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Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken

What's the meaning of the quote "Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken." by Oscar Wilde? Here's the meaning of the quote "Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken", including a checklist for better comprehension of the reader.

"Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken." - Oscar Wilde

Often heard in the personal development community, to "Be Yourself" is one of the most powerful advises one can give you. 

This quote from legendary Irish writer Oscar Wilde concludes with the reason why you should do it: (because) "everyone else is already taken"!

One question that might come to your mind is "how can I not be myself? Is that even possible?"

Well the sad part is that in fact, most people really struggle to be themselves, they just go with the flow and try to fit in. Whether at their job, their community, their family, their hobbies, you name it, we all are influenced to be alike so we can be part of a group. 

What's the problem with this? Isn't being part of a group cool? If they get something I will get that something also! 

Yes! But at the same time, that's the major flaw of this type of mindset. Because besides not being alike in who we are, we also aren't alike in our dreams, in our desires and in our goals.

Point blank period, if you want to reach those amazing things you've dreamed of, there's only one way to do it.. to be yourself! 

Being yourself is about stepping into your uniqueness and being unafraid to express your individuality.

You are one of a kind, in fact...we all are.

So, we need to express it by being authentic and genuine. Once you can do it you'll become reliable, people will believe in you, because you represent character, quality and originality.

You will attract whatever you want, and that's the real power of it!

You shouldn't force your way into a group, that will come naturally if you be yourself. So you can get the best of both worlds after all!

With that being said, we need to go deeper on the subject so you can really see why you are one of a kind and you really need to be yourself

Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken - Meaning 

1. We All Are Different Since Birth

Each individual results from the combination of genes from his parents at a given time, so the probability of existing someone like you in this world is almost none.

Even identical twins who result from the same genes makeup, have different personality traits.

This is still a mystery to science, but the fact is we all are a different combination of genes and personality, that makes each one of us very unique!

Step into your uniqueness because the world is starving for someone genuine as you!

2. Taught The Same Way but Do We Learn The Same Way? 

You can understand this better by looking at school curriculums, students from the same class are taught the same, yet some excel others struggle.

Were they taught the same way? Yes (probably yes..)! But do they all learn the same way? No!

Each individual reacts in his own way to information and uses this knowledge in a different way too.

Same classes different individuals, same information but different results.

(Understand better how children learn here )

Although we might have learn the same things, we produce different kind of results with that knowledge. 

3. The Impact Of Life Experiences

The speculation arises, scientists recently suggest that people are exposed to different life experiences since birth, and this influences the way our brain develops.

Therefore, we start to shape our own personality very early. 

Who you are today is shaped by your own life experiences since birth to this exact moment, and even though you can have similar experiences with a friend or partner, it's impossible that you lived each and every moment together.

So... who you are is unmatched! 

You might not know, but you have a great power within you, not it's not "the force" (some wish it was...) that power is named authenticity!

To be authentic means to be genuine, not to copy others. You stick to the plan of representing who you originally are. 

4. The Uniqueness Of A Never Ending Learning Process

One thing is what we learned at school or college, other thing is what we search to learn by ourselves.

Some say this is the real way to learn, some call it the school of life, here at our blog we like to refer it as personal development

If you are willing to learn you can master any skill, that's the basis and the beauty of it.

Now just imagine, anyone can learn what he/she desires if he/shes is willing to put the hours and the work in, as long as they are living. That's just amazing!

The combination of skills are unlimited, put those skills to work and you can build what no one has ever created. 

By engaging in a never ending learning process you can learn infinite things, things that will make you think from an unique perspective, creative ideas will pop up again and again.

5. How Can You Benefit From Being Yourself

- You were born differently;
- You learned in your own way;
- You had different life experiences;
- You learned by yourself different things;
- You are definitely one of a kind!

Now, you just need to be yourself and express all those qualities.

But take careful, because  although you have all those unmatched characteristics, other people also have some of their own.

So, anyone can take advantage of them, some will be so brilliant doing it that you'll feel attracted it to emulate them.

The real trick is not to be seduced to copy somebody else's attributes in hope of getting the same things that particular person has.

That's the other reason why you should be yourself, because really everyone else is already taken. 

One of the most difficult things for marketers is to build a brand because, from a customer's perspective... brands all look the same and do the same. But you... you represent your own brand:

You are the genuine article, a unique specie, an authentic piece and an amazing individuality. A marketer's dream!

Why not take advantage of this and be yourself? Don't try to be others, because they are already taken!

That's the meaning of Oscar Wilde's famous quote. Now remember this:
  1. Only you can write the way you write;
  2. Only you can sing the way you sing;
  3. Only you can play the way you play;
  4. Only you can work the way you work;
  5. Only you can dance the way you dance;
  6. Only you can paint the way you paint;
  7. Only you can create the way you create;
  8. Only you can love the way you love. 

So what are you waiting for?

Make a full effort to Be Yourself cause that's the way to...


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