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Why Be The Best Version Of Yourself Is The Best Advice 2 Be Successful

Header image of the article: "Why Be The Best Version Of Yourself Is The Best Advice 2 Be Successful ". Meaning and Ways To Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

If you want to be successful in life, you've probably searched for ways or advises of how to do it.

Every author has an opinion or an advice to give you, it can be an endless road for knowledge.

Most likely, you got overwhelmed by the huge amount of sources out there. It's easy to get lost in information regarding success and to lose enthusiasm about the subject. 

Lack of objectivity, makes people think that success is not for them, and they easily give up.

But if I told you to forget all that information for a second, and focus only in one principle to achieve success: be the best version of yourself?

Can you do it? Is it achievable? In our opinion, this is the best success advice one can give you.

For you to better understand the meaning behind this mindset, we've came up with 8 reasons why you should be the best version of yourself:

Why Be The Best Version Of Yourself Is The Best Advice 2 Be Successful 

1. You Depend On You And Your Skills Development

This is big! Because all the excuses one gives for not being successful vanish

All that talk about not having the resources, people not giving you things, you came from a troubled family, you were born in a poor neighborhood, you don't have the money to invest, an so on, all of that simply disappears.

Because the focus shifts from outside events to yourself and your personal development. 

You don't depend on nothing outside yourself, you just depend on you and your capacity. 

What you must realize is that, you can learn and become anything, if you make the commitment and put the necessary effort to do it, of course.

Once you grasp this, you'll realize the power that you have inside yourself and start to use it. 

If you want to become the best version of yourself  focus on the developing your skills and your daily habits. 
You just depend on you to do that!

2. Self-Competition Is The Best Competition

In a so competitive world like ours, it's easy to get blinded by competition. You feel the need to prove that you're better than someone else. In some business environments this is the day to day menu.  

Competing against others can give us a boost of motivation, it can be useful some times. But truly, it doesn't last. Once you surpass your competition, what's more to it? You've already done it, what now?

With self-competition you don't have this problem, you will be competing against yourself. By doing so, you can always find ways to improve and be better. It's by far the best competition you can have.

To become the best version of yourself means that you will embrace self-competition as a priority for your life.

3. It's A Custom Fit Plan Made Just For You

How many times do we see individuals trying to emulate successful people by doing the same things, the so called achievers, did to become successful? This worked in some specific cases, and can be useful if people are all alike.

But in reality we aren't, we all are different. So by copying successful people you are doing things that worked for them, doesn't necessarily means that those things will work for you.

When you try to be the best version of yourself, you're making a custom fit plan for your own development.

It's custom fit, so it fits by design to your personal characteristics, life experiences, skills, likes, habits, needs and desires. Your chances of being successful increase by far, because you're being specific about it.

Just because you love Michael Jordan's achievements and you see him as a successful person, that doesn't mean you have to become the best basketball player ever, to be successful. You aren't even that good at basketball... or even tall like that, so what you can do is be inspired by Jordan's mentality and follow your own path. If you're good at writing, you can become the Michael Jordan of writing, or the Michael Jordan of your specific field. Specificity is huge.  

4. You Can Always Top Yourself

Self-competition is great not only because you'll be competing with yourself and get better with time, but also because it can be a never ending journey of achieving.

Yes! You can always analyze yourself and look for areas of improvement.
You can always become a best version of yourself.

The education system can have many flaws, but one thing that's good about it, it's that it gave us a constant demand for more and asking what's next.

You finished kindergarten, what's next? You finished elementary school, what's next? Finished high school, what's next? Finished college, what's next?

This is exactly the kind of mindset you must have to be the best version of yourself.
You can always find ways to top yourself, by asking "what's next? How can I improve?"

I know school might give you negative feelings, but forget that, apply this to your current life.

I'll give an example from my experience as a blogger: I've made an article about the best quotes for success, what's next? Articles about each quote meaning in detail, what's next? Make a YouTube video about each quote? Make a book about lessons learned from quotes? Give a public speech about success and quotes that can motivate you?

What all this process (of competing against my own self) does is to challenge me to learn new skills and develop habits of discipline and work ethic.

You can never know what you might do, unless you challenge yourself to top your own best.
And you can do it every time!

5. Your Focus Shifts From Outside To The Inside

Become aware of how shifting your focus from the outside to the inside can make a huge difference in your success efforts.

When you know that all you have to do is to develop yourself, you cut all the bridges.

All you can do is to walk your own path, therefore, when you try to be the best version of yourself there is only one road you can follow.

Outside distractions will not stop you. You believe in yourself and in your capability to work hard to develop your skills.

When can you start to do it? Right now! Because it's between you and you, nothing else.

6. Opportunities Will Come Because You Offer A Unique Value

As a consequence of the process of personal development, you'll become better and people will start to notice it.

Because your piece of work also gets better. The way you talk, walk and act improve.

You build yourself up, self-confidence increases, now people are ready to invest in you, cause they know you're committed and that your work offers unique value to them.

Yes! By becoming the best version of yourself, you become a unique individual, and in today's world that's rare.

New and exciting opportunities will surely knock on your door, and that's what success is all about.

7. You Become Something That You Couldn't Possibly Imagined

In this journey of becoming the best version of yourself you must set goals and eventually reach them.

So at the starting point you have a clear picture of what you want to become (or want to achieve), even if it's just a dream. But once you've achieved those goals and become it, what's next?

You set new goals, new things to do, that will update your current version. Next? Repeat. Next? Repeat. You're always finding new goals that will form a new you.

After doing it for a few times with success, ask this question: when I start it out, could I picture my current version?

Of course not, because you were always reshaping yourself, searching for ways to improve one after the other.

When you strive to be the best version of yourself there is no telling of what you might become, there are no limits to it!

One thing is certain, you'll become something better and better, day by day, month by month, year by year.

8. Age Will Represent Wisdom And Success

As they say, age is just a number. Yes, that is a good mindset.

But a number won't mean a thing if you don't become wiser and better year by year.

Becoming the best version of yourself can be a long process. It will demand from you a great commitment to stick to your goals and to personal development as the years pill up.

But if you manage to do that, your age will not represent years wasted or just a number, it will represent experience and wisdom.

Make this exercise: Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Living at the same house? Having the same job? The same income? Driving the same car?

If you don't want your answer to be "the same" to all questions, you must take action now!

By becoming the best version of yourself each year, you will surely achieve different and better things.
Age will mean wisdom and success.

Hope you've enjoyed this article and you're ready to embrace this be the best version of yourself mindset, and become successful.
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