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9 Benefits Of Personal Blogging - Inspiration To Start Your Own Blog

Header image of the article: "6 Benefits of Personal Blogging". Inspiration to start your blogger

With around 150 million blogs out there, the blogosphere may seem a bit overpopulated. Many people want to try out this exciting occupation because it has a lot of benefits. For example, blogging can really take hours out of your daily schedule because it’s an engaging and rewarding experience.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the benefits of personal blogging that you can enjoy. Let’s see how storytelling can impact your health and well-being.

Should you start your own blog?

Every day, 172,800 blogs are created. This fact might have you wondering whether you should do the same.

Our answer is: absolutely! It will bring so much satisfaction and positive change to your life. Why? Because personal blogging has many interesting benefits you need to know:

9 Benefits Of Personal Blogging 

Benefit #1: Personal Blogging Becomes a Platform for Materializing Thoughts

According to the National Science Foundation, a human brain produces around 50,000 thoughts per day.

Thoughts control our actions and most of them are repeated daily to reflect our character. 

Some of them are not worth writing down but some hold a special value and could even be helpful for others.

Sometimes, we have thoughts we want to share with the world, but there is no way you can tell it to a large audience. Oh, wait, there is! It’s blogging!

Having a blog presents an excellent opportunity to share these thoughts. As the result, you can materialize them and help others.

For example, if you think of a new method of achieving something and share it on your blog, some people can find it useful as well.

Benefit #2: Personal Blogging Helps to Reaffirm Personal Values

In some cases, people learn about life and themselves from the act of storytelling.

By writing things down, they organize their thoughts and opinions about something, so it becomes easier to clarify thinking: frame ideas and prioritize issues. Also, by telling the story in writing, one can remind themselves about their personal values and priorities.

Our crazy lifestyles often don’t allow us to take some quality time to focus on our personal values.

So, writing can remind us about them and help with re-affirming them

For example, by writing about your success or failure can help you to double your efforts and try to live up to the expectations you have for yourself.

Benefit #3: Personal Blogging Can Become a Tool for Achieving a Goal

Let’s suppose you want your blog to become a diary on your journey to reach a certain goal in life.

For instances, if you want to improve your writing skills, you can find essay tips on the Internet but you are the only person responsible for getting enough practice. You must do it yourself daily. 

Another example, people who want to lose weight or quit smoking, used a personal blog to give day by day account of their efforts and results.

As a result, a blog becomes a tool for empowerment and accountability. 

You can let people know about your plan to improve your writing skills or to lose weight, and provide updates in the following posts.

This way, you’re keeping yourself accountable for the performance and the result.

Benefit #4: Personal Blogging Helps to Cope With Emotional Issues

The impact of blogging on emotions has been investigated by a large body of scholar literature. To serve you as an example, a recent study completed by a group of researchers from Switzerland reviewed the empirical evidence for potential benefits of weblogs for stress reduction. They found that the public nature of blogs opened many possibilities for both emotion-focused and problem-focused coping, through social support. 

By analyzing the results of previous studies in the field, the researchers concluded that blogging was a powerful tool to cope with stressful situations.

 Not only it allowed to let the negativity out but also receive support from the readers.

Benefit #5: Personal Blogging Supports Both Mental and Physical Well-being

Short-term focused writing has a wide range of benefits for physical well-being, including reduction of arthritis and asthma symptoms, lower blood pressure, lessen sleep disturbances in patients with certain types of cancers, improve immune function, and decrease heart rate.

According to the American Psychological Association, it also contributed to reducing the symptoms of depression and lowered anxiety.

"There's a lot of science grounding expressive language writing and journaling as being an extremely helpful piece for maintaining mental wellness,” says Dr. Deborah Serani, a psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst who has a blog about mental health

Benefit #6: Personal Blogging Builds Your Confidence

You might be an introvert who does not have a lot of confidence. That’s okay, a blog can help. It allows to learn to voice your opinions and dare to be wrong in a completely safe way.

Moreover, if some readers criticize you in the comments, you can learn to hear their opinions without losing our cool.

Benefit #7: Personal Blogging Frees Your Creativity

Unfortunately, most people has a job that doesn't allow them to be creative on a daily basis. If this is your case, understand that a personal blog is a place where you can unleash your creativity.

To get a better picture of this, you can use a blog to create stories and/or express your opinion in a free way.

Some people have keep great ideas on a shelf for an entire life, and they never use them. A blog can be the perfect opportunity to let the world know about your creativity.

Benefit #8: Personal Blogging Can Increase Your Income

This will not happen right away, but if people gain interest in your writing and if you gather a lot of daily readers with time, your blog can become a source of income.

Turn your writing into a profit, you need to increase views and then, find ways to monetize your blog. You'll not make huge amounts nor should you just focus on that, but it can pretty cool to get some money from it.

For instances, advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your own e-book or custom stuff, are some of the ways available to anyone.

Benefit #9: Personal Blogging Can Open Doors To New Things

If your personal blog is public (yes you can make it private or just accessible to the people you want), there is a chance that your writing skills get noticed.

There are countless examples of people who started blogging just for the mentioned reasons above, but became much more.

A blog can open you doors you could never imagined, people might invite you to write a book, to work for their company, to be a writer for their bigger blog, who knows? As long as you keep providing good content and great writing, the possibilities are up for grabs.

Why Would People Read Your Blog?

Now that we know how a blog can change your life, let’s discuss its impact on readers. If you’re still in doubt that someone will read your writing, take a look at these reasons people read blogs.
  • Opinion seeking/Guidance. Many people follow blogs because they need assistance with something. Or, they want to find out what others believe about certain topic.
  • Information seeking. A blog could be a legitimate source of information if updated regularly. For example, a social media marketing blog could be interesting for those interested in the field.
  • A specific inquiry. A common reason why Internet users land on blogs is a specific inquiry. For example, they are looking for a fact or a guide created by someone with a reasonable expertise. 
Go start an awesome blog!

With starting a personal blog, you have nothing to lose. Even if no one ever lands on it, you’ll gain most of the benefits described above.

Remember, you don’t need your blog to become a way to get a million dollars or a million of followers.

You just need, first and foremost, to change your life for the better.

Feeling confident already?  This guide from Leonie Sii might help you.

We hope now you're motivated by the benefits of blogging and inspired to start your own blog!
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