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45 Ways On How To Feel Happy And Be Happier

Header image of the article: "45 Ways To Be Happy And Live A Happier Life".

When we ask people what they want for their lives, the most common answer is: "I just want to be happy!". 

As simple as it seems, these answer is spot on! You should look to be happy in your life, but not by any means.

People look for all the sorts of ways to be happy. Some are so desperate for it, that they try every thing out there. 

But the problem is exactly that one, the "thing". We try to tell them that happiness doesn't relies on things, but within themselves. 

This confuses people, but there is no greater truth, if you want to be happy start to shape yourself from the inside out, not  from the outside in. 

For your to get a better perspective on these thoughts we've made a list of the best ways for you to be happy and live a happier life. Enjoy!

45 Ways How To Feel Happy

1. Be dependent on you not on others or things. Realize that happiness is a state of mind that you can control. It's not on outside events or objects, it's in you!
2. Start with the basics. Schedule your day to answer your daily needs and basic human necessities. 
3. Make your body your temple. Sleep well, eat right, exercise, give your body what he needs to be healthy and energized. 
4. Control your feelings. You will feel down, act the opposite, put your body in great posture like you are on top of the world. Notice the difference? 
5. Give back to people. When you give food to a homeless guy, how does it feel to see him smiling? He's happy you're happy. 
6. Start to call failure as learning experiences. This puts failure into a whole new perspective, suddenly it doesn't feel that bad. You're ready to give it another try.  
7. Quit blaming and take responsibility. When you blame you're putting yourself out of the equation, that's not the way to go. Be responsible. 
8. Leave no stone unturned. If you know you have to do something, just do it. Don't live with the regret of not doing when you could.  
9. Look for improvements. How can you improve your life? Study what you do and start to come up with solutions to be in a better place.
10. Learn something new each day. When you learn something for the first time you feel excited and challenged. 
11. Set goals and work on them. Give your life a direction to go to, you'll feel like your getting somewhere worthy. 
12. Make a decision and act on it. Stop guessing and wondering about it, make a decision and just stick ot it. You can only know if you're right or wrong by doing it. 
13. Spend time with your friends and have fun. Nothing like interacting with other human beings that like you. 
14. Stop with the gossiping. What it's good for? That's right...
15. Laugh a lot. Try to see the funny side in any situation. Comedies and stand ups can help you. 
16. Enjoy nature. Get out and feel the energy nature can bring. Breathe the fresh air. 
17. Help others doing something. Make yourself available to help, feel like you can contribute to other people's lives.
18. Travel often. Get to know new places and cultures, open your mind to new experiences. 
19. Reprogram your brain for happiness. Try meditation techniques and visualization. See yourself in the future in a better place. 
20. Express gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life? Time to express your gratitude.
21. Practice kindness. Saying things like "thank you", "I appreciated", "you're a nice person", put you in a better place.
22. Rewind your life most happy moments. Travel back to those times and get those great feelings back
23. Put your favorite music on. It can be a playlist, music moves us and transports us into great vibrations.
24. Get around happy people. Know those guys that constantly are happy? Hang with them because happiness is contagious.
25. Create a financial strategy. Don't throw money away, see how you can make a profit from it.  
26. Surprise others and others will surprise you. Surprises are unexpected and always welcomed if they come from a good place. Practice them and your friends will do them to you too.
27. Get to know new and interesting people. Nothing like meeting people that you can talk with and grow from. Add diversity to your life.
28. Cut bad habits. They are bad for you and you know it. Despite the quick feelings they can give you, you know you're wrong, that doesn't work. 
29. Take a refreshing bath. Feel your bathtub with cold water and soak in with those refreshing salts.
30. See age as just a number. Stop stressing about how old you are, age means experience. Experience you can use to live a happier life.
31. Compliment people on their achievements. Ge generous to people, like you like compliments they also like! You'll feel great doing it. 
32. Keep a collection of wise sayings. Read them once in a while, those quotes that you can really relate to and feel happy reading them.
33. Create something out of the blue. Human beings have the capability of creating anything, take advantage make your own things. Enjoy the satisfaction of making something out of nothing. 
34. Have a healthy sex life. Your body has basic needs, don't ignore the effect a great night can have on you and your partner.
35. Make awesome plans and accomplish them. When you plan something don't just plan, do achieve it. It's amazing to feel that you can control your life.
36. Do what your love. Stop getting jobs just for the money, if you need it ok. But it's when you like what your  doing and get paid for that you can get the most out of your professional life.
37. Make time to celebrate. Even if you achieve small celebrate! This will get you happy and willing to do more the next time.
38. Skip the small stuff. After all is small stuff, it doesn't really matter. Why worrying and winning about it. Move to bigger things,
39. Keep a clean house. Stop being clumsy and messy. If your environment is clean so will your thoughts and feelings.
40. Transform a negative into a positive. Look for the positive side of things, there is always something you can hang on to. 
41. Interact with children. When we grow up we lose some of those funny and rebellions things. Be a child all over again, play with some and learn things from them.
42. Care less about your reputation. How others perceive you can have drastic consequences. You know your value and how committed you are to be happy, keep on.
43. Find your loves in life. When you find out what you're really passionate about, you match your destiny. Practice on your craft and now your self worth.
44. Develop real relationships. What are those 5 people you really can count on? Praise them and keep them close to you, share your happiness with them.
45. Start being it. People are looking, looking and looking. Just be happy and live a happier life.

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Continue to be happy, continue to...
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