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8 Ways To Find Inspiration When You Need It!

We believe most of us have what it takes to achieve great things in this life. You don't need big resources to do it, the most important tools you need are inside you and your ability to use them.

Creativity plays a major role in the way we make use of the available resources: You can have two individuals with the same resources but totally different outcomes, because it's their ability to create that makes all the difference in the results they get.

But being creative it's not easy for most people, it's not like everyone has a button and they can switch to a creative mode instantly. Some prefer to wait for creativity to hit them randomly, but that's a long way to go. 

Most of us had experienced a "creative mode" and certainly something triggered that mode. Somehow you got inspired to do it! That's because inspiration is the key to enter that "creative mode".

So, in all honesty, the question should be, "how do I get inspired to be creative?", not "how do I get creative" solo. Unfortunately, you can't hit a button that starts creativity, but you can find ways to get inspired when you most need: 

8 Ways To Find Inspiration When You Need It!

1. Review your short term goals and achievements

Long term goals are overrated and too far for you to get instantly inspired by them. Of course, dreams help and long term goals, but it's the short term goals that will keep you inspired daily and create the necessary habits to reach those long term goals.

First, you need a journal or writing tool where you record your progress, then, the crucial part: check your progress everyday it will boost your inspiration to do more and continue to grow toward your major goal.

2. Practice meditation

Take time to connect with yourself and your deepest thoughts, sometimes 5-10 minutes of meditation it's all it takes for you to focus your mind and spirit, for what's really important and get inspired to do some creative work. Develop this into an habit by doing first thing in the morning, kick star your day by positive vibes.

3. Positive self talk

Positive self talk will help you to get inspired also, learn to talk with yourself in a positive way, say things like: "I can", "I know who I am and I have what it takes", "I know with time and effort I can achieve". Boost your creativity with your own words, write down the magic words, repeat them constantly by saying them out-loud, keep a note with them in your smartphone or a post-it near by. Read them and memorize them, use it when you need them. 

4. Go outside enjoy nature

Outside there's lots of things to get inspired by, get in contact with nature breathe the fresh air. Some people find inspiration just by looking at the sea, some prefer landscapes, others the ice cold mountains. What's important is that you get away from the concrete jungle and technological society, contact with the purest form of inspiration that nature provides, for free, near the place you live. 

5. Reading books, blogs, quotes you name it!

Read, read and read, there are lots of inspirational resources available for you to read out there. Maybe what you need is a book that opens your mind, maybe a blog post like this or other, to spark the fire inside you, maybe just an couple of inspirational quotes. Keep a notebook with quotes you like, you can read them when most need them. 

6. Surround yourself by constantly inspired people

Picasso, a born and raise Spanish painter, once went to Paris because it was the art capital of the world. He needed to expand his creativity, and by going to Paris he knew he would get to meet and get along with painters, sculptors, actors, poets that where part of a truly inspired cultural movement. 
You don't need to go to Paris (our maybe you do...), go to where the inspired people in your city/neighborhood are! Get surrounded by inspiration.

7. Social Networks

You can get tons of inspiration from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or, Google+ if you look for it. Don't get lost in information that simply wastes your time, be honest with yourself and search for what you need, search hashtags like #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiringpictures those can do the trick for you. Customize social networks, block unwanted information, follow pages that inspire you, join groups of inspired people, socialize with inspiration (take a look at this self made facebook inspirational list of pages)

8. Inspirational Videos 

Like social networks you can get lots of inspiration from videos, but a different kind of inspiration that will move your audiovisual channels and even more...Get on YouTube and get inspired by inspirational videos with motivational videos, motivational speeches, inspirational quotes, music, you name it. Create your own playlists. save your favorite videos. 


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