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Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul

What's the Meaning behind the quote. Why and How to become it.

"I'm the master of my fate,
the captain of my soul." 
  William Ernest Henley

Do you ever heard this quote? Probably yes, they are the final two lines from a short Victorian poem by William Ernest Henley called "Invictus". It became widely known, after Nelson Mandela handle a copy of the poem in the movie by the same name (Invictus, 2009), to the captain of the South African rugby team for inspiration to win the Rugby World Cup in 1995. 

Mandela often used lines from this poem when he was imprisoned for 27 years to inspire his mind and the ones around him. Despite the negative circumstances he was in, he never lost focus and when he got released he was self-assured about his life mission, and, how he could change his country for the better. Unbelievable. 

Barak Obama also quoted this poem at the memorial services of the Nelson Mandela, has it represented the mindset of this great late world leader towards the fight for freedom and human rights.

Historical reviews aside, understand that this quote is indeed powerful and it can really help you to make a change in your life. Often we think outside events control our outcomes, but this quote tells us that its quite the opposite. You can control your destiny, you can go where you want to go, you can achieve what you what to achieve, no limits involved unless those you bring in to play. Find out why and how:

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul

1. Understand What Influences Your Actions

Has human beings our actions are constantly being influenced by two worlds: our (1) inside world (internal influences: our mind, our spirituality and our body) and our (2) outside world (external influences: the news, the radio, books, music, family, friends, co-workers, etc). The two are dynamic and can also, influence each other. 

a) The way to gain control of your life is to have the (1) inside world dominate the (2) outside world. You built yourself from the inside with total focus and faith on your beliefs, you take the necessary actions to succeed, therefore, what the outside world tells you is secondary.
You are the Master of Your Fate.

b) The way to lose control of your life and outcomes, is to let the (2) outside world dominate the (1) inside world. You act so you can get accepted by society or you let yourself be influenced by it, therefore, your fate becomes what others determine, not you. 
Others are the Masters of Your Fate.

The a) situation is not very common, people don't often use this power we all have to create a life.  It takes some work. While b) is the most common because it doesn't require much from people, only to live a life, just existing and surviving.

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul: 2. Acknowledge You Have That Power In You

2. Acknowledge You Have That Power In You

Most people don't believe they have the power to control their destiny. Whether cultural influences tells other wise or just plain skepticism, our human nature tends to be naturally lazy. We need to fight it.

The first step is to understand we have the power to be the masters of our destiny, despite, maybe, your whole past tells you otherwise. If you think like you've always thought, you'll achieve what you've always got. In order to produce a change, you must think differently, you must make a change in your philosophy about life. That's the way things that need to change can really change!

Understand that you've got that power, it's inside you and it has always been. You might not know it, so you never used it. In order to work we must acknowledge it, believe in it, and then put it to use in a consistent way. Those are the ways of self-mastery.

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul: 3. Learn Self-Mastery

3. Learn Self-Mastery

To master your life, you need to, first and foremost, master yourself. The basic principle is to create congruence between what you want and actually what you do. You have to become the cause behind the results you get, not the effect and outside events the cause.

What you think you become, that is the basic principle. You need to control what's on your mind most of the time so you can be driven to take the necessary actions to succeed. You do this by inducing your mind into think what you need to think, and not letting outside influences determine your thoughts. 

Control your mind by tapping into your subconscious with conscious acts of faith. Mind, body and spirit must become one. Know who you are, know what you want to become, know what you want. Go from there, write it down, create your imaginary world, say it to yourself out-loud everyday.

This works if you do it consistently, because what you're actually doing is to creating a target and becoming more and more aware of it. Sooner or later, if you are fully committed to it, you become attracted by it, and you'll take the actions according to it, until you will hit that target. Make a plan of action to master yourself.

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul: 4. Define A Plan Of Action

4. Define A Plan Of Action

The first sentence you need to write in your plan of action are the lines of the verse from William Ernest Henley
"I'm the master of my fate,
the captain of my soul." 

Yes you are! As captain define your route, where do you want to go with your ship? What do you want to become? Make that decision, write it down read it daily with full faith and believe. Imagine yourself as you are already there, what kind of person is that? What habits? What things does he/she has? Close your eyes and imagine it.

Point out the necessary actions you need to take to get from who you are to who you want to become.
Take those actions daily and with no doubt in your mind. Results might not come right away, but don't stop cause of it. Keep taking action.

Understand the results you're getting and make the necessary adjustments so you can get sharper and correct the errors. Keep getting better.

Again read the William Ernest Henley, YES YOU ARE!

Take this in account, if you are the master of your fate, you are the responsible for everything you do and achieve. Therefore assume that responsibility with no problems. If things don't work you're responsible for it, no one to blame, the best part is that you can correct by yourself what you need to do better, you don't nobody else. If things work, there are no limits on the results you can get!

Why You Are The Master Of Your Fate And The Captain Of Your Soul: 5. The Unbelievable Outcomes You Can Get

5. The Unbelievable Outcomes You Can Get

If you can become what you dreamed of, imagine the unbelievable outcomes you can achieve! There are no limits. 

You can dream anything and become it, if you follow the Master Of Your Fate philosophy.

It's indispensable that you believe in it day in and day on, you are the master, you know were you're heading. You have the things you want, the body you want, the mind you want, as long as you make the effort to... 


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