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50 Ways To Make Your Life Better

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I know some people would change their life for another life if they could. Probably because they are not satisfied with what they have or have become.

Well, changing to another life it's just our imagination talking. However, if you're not satisfied with your life, or you just want to upgrade it, you can always try to make it better.

It's not possible to change to another life, but it's quite possible to develop the life you already have into a better one.

That's one of the main reasons to embrace personal development, we all have the ability to become better.

With that in mind we've enlisted 50 ways to make your life better:

50 Ways To Make Your Life Better 

1. Shutdown from the World for just 5 minutes and read this article. Yes you really need to focus, stop the chatting, the messaging, the unnecessary noise around you. Let's go!
2. Understand the importance of time. You can't get time back, the only time you have is now! Make a great use of it by doing useful things for your life.  
3. Stop letting fear hold you. If you want something go get it, simple and plain. Hold no barriers, develop the courage to do something that frightens you. Practice it regularly and don't stop because you find obstacles in your way.
4. Learn new skills that add value. The old days of learning a skill to profit from it for 40 years of your life are over. More skills you have, the higher your possibilities in life. 
5. Plan your day ahead and stick to it. Create a daily schedule where you wake up early enough to do morning tasks, schedule tasks for the day like working, exercise, reading, leisure, time with your kids and so on.
6. Avoid superhuman to-do lists. You should plan but not over-plan with excessive tasks that only a superhuman can accomplish. Keep it simple and basic. 
7. Don't spend more money than you can afford. Create a budget, don't buy unnecessary stuff, be simple in your spending. Buy the things you need and save money.
8. Be kind to people. It will make them wonders and it will make you feel better also. Random acts of kindness must be part of your day.
9. Find a job that you actually like. Stop being in a working environment that makes you miserable. Yes, I know you need the money, but there are plenty of jobs and opportunities to make money that you can actually enjoy. 
10. Make no excuses. Stop blaming people and things, take responsibility for your faults. It's easy to find a solution if you concentrate on recognizing your mistakes and on correcting them. You'll become better.
11. Meet new people. The more people you know the better you become. People are all different and can offer you new/exciting perspectives. Not only that but you'll become better by practicing your socializing skills. 
12. Set goals for your life and act on them. Plan what you want to achieve in this year, then monthly, then weekly. Don't just plan, do! Execute the necessary tasks according to your goals. 
13. Take notes about your life. Keep some sort of journal or notebook where you write your thoughts, your plans, your activities. It helps you keep track of things and to exercise your mind.
14. Workout regularly. The key to be fit and healthy is to be consistent. Don't worry about long workouts, workout in a smart way and do it daily. Your body and mind will thank you.
15. Read, read and read. There is a ton of information out there, it can be a great book, a blog post, a report, the news (real ones). Reading can really open your mind and make you clever with time.
16. Vibe to the sound of music. Don't just listen, vibe! No matter the genre, music can make you wonders. It's an awesome company in any moment of your life. Dance like nobody is watching!
17. Commit yourself to hard work. Define your priorities and work hard on them. Be disciplined when it comes to working hard, because it can really change your life. 
18. Be smart about your life. Although working hard is important, there's always a way to do things in a smarter way. Find what that way is, and work on it.
19. Realize that you aren't always right. No one knows everything, being wrong it's "ok" if you acknowledge it. Learn what other people can teach you.
20. Make sure you have quality sleep. It's like recharging your phone battery, you do it each day so it can perform great. That's what sleep does with your body, get productive by resting the time your body deserves and needs to recharge. 
21. Be part of a team. Like they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Your dream can be achievable by people who share the same dream. Get in touch with them, work together because you can't do it all by yourself. 
22. See your life as a story-line. Take time to analyze your life from a distant perspective. Like you're telling a story that has a plot. Your life is a book with many chapters, realizing this perspective will make proud of some of the previous chapters and fresh enough to write a new chapter.
23. Follow your loves in life. Stop living for what others want. Live according to your loves, follow your passions and achieve your dreams.
24. Learn to live with(out) regrets. We all regret something, but don't hang on that forever. If you can't do nothing about it, let regrets go and move on. 
