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14 Charlie Chaplin Quotes That Will Make You Smile to Success

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We've collected the best Charlie Chaplin quotes out there for you to smile your way into success.

After all, life is a journey were laughing and happiness should be Great part of it!

But these Chaplin quotes are no joke! Charlie Chaplin thoughts are very precise bringing us a unique perspective on life. But if you smile life will much easier, why drama? Try to find the best out of each situation, there's always a way of looking at things from the fun side.

Charles Chaplin, nicknamed "Charlie", went trough a lot in his life: Starting from poverty in England with few family support, coming to the USA for a job as a an actor, rising to fame, conspiracy about his political views that culminated on him being exiled from the country and an emotional return 2 decades later. 

As you can see with type of life Charlie Chaplin thoughts and views on life are very rich and indispensable pieces of advice. 

We hope you enjoy this selection of Charlie Chaplin famous quotes:

Charlie Chaplin Quotes Smile On Your Way To Success

1. “You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: In fact smile changes everything, from a outside perspective but also from an inside perspective too. Your inner chemistry will work differently and you'll become more willing to do positive and constructive actions.

2. “You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Funny quote but very deep. Rise your head up, for the same reasons we've appointed in the Chaplin's smile quote. There's a beautiful life to be lived so enjoy it, don't focus on problems, focus on solutions.

3. “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself”- Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Just like a life coach could've told you... Chaplin knows that failure is indispensable if you want to achieve something great. Sometimes you really need to make a fool of yourself to succeed, and who better to tell this than the greatest comic actor of all time. 

4. “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Again Mr. Chaplin aka your motivational coach for the day, take your pain and play with it what more can we say?

5. “We think too much and feel too little.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: This is part of the speech know as the greatest speech of all time in the Great Dictator movie. Chaplin makes an on point speech about how machinery is replacing humanity and how that can affect our race, making this speech timeless.

6. “I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician”- Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Again the funny side but a very deep statement. Politicians want to be portrayed as someone that is perfect, but there's no such thing, so they have to play different roles to satisfy everyone and that makes them somewhat fake. Chaplin on the contrary is unafraid of his imperfections, he's a clown, simply putted, for the good or the worst, he comes with his full self in it.

7. “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Yes! Very true statement, something you must remember when going through hard times. Things will change, just work on the solutions and things will change.

8. “My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: So deep, just to show you Chaplin's thoughts were way advanced for his time. In the first sentence he can be referring to his acting: people should laugh at him because it's his purpose, or even real life he doesn't care! But in the second sentence he clearly separates himself on a personal level.

9. “Imagination means nothing without doing.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Your ideas, your thoughts, your creativity it's all cool! But if you don't use them they are pointless. You must try and do things, because only by doing you can know what works and what doesn't. If you just think and create in your mind you'll never know if it works or not!

10. “You need Power, only when you want to do something harmful otherwise. Love is enough to get everything done.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: This surely can be controversial for some people. but love is the most powerful tool we have and we can use to build and change things.

11. “The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Again a deep statement, Chaplin uses the mirror as a contrast to what people might do, there is to laugh when someone is doing bad (crying). This a good advice on life, if people are crying and you want to help you must feel their pain also to understand things and provide them with the better solution.

12. “A day without laughing is a day wasted” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Did you waste your day today?

13. “There are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books.”- Charlie Chaplin

Our take: You know that when there's a dictatorship they do a thing called propaganda, they control the media and education. So if they want to write history books claiming a dictator has a an hero, they will do it and trick the younger generations. This is one example of what Chaplin's is talking about. On the contrary works of art are not fabricated they are original pieces of art from someone who lived in that era, so they contain more valid facts then manipulated history books.

14. “Life is a play that does not allow testing. So sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely, before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no applause.” - Charlie Chaplin

Our take: Great metaphor for life. Make sure you do what you have to do in this life to receiving a final standing ovation!

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