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8 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Mentor

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A mentor is more than just someone to pop in every once in a while to tell you you’re doing a great job.

A good mentor will actively help you to realize your hopes and dreams, and to help guide you on a path towards personal and professional success.

When you’ve found the right one, they will become as invested in your success as you are, and the benefits for both of you will be amazing.

8 Amazing Benefits of Having a Mentor

1. Have an Instant Network

Finding a mentor within your profession that already has a strong network can kick-start your career.

Introductions and business lunches can help you get a jump on building your own network.

If you’re really lucky, your mentor will be grooming you to take over their client list when they are unavailable or they retire, and you’ll have an advantage over your competition.

2. You Can Learn from Their Failures

Making your own mistakes is critical to growth and development, but if you have a mentor, you may be able to avoid a career-ending disaster by listening to them talk about their own mistakes, and by heeding their advice.

Your mentor didn’t start out at the top of their game, he has years and years of accumulated experiences, the wisdom that they can bring to you can be extremely useful!

3. They Help You Focus

In all the excitement of starting your career, you may have big plans, and huge ambitions.

The problem comes in when you try to do too much; expanding into other areas, taking on more than you can handle.

A good mentor will help keep you focused, and help you design a simple and aggressive road-map to success. They what you need to do and what you need to focus on.

Featured in the article: "8 Amazing Benefits of Having a Mentor". Relationship between mentor and mentoree

4. Your Sounding Board

You may think you have a game-changing idea, but you’ll want to run somethings by your mentor first.

They might help you see the difficulties and pitfalls that you missed, and help you refine your projects.

They can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes by letting you run things past them first, and help you decide whether or not that risk is worth it.

5. They Boost Your Confidence

A mentor won’t just tell you what you need to fix, they will help you identify your strengths, your stand-out personality traits, and they’ll tell you what to keep doing right.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re doing wrong, sometimes it takes someone with knowledge and wisdom telling you what you’re doing well to help build the confidence you need to succeed.

6. Get a Professional Perspective

While Mom, Dad, and your best friend will give you positivity and encouragement all day long, their advice will not replace a professional opinion from someone in your industry.

It’s important to have someone that you trust, to give you an honest opinion about your career path, and to help you see things from the industry.

It’s easy to be so wrapped up in our own ideas about what we want, that we sometimes overlook reality.

Featured in the article: "8 Amazing Benefits of Having a Mentor". Mentor encouraging mentoree

7. Encouragement

While it might feel better to take the safe and easy route, a mentor will get to know you and your abilities, and help encourage you to test your own limits.

Knowing the industry well will help them gauge when you’re about to push it a little too far, and reign you back in.

A good mentor will be able to encourage you to succeed while still helping you keep your path focused.

8. Setting Goals

A great mentor will help you set reasonable goals and stick to them.

It’s easy to get off track and chase down a fascinating new angle on a project, but having well-defined goals is critical to being successful.

The more you stray from those goals, the less likely you are to reach them. Your mentor should be able to help you set challenging yet achievable goals for yourself, and more importantly, make you stick to them.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone has the gift of a good mentor. If you have the opportunity, or if your company offers a mentoring program, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it.

The benefits can be the difference between struggling for years and reaching your full potential quickly and with ease.

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Sienna Walker is a careers blogger, deeply interested in unique and effective ways of growing and educating oneself. Currently working as a part of the team behind ABN-Lookup, Sienna is often found sharing her tips and strategies with students, job seekers, and business owners alike. Follow her on her twitter @SiennaWalkerS.


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