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6 Ways Of Thinking Outside The Box

Header image for our article 6 Ways Of Thinking Outside The Box. It represents leaving the box of society, status quo, media and people in general.

All over the world personal growth speakers and coaches tell us that to "think outside the box" is a fundamental too for successful people, those are among several "must do" principles we should emulate if we want to reach success.

Looking at today's world, we can observe that that expression has become sort of "cliche" that don't belong in most people philosophy of life, therefore, isn't really a part of their day-to-day actions. 

We all, at a certain point of our lives, tried to fit in so we can get accepted by someone. We all have once thought like everybody else did, so our idea could get accepted. We all did that, no need to explain our reasons, but did we get long term fulfillment by engaging in those "copycat" actions? Most likely not!

But now hold it! Some people do really need to know how to think outside the box these days!

On some job interviews there are several interview questions that make you think outside the box, or supposedly they should, but you need to know how to give think outside the box answers to those questions. If you don't this is article is for you also!

So what's the deal with this "think outside the box" and "fitting out" philosophy that makes people successful? 

The key is this: if you go all out with your own ideas and creations outside of what everyone is thinking and doing, you will eventually produce something that's unique, and the world will have to fit in you, not otherwise.

You don't have to fit in the world, you must fit out.

This is how people that have created and invented new things throughout world history think and act, they went all in with their own ideas & convictions regardless, and became successful.

For you to enjoy success also, we have elected 6 Ways for you to Think Outside The Box (you can ear the audio version in the video bellow also):

6 Ways Of Thinking Outside The Box

1. Be Better Than What People Expect 

Demand more from you than what people demand from you. Improve what you do daily, even if it's 1% incremental it's improvement.

Get better at what you do. 

Forget what your boss, or your partners expect you to do, do more than what is expected.

Do it so you can improve and become better, don't do it just because it's an obligation, raise the bar every time. Grow, grow and grow.

2. Challenges Accepted Become Fears Ejected

Accept new challenges, they are ultimately opportunities to grow and eventually to rise.

Get out of the shelf, new challenges transform you,
they take who you are into a better new you. 

You must confront what you fear and attack it from the possible angles. Challenges accepted and conquered are the best way to "eject" fears you may have.

Fear will prevent you from being that person unafraid of thinking outside the box and do the things people call "absurd", but those same things will get you to be successful, so accept the challenges you may fear, study them and attack them with all force.

3. Make The Difference By Being The Difference

You have a unique sense of creativity and an unmatched talent to do something in your life.

You must find what that is, if you didn't already. You can make the difference with it.

Use your uniqueness to conduct your daily actions, and become what you advocate. 

So, actually, you are being the difference in the way you think, in the way you move, in the way you talk and in the way you act. That will make a huge difference in the results you'll get.

4. Focus On What Others Are Unwilling To Focus

You must have a great capacity to focus, don't let the noise coming from the outside disturb you. We mean that in a metaphorical but also literal way.

Close down all distractions, let your inner self do all the noise. 

Of course you can inspire that inner noise with great inspirational music or other sources. But, what we mean here, is that you really got to have the skill of deeply focusing on what you believe and what you are doing, regardless of what people are saying, even if it is a small thing.

That kind of small thing that most people ignore, maybe, it's just the thing you really need to focus, because it will make all the difference. 

Remember, small things done in a great way, become great things

5. Have The Knowledge To Know You Don't Know Everything

One problem can have more than one solution. 

There's no need to make it a game where you have to be always right and others wrong. You will be wrong, and many times, we assure you. But that's where the beauty of it relays:

Whenever you're wrong, you prove, once again, that you're a human being that makes mistakes but also, has the possibility of learning from those mistakes, that is, to learn something new. 

Embrace what others can bring to the table with their own knowledge, because in essence you don't need to know everything, give others the opportunity to be bright in their specific field.  

6. Wherever You Are Be All There

All we have said will do you nothing if you don't follow this point.

 You need to focus where you are, meaning you have to immerse on the current moment, this doesn't mean to get caught up. 

Here's a good example for you to grasp the idea: If people talk to you, you go to listen to them and interact in a great way, your head and your thoughts need to be in the right place at the right time, there is wherever you are, so that the correspondent and necessary actions can take place.

Be there with all the possible awareness and commitment so you can get the best out of life and the experiences that come with it.

Make your own conclusions, create new things with the inspiring helping hand of your life experiences. 

Hope you liked this article about Ways Of Thinking Outside The Box here's the video version of it:

Do your friends think outside the box? Do they know the benefits of it? Share with them this article and help them become better, remember that fitting out is indispensable if you want to...


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