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10 Essential Ways To Stay Creative

Some questions might pop up on your mind when it comes to be creative: 

"How do I stay creative? How to keep the creative juices flowing?" 

It's a struggle to many people who have a creative job, to come up with new content and new ways of showing their product. But to those who don't depend on creativity to do their job, it's also important to keep in mind that, we all need to be creative in the way we approach life in general.

Maybe you need to be more creative: in the relation you have with your kids, in your love relationship, in your marriage, in your free time, etc.

So, whatever your case might be it's essential to have creativity on your life and daily activities. Here are 10 essential ways to stay creative and keep the creativity alive.

10 Essential Ways To Stay Creative

1. Take Your Basic Working Tools Everywhere

Remember that time you had a great idea, but now you don't no what the idea was anymore? That's a common problem for creative people, we need to address it...

As soon as you have a great idea, write it down! 

No matter where you are, you can elaborate on that idea? Start to do the work!

You need your notebook? Your guitar? Your gym shoes? Take them everywhere

Be ready for the creative juices because they will appear and you got to let them flow.

Best way is to take your work tools with you wherever you are, wherever you're going! 

You can get busy right away!  

2. Give Creativity The Space It Needs

You need to have a working space that inspires you and nothing better than having a cleaned working space. Get rid of the junk you have surrounding that space, give it a fresh look.

Cut down all the distractions around your life. Leave the random internet sightseeing alone, leave the smartphone alone, focus on your tasks. 

It's important for you to have a daily routine where you schedule your time to do the necessary tasks that can get you inspired, like meditation, reading, listening to audio tapes, working out.

But it's also necessary that you do these activities but have the necessary resting time for your mind.

Schedule your day from the hour you wake up to the hour you go to bed.

3. Surround Yourself By Creativity: People, Music, Quotes, Pictures

Join them and become creative like them.

Creative people can inspire people to be creative, you are who you get along with, so get along with creative people. 

Redecorate your working space with new colors, post pictures in the walls, have quotes and sayings around you.

You can have your custom desktop, custom smartphone screen with inspirational pictures and quotes, photos of your kids or pets, posters that inspire you.

4. Break What's Conventional, No Rules!

Open your mind to new concepts and theories, get new tools to work with, contact with people from your specific field and get know others ways to do it. Get that knowledge!

You can absorb many things from other cultures just by watching a foreign movie or a TV channel, from a particular country.

Learning a new language it's great for growing and gain creativity.

Have the courage to take risks and be bold about new challenges that most won't take.

If you want to create something new you have to embrace an untraveled path where there is no guidelines, except the ones you create. 

5. Study Creative Persons In Other Fields

If you are a writer we take for granted you've study some creative writers before, if not you should, studying people in your field of expertise is essential.

But, we take it further, don't just study people in your field, study creative people in other fields and apply their principles to your world

  • If you are a writer, the mindset of a sports champion can get your juices going, you can put into words the movement you see in the sports field. 
  • If you sing you can get inspired by a very creative piece of art such as a painting or a sculpture, and how the artist made that great piece. 
The point is that, sometimes, you need to go outside your field of expertise to discover something that's really creative, and eventually, you can get your creativity going also.

6. Fun And Happiness That's The Way You Practice And Practice

What's the point of doing something if don't have fun doing it?

Discipline won't last just for the sake of it.

You have to find happiness in the things you do, and being creative is one way of getting non-stop fun and happiness.

If you practice and practice you'll get better and better, if you practice and have fun at the same time there's no limits to your growth!

You'll create more and more, and get better and better in new inventive ways that you never dreamed of. 

By searching for happiness and funny things to do, the work you are doing might work or not (who knows), but at least you had a good time doing it.  

7. Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else

That's something we all have already, it's just a matter of keeping ourselves on the right track.

Always remember your roots, the place you came from, your family, your friends, your childhood, your teenage years, put your life in perspective. Who knows if that can bring some kind of new idea for a book, a story, a movie, a painting, a song, etc.

Your past experiences should give you strength not discourage you. 

Use them as lessons, where you learn how to deal with yourself and life circumstances.

You know when you're about to give up on things better than anyone else, talk to your own self in a positive way and keep on going, finish what you start.

Count your blessings, be grateful for what you have, so more can come to you, that's the main idea.

8. Free Writing, Free Singing, Freestyle!

Get moving! One of the worst misconceptions about creativity is that it has to come when it has to come.

So we don't do nothing and wait with our fingers crossed? No sir! We get on the move! 

You don't have to force yourself to do a masterpiece when you are uninspired, what we mean is, you have to work on your craft constantly and eventually by doing some random tasks that won't serve has a final work, you find a new idea or new technique that ultimately will inspire you to do a masterpiece.

Do the work, and the work will inspire you!

Start a free writing text like back in school, put an instrumental on and sing something has you feel the melody, put the music on and start dancing by what you feel, start abstract drawing in your notebook, etc. 

A freestyle session it's great  way for creating new ideas and develop your skills.

9. Get Away From It, Come Back At It Again!

We don't we can call this a technique, but it's something we constantly do, and it works!

When you are all over it, you just can't stand it anymore, it's time you move away from that project just for a couple or hours, maybe a couple of days, depending on the magnitude of the project or deadline. Don't let time pressure you, it's not good for creativity.

It's essential to get away for some time, it gives time for your mind to rest, instead of being saturated by the same thoughts. 

When you go back at it, you're mind is fresh and magic happens: that the huge problem you saw yesterday, now it looks so small it easy to solve.

This really works, and sometimes, people leave work undone for decades unintentionally, they pick it up years later, and boom! Fantastic work was produced. But be careful, don't lose control, you might lose your best piece of work if you leave it alone for ages. 

10. Get Inspired By Your Previous Work

Some people don't like to go back and see their previous work, but we think it's a great tool to ground you and see how far you have come.

Work from the past can be a major player in your future work if you give it the right meaning.

You can always get inspired to do a sequel or a totally different piece with some influences from your past work, you decide what works for you.

Your previous work can spark new ideas, but it can also be a good way of recycling your content.

For instances, this blog post became a YouTube video and created more interest with a more visual driven presentation.

Don't forget people aren't all alike, so for you to reach many you need to diversify the way you present your work. 
Also will contribute for you to get more creative and inspired.
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