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9 Habits That Successful People Let Go Of

All of us experience periods when things in our life seem to only go downhill. Problems might arise at work, in our relationships or our inner selves for no apparent reason. These problems can go on for days or even weeks, and that can be enough to push you far from your aspirations.

Successful people know how to deal with adversity and risk.

They know what to do to overcome failure and come out stronger and more knowledgeable. Nevertheless, being successful is as much about acquiring as it is about letting go.

Let’s see which habits successful people have learned to let go of and you can give up as well in your life:

9 Habits That Successful People Let Go Of

1. Confusion

When things don’t go according to plan, the reasons may not always be obvious.

Successful people do their best to find out what isn’t working. 

They constantly learn and know how to keep on going by asking the right questions. You can’t learn if you don’t try different things, so try to be creative and approach things from different angles.

2. Self-doubt

Successful people let go of self-doubt. Of course, it’s normal and actually healthy to question your actions and beliefs.

It’s when you let insecurity keep you blocked in inaction that questioning becomes undesirable. 

If you find yourself in a rut, think about all the times that you went head-first and did something that you weren’t totally sure of. Odds are that you had a thing or two to learn from the experience, so stop doubting yourself and take action.

3. Self-criticism

Harsh judgement, whether it’s about yourself or other people, is never useful. Actually, it can be counterproductive and detrimental to your energy levels.

Also, not knowing how to take criticism is also a sign that you’re judgmental and unable to accept other people’s opinions.

While it is important to be conscious of your own faults, constantly putting yourself down will only lead to insecurity and self-doubt.

Featured in the article: "9 Habits That Successful People Let Go Of". Free yourself from Negativity, Positivism

4. Negativity

Positive thinking isn’t about always expecting the best to happen.

It’s about taking the good with the bad and focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Stay positive and don’t let negative outcomes sabotage your success.

5. Being controlled by others

During times of uncertainty, it can be tempting to let others decide in your place.

Successful people understand that wanting to please everyone is unwise. 

You may need to decline proposals from your boss or your friends and you don’t need to feel guilty for it. Follow your best judgement and don’t lose sight of your goals just because other people want something else from you.

6. Tilting at windmills

You may have heard the story of Don Quixote and his idealistic fight against imaginary enemies. In fact, there wasn’t anything to fight for.

People can be so caught up in a goal that they deem it imperative to achieve it, even if all the signs say that there’s nothing good to be gained.

Fighting for your goals against all odds is admirable, but knowing when to quit and follow something better is necessary in crucial moments.

Featured in the article: "9 Habits That Successful People Let Go Of". Successful person standing tall.

7. Disillusionment

Indeed, knowing when to quit is important, but how can you know exactly? There’s a fine line between chasing your dreams and fighting in vain, which is very difficult to know.

Nothing that is worthwhile is easy to obtain.

To make the best life choices and avoid disillusionment, try to read as much as you can. Stay open to new ideas and accept that your beliefs might be wrong sometimes.

8. Over-precaution

Those that strive for success know that there is always the risk of failure.

Failing from time to time helps us learn and nothing great has ever been achieved without taking risks.

Ironically, being reluctant to take risks is one of the riskiest things you can do. Sure, taking calculated risks and not putting all your eggs in one basket is great, but don’t overdo it.

9. Perfectionism

Successful people know that there is no such thing as perfection or the right moment to get something done. In fact, some people even take pride in being perfectionists because it highlights their high expectations.

Really, there are two options when it comes to accomplishing your goals: either you “wait for the right moment”, procrastinate and leave things unfinished, or you take action and get things done.

Featured in the article: "9 Habits That Successful People Let Go Of".

Wrapping up

Due to our own instincts and the way in which society has programmed us, most people exhibit at least one of these undesirable traits.

The thing that successful people excel at is controlling and overcoming unproductive habits.

It’s not easy and it takes a strong personality to walk the road of success and continue doing so.

Do you have what it takes to surpass your limits? Which of these habits are you “guilty” of? Let us know in the comments below!

Share these habits that successful people let go off with your friends and family so they too can aspire to become remarkable. 
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Adrian Carol Szasz is a musician, writer and editor at Nootrodelic, a blog that explores nootropics, psychedelics and responsible use. He strives to make the most out of his day and not fall prey to laziness and self-doubt


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