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You Are An Inspiration! 8 Ways To Start To Act Like One

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Are you appreciated by this title or do you feel puzzled? Either way I want to tell you today that you really are an inspiration to someone, whether you notice it or not!

Whatever your work is, someone out there looks for you to be their inspiration.

I could be your children, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, your social followers, someone out there looks for you and see you as an example to guide them.

The problem is that most of us don't realize the impact that our daily actions can have in others.

Start to realize it from now on, because people are influenced by who they relate with. If you relate with them in some form, you surely are inspiring them to do or become something. Like they can be inspiring you.

But not everything is beautiful and awesome, the same way you can inspire people in a positive way you can do the same in a negative way. Most times you don't notice this, but your behavior is emulated by others, so if you do things poorly they will be influence to do it poorly also.

The crucial thing is, you need to acknowledge the power that you have to inspire and use that power in a premeditated way, the way that leads to a positive inspiration.

You can control the way you influence others. So, realize it, you are an inspiration! You need to start to act like one with these 8 great ways:

You Are An Inspiration! 8 Ways To Start To Act Like One 

1. Teach Others What You Know

Teaching is the premier action when it comes to inspiring others. You have the power to make people learn something they don't know, you can add extreme value to their lives.

This value is recognized and gets great appreciation, because their lives can get better with the information and skills you can provide. 

Don't be selfish about what you know, because it works the other way around also: You don't know everything, therefore you to need too be taught something at some point. 

Another thing that needs to be addressed about teaching to inspire others, is that you just can't tell people the stuff and expect them to learn it. 

You need to show them how it's done, but also to evolve them in the process, showing that you truly care about their learning experience and in improving their lives.

2. Be Committed To Your Craft

The best way to inspire someone to do something is by example. You have to do it yourself first if you want people to do it.

Sure some people might be different from you and have different professions and goals. But the basic principles of a good professional are common to any job.

Integrity, respect, ethics, responsibility, commitment, everything you wish to see in a good worker is what you must be. 

If you think that's what a good professional is all about, why will people not think the same about you?

This is the easy stuff, things you can control and do daily. Love what you do, embrace your craft, work hard on it, become wise throughout the process, advise others on it and learn from them also.
If the best way to inspire people is by example you must give the best possible example you can!

3. Make Others Feel Part Of Your Team

Sure you have watched those videos about the differences between a boss and a leader (search for them if you haven't). 

This is exactly the same thing, people need to feel appreciated for their work and that they are contributing to something meaningful by what they do

Best advise I can give you, is that you need to make them feel part of your team.

A team, means that the individuals part of it are putting a collective effort to achieve something that will benefit everyone connected to the process.

Everyone is important! From the man that opens doors to the leader that makes the big decisions.

Treat people with kindness and in a genuine way, they will feel great about it and they will be inspired to do their job the best they can! It's a win win. 

4. Always Have A Word Of Encouragement To Give

You're not an object, you can speak and show appreciation. The world is full of stressed out people that only care about themselves and their obsessions. Be different!

People around you are human, they need interaction, and most importantly: 

They will have their downs and falls, a word of encouragement can be just what they need to inspire them to get back up.

Don't do it just when their down, do it regularly! Put yourself in other people's shoes, take their pains and, say to them what you would like to hear from someone if you where in the same situation.

This way, people will realize that you truly understand them and you that have the best advise they can follow

Your words and their needs connect, this is what inspiration is all about.

5. Celebrate Others For What They Are

One way to negatively inspire people is to force them into something that they don't want

Just because you idealize something for them, that doesn't mean that's what they should become. 

Respect people's interests and personalities, that's the only way you can reach them and, maybe, they will listen to that great idea you had for them. 

They will change if they want, not because you want.

So, celebrate people for what they are, not what you wish they were.

Nothing like feeling appreciated for my personal traits and likes. The things that really define me and make my identity as a person. It just makes me feel validated and inspired! 

In a generic way, what you would like people to celebrate you for, it's exactly what you should celebrate them for!

6. Share With Others Regardless

Stop holding on to things in a greedy way like you're going to live forever. Let go, share with people things that you know and have.

This is connected to the making part of their team, you can't hold on to information expecting your team to become better.

Provide people with that knowledge, it's beneficial to them but also to you, because your're contributing to a collective effort. 

People will get better if you share, you get better when you share, the whole team gets better when you share and you can only achieve better results because of it.

Another perspective, is that what you give comes back to you, what you sow now is what you reap in the future.

You can only win from it, and people can will win from it also. 

The consequence is that you inspire them by what you share, and they will feel inspired to share with you when the time comes.

7. Help Others Achieve Their Dreams

Being selfish will not inspire people. If you're only focused on your goals, people will feel left out and will not help you in any sort of way.

Do otherwise, like you have dreams people also have them. Find a way to mix both and you have a powerful combination.

You can't achieve everything by yourself, nor people can. So we all need each other to achieve our dreams. 

Those are the reasons, but the thing is when people feel part of a team and their aspirations are being met by it, they get inspired and are willing to do whatever to achieve more results.

That's the whole point! If your main activity contributes to someone's dreams and to yours, it's an unstoppable combination!

8. Stick To Your Word

You need to build trust if you want to inspire others and influence them into become better. 

Nothing worst than someone that promises something but doesn't follow trough with that promise. It's just dis-encouraging and uninspiring.  

If you want to act like the inspiration that you are, you need to stick to your word. 
What you say... you will do you do it without a doubt!

This takes us to the point where you must care about what your saying and how you're saying it.  

Speak with confidence and integrity, don't run your mouth and get out of character

I can guarantee you that people are listening and are being influenced by it. Whether they will be negatively inspired or positively, depends on the things you're saying. 

To inspire people to the fullest, speak only about what you know, what it's true and what will contribute to good things. 

One advise I can give you: if you're not certain about something just don't say it. People will comeback to collect on that something. 

Are you ready to rise up to the occasion and act like you are an inspiration to everyone you know? Do so... because you really are!
Start by sharing this article with your loved ones and keep on inspiring them in a positive way. 
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