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Success Principles: Why The Time You Spend Planning You Should Be Doing

Why the time you spend planning you should be doing: get out of the planning cloud and act!

Why The Time You Spend Planning You Should Bee Doing!

First of all, don't get scared by the title, we know Planning it's very important in our lives but..

1. The Importance Of Planning

If you want to achieve something in life you should plan it first. Why? - Because firstly you should know what you want to achieve and then how you are going to achieve it (what you have to do to in order to accomplish it). 
  • Planning points out the road map to your life destination, after that you decide which road to take. 
Also, if the road is known by someone, in other words if someone has been down that road before, you can ask them about the specific humps and bumps of that road, so you can plan in advance your journey and prepare yourself for life obstacles that will come in your way 
  • Planning can help you with this to, if you follow someone's model to success, you can plan it like they did, and anticipate things before they happen.
So proper planning can show you the way and help you with preparing for life obstacles before they come at you. In fact,  planning, can be consider as a anticipation of the future. If you had the power to knew what the future will look like, wouldn't you change something in your current actions, in order to improve your own future? Of course! And that's what planning mainly can do for you, predict your future with the available tools you have at your display. 
  • Put it into perspective and build new strategies from there

2. Planning It's Not Everything!

Although planning it's fundamental, it's not the only thing you must do to succeed. Put planning in the correct phase of the goal achieving process, it belongs to the Conception Phase
  • Here you set your goals and prepare for whatever comes at your way. 
But achieving it's also doing, so you need to go for the second phase of the process, witch is the Implementation Phase. Go for it and DO IT, get into action. After that you can revise what you have done, create new strategies (planning appears here also), and go at it again, wiser and harder until you achieve what you want, until you arrive to the destination you want, where all the results are. 
  • So planning it's part of a huge process of achieving, it's major on the first stages, and complementary in other phases. But it's not, by far, the only problem you have to solve.
The problem with this is that many people stay in the Conception Phase forever!

They plan, plan and plan, but never do nothing. In fact, they are Over Planning!

They stay countless hours making timetables;

• They stay countless hours making workout plans;

• They stay countless hours talking about what they are going to do;

• They stay countless hours planning trips;

• They stay countless hours writing and scratching their journal;

• They stay countless hours looking for the perfect lyrics for a perfect song;

• But...They NEVER DO IT!!! 

• Some may do it for a while though,  but they lack the CONSISTENCY needed to stick with goals, because they waste to much energy planning.

I'll give another perspective: you surely know people who never plan nothing, in fact, they are really messy and unorganized! But they achieve things like no other! How is this possible? Planning it's relatively important, but doing is what it takes you to achieving. These people are Doers! They do it and do it, regardless. They get results without planning!

So, frankly, if you plan and you see no results, it's because you are wasting time over planning, you should spend that time doing!

Writing things down, thinking and talking about it can make you better, don't get me wrong, but you are losing precious time with it. The time you should be performing! Because it's in the process of doing that you learn the most! Interacting with the real things, the things that get you to achieve directly what you want! 

Think about this: Maybe your planning is incorrect, how can you tell? The only way to know this is applying it in real life, not writing and scratching on your journal.   

To plan can become addictive, you can get stuck with while you strive for perfection. But sincerely, whatever you plan go out and TRY IT!

Planning should consume only 10% of your time, you must be spending the other 90% doing, that much? Yes! You need to be doing it non stop!
  • To plan it's to think about reality, to do it's to interact with reality and transforming it to your own way. The second one, takes a lot of effort and energy, the effort and energy you are wasting with over planning. 

To much planning overwhelms us, we go step by step with thing we should do, and in no time we build and extensive "to do list". When we look at it in the end, it's a huge list! We panic, because it's to much to do in such short time, we get discouraged and think it's better not to do any, than doing some of them and leave other behind. But, take a different approach: it's a huge "to do list" if you put them all together in a sheet of paper! 

That's a no no, plan one thing and do it, that's what you must do. Only go to the next one after you've done the first one you have planned for.

3. Doing It's To Become

Doing it's to become what you wrote on paper. You have to become it, once you start doing something on a regular basis it becomes an habit, habits will build character, and character is who you are! So you have to become it, by practicing, become a Doer instead of a Planner.

Becoming it, you must be a walker not a talker. 

Stop talking and thinking about it, ACT upon it.

You don't need to:

Make plans for your life all the time, go out there and make things happen for you!

• Make the greatest workout program of all time, get into the gym and lift the damn weights, run the supposed miles! 

• Write the perfect lyrics for the perfect song, go to the studio and drop the vocals on the instrumental, adjust it from there!

• Look at the scale all the time, if you want to loose weight, eat well and train every day and weight will come off!

• Plan until exhaustion for a meeting with people you don't know, go there and meet them,  make a shortlist of less than 5 points you want to talk about, adjust your conversation according to the meeting flow! 

• Plan activities with your kids, worrying about all bad things that exist out there. Pick your kids up and have a bowl with them regardless of problems that may arrive, you have the skill to transform a bad situation into something funny.

• Think about strange people you may face in your daily life, leave the house and do your daily routine regardless!

• Think about that girl/boy you like forever, go out with her/him and get to know each other!

Stop with the Over Planning, and just start DOING, remember...


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