25. Connect with people you're putting off forever. Those friends that you didn't talk for a while and you've postponed a contact because of silly things. Call them, connect with them, take those bad feelings off your chest.
26. Take time to be alone daily. It can be reading, working out, taking a meal, going to the movies. Disconnect from the World for an hour and stay alone with your thoughts and hobbies. 
27. Invest in things that you can a profit from. A car, technology, gambling are not investments, those are toys and leisure. Invest in stocks, businesses, properties where you can really get a dividend from. 
28. Don't care about what other people think. Be bold about your goals and dreams, if you know what you want, go after it regardless of others opinions. 
29. Find new opportunities constantly. The World is filled with opportunities, open your mind to them by staying connected with the latest trends in your specific field. 
30. Treasure the process not just the results. Life is a journey, it's not just about the destination, but the joy and happiness you collect while getting there too. Enjoy the process, fall in love with it.  
31. Create and build new things. Some people think that everything has been already invented, just imagine how a Steve Jobs would feel about that? Don't settle, you can create and build something new that will make you proud. 
32. Learn to cook your own food. It's great for your wallet of course, but it develops a basic human skill also. It's healthier too and you never get tired of it because the combinations of recipes are infinite.
33. Contribute to a higher cause. Donate money if you can, subscribe to their free newsletter, help people in the street, give away clothes you don't use. Do whatever you can. 
34. Diversify your daily route to get to places. Don't take the same old road or street, enjoy different paths and different routes. You never know what might come in your way, and you know what else? It's just refreshing!
35. Answer the question: where do you see yourself tens years from now? This gives you a different perspective on life, if something has to change to get you there, you'll know what it is.
36. Accept that change is inevitable. Things are different from your child days, the world keeps moving. You can't stop that. Good or bad things will change, keep getting stronger and ready for it.
37. Laugh abundantly. It's not use to live this life if you don't have fun. Find the laughable things in every situation, whenever you can. It will be easier to get through hard times and it will make wonders to your spirit. 
38. Stop caring about your reputation. Reputation is what others believe you are, it's just a perceived image. Deep down you know who you really are, don't go crazy about what others think.
39. Write down your own ideas even if they sound foolish. It can be your journal but also in a blank canvas or piece of paper. By writing down ideas they no longer just hang in your thoughts, they actually are gaining a life of their own, and who knows what's next?
40. Travel and meet new cultures. Step outside your comfort zone, different cultures and countries can give you a different perspective on life. Save some money and travel at least once a year.
41. Stay healthy, your body is your temple. Stop sacrificing your body for your career. Eat well, exercise, get rid of bad habits. Again, your body and your mind will thank you in the future. 
42. Avoid gossiping. Talking about other people's flaws behind their back is no good. It consumes your time and there's no positive point in doing so. 
43. Compete with yourself not others. Stop looking at others achievements, you can't control that. Concentrate on your own achievements, get better and better at what you do by having high standards. 
44. Stop killing time watching TV. Television isn't what it used to be back in the 80's or even 90's. There are plenty of channels today to keep a non-stop zapping that really kills your time. If it kills your time, stop doing it.
45. Put your ego aside and get things done. Stay humble and do your work. Egotistic feelings can blind you from true happiness and fulfillment. 
46. Choose your friendships wisely. It's better to have a few good friends than a huge amount of people that do you no good. Check your contact list of your phone, who are the people you can really count on? Those are your true friends, treasure them.  
47. Get inspired by watching great movies and documentaries. Make your own selection, don't believe the hype and watch everything they tell you too. Create your own list of movies and documentaries that can really inspire your life. 
48. Avoid attachment to people and things. Just let go from people and materialistic things you're just depending on them. Stop craving them. Free yourself from this feeling and ride your own path. 
49. Be grateful for what you have. People get frustrated thinking their life is empty when they already have what they need. Treasure the simple things like food, job, house, kids, family, imagination, creativity, academic achievements and so on. 
50. Love your life. From your activities, friends, relationships, family, children. Let people know your feelings by taking action according to them. Just live your live to the fullest.  

We recommend you to share this tips and ways to make your life better with your social connections so they can add value to their lives and improve. 
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