emotions and others opinions.

But when you have a strong why, nothing and nobody can't move you from what you want to achieve. 

#3. Bear Any HOW!

Not only by having a strong why you will be determined to achieve, but you'll also be able to endure trough any situation.  

If you have a why you can bear any how!

A why in life can make you adapt to circumstances and conquer what you want, while others who have weaker whys (or no whys) just give up. 

A strong why will make you reach out to skills and capabilities you thought you didn't have, but somehow, someway, you did manage to learn them and finish the task. 

To bear almost any how, it's about overcoming any obstacle in your way and rising up to the challenges life is giving you.

You'll be able to push things to another level when it's necessary and to survive the storms of your life when they come.  

A Man with a why can bear any how!

Life has it's ups and downs, triumphs and failures, but the most important thing is to have a well structured and strong why, that will make overcome anything. 

#4. Conclusion

So we defy you! Find your why! Are you ready to bear any how?

Not only a strong why will make you persist life's trials and tribulations, but it will also make you a stronger person in the process. 

It's a win win situation. Not only you'll reach your goals but you will also become better by doing it.

Just think about this, if you're goals are far from what your current situation is, it's mandatory that you improve yourself and become a better individual to achieve them. 

You can take the first step into achieving those goals by finding your purpose and shape it with strong why's behind it. 

Therefore, you can bear anyhow, become better and achieve what you want!

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