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Why You Should Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud

Header image of the article: "Why You Should Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud". The meaning behind Maya Angelou's quote.

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou

This awesome quote by poetess Maya Angelou can be considered as one of the greatest guidelines for living ever.

Consisting of a deep metaphor where a colorful rainbow can represent happiness and positivism, the dark cloud problems people have in their life and negativism, Maya Angelou is telling us that we need to be there for others when they most need

It's all about kindness, purity of the heart, unselfishness, humility and the joy of giving. 

You can become it with simple gestures like: a smile, a caring word, providing help with simple deeds, giving advice and so on.

To provide you with a deeper meaning of this quote and to inspire you to embody it to the fullest, we came up with 7 reasons on why you should try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud

Why You Should Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud

1. Everyone You Know Has Low Moments

We all have our bad moments. Don't you want someone there for you when you go trough your trials and tribulations? 

Exactly!  That's what people wish too when they have or are in their darkest moments. 

Someone to support them and provide them with help in any sort of form. Kindness and compassion can have a boosting effect on our state, you know it and you have felt it. Now it's time to give back.

From the smallest to the biggest people in the world, they all have to deal with bad situations. 

Ups and downs are part of life, no way around it. Some deal better than others with those negative times, but despite that, everyone needs a kind word or a gesture at some point of their lives. Be aware of this and play your part.

2. A small Act From You Can Make A BIG The Difference To Them

Don't underestimate the impact that one small act from you can have in other people's lives.

Anything, from a simple smile to a wise advise, can help people face their negative situation and find  ways to come back from it.

It really doesn't have to be anything big from your part, it's a minimal requirement that doesn't cost you a thing. 

But it will make a BIG difference in their lives!

Probably, most people they know don't care about them or their bad situation. Unfortunately, people think small and act selfish, and will come out of the woodwork only when they see they can benefit from that situation, not when they have nothing to gain instantly.

You have the opportunity to separate yourself from those people, so think BIG, be there for the greater good, and be kind by doing small deeds that can make a BIG difference. 

3. You Can Turn A Negative Into A Positive 

This is the way to success, when something negative happens, it's not what happens that matters but how you deal with it.

People can't avoid negative things always, they will happen. What they need to do is to learn how to turn a negative into a positive. 

That's exactly what you can help them to do, when you become a rainbow in someone's cloud. 

You have the power to change their perspective. 

When people have a problem, their mind tricks them, all they can see is the problem or more problems associated with it. They can't find the solution even if it's near them. It happens to us all!

People can be in a bad place seeing dark in every direction they look, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

But you can provide them the light, you can be the force that makes them see there is something positive to smile about that specific situation. 

It's easier for someone that's outside from the problem to do this, because you can see the situation from an outside perspective. You can see the big picture and where the positive side that they can hang on to relies, when they can only see the problem and feel negative about it.

4. It Shows That You Genuinely Care

Featured in the article: "Why You Should Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud". Quote Meaning. Genuinely Care. Hug. Friends

We told you, you don't need to do much to be a rainbow in someone's cloud and it doesn't require you much either.

If you're putting yourself in second place and providing others your kindness for free, it really must mean that you genuinely care about them.

This is how great relationships and friendships are built, not in the great moments when there is much to be celebrated and everybody wants to be around, but in the darker times when people are lonely and desperately need help.

Don't just do it to trick them into thinking that you care, do it for real! See people as a part of your life, without them your life becomes pointless. Fall in love with people and you will be instinctively looking for ways to help when they have problems.

Genuinely care for them as you would like they care for you.

5. Kindness Makes You Happy

Your acts of kindness can have a big impact on other people's lives. But what about you? Don't you feel better when you help someone? 

It's such a unique and empowering feeling! Dark clouds come, you can be the rainbow that helps them see the light. 

It brings so much happiness and contentment to your own life that you just want to do it again and again.

Why do you think boy scouts were instructed to do one good deed a day? To build them a kind and happy spirit, so they can grow up and become great persons.

You don't have to stick to just one good deed, do as many as the day requires you to do. Self-sacrifice for the greater good, without being a martyr. You need to live your life also, respect your needs too.

Embrace this mindset and you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel each day.

6. It Develops Your Selflessness And Humbleness 

These are two personality traits that are hard to come around and, yet so simple to be developed.

By being a rainbow in someone's cloud you are developing your selflessness and humbleness. 

Not only you will help people grow, but you will also grow with that process. It can develop yourself into a better human being

You are concerned with others, not about your ego. This makes room for you to see other things that you can't see when you are concerned just about yourself. 

You will listen more than you talk, you will pay attention to other people's experiences, you'll be able to change your opinion, all these things can make you learn, grow and become better.

7. You Reap What You Sow

Featured in the article: "Why You Should Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud". Reap the harvest. You Reap what you sow.

This is a natural consequence of your actions, when you give regardless in the present, somehow someway you receive abundantly in the future.

It's like a reward for your good deeds. But you should not force this and demand that you receive

If you care, are kind and provide people with help in their darker times, rewards will come automatically, you don't need to worry about asking them.

Just the immediate smile people gain from you can represent a reward.
Just to see them happy is a reward.
Just like when you sow the seeds you start to see them grow slowly, that's a reward.

Now, the bigger rewards will come later

Like I told you life has ups and downs, when you help someone that's in a dark place, you're up they are down. But life will change, and suddenly you are down they are up, who needs help now? You! Who will help you? The ones you've helped before. It's call gratitude

Even if some don't help (yes it might happen unfortunately), you just need one out of the huge amount of people that you've helped before

And the best part is this, life has strange ways but there are universal laws. Have you've heard of karma and the law of cause and effect

When you put in motion your efforts to be a rainbow in someone's cloud you're creating positive energy around you and them.

In the future, you'll get the outcome of your actions, your life will change for the better for sure! Positive energy will surround you abundantly, and it only can get better! 

We hope you liked this reasons why you really should try to be a Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud and you're inspired to become one.
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