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5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning

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Starting our mornings with the proper mindset is the key to success.

I realized this a couple of months ago – I was usually hustling into my morning routine, sometimes not even having time to wash my face or properly breathe. After a couple rushed mornings and after losing my temper three days in a row at work, I understood that I have to change something.

Little did I know that the whole base to my distasteful behaviour was caused by unplanned mornings.

Beginning our days in an energetic way, taking our time to relax in the morning, having a well-planned routine... these simple things will actually keep us going throughout the day

If you start each day of your life angry or frustrated, how will you enjoy the long hours ahead of you?

Paying attention to our morning behaviour is essential.

We need to improve our habits, and plan our schedule in advance. This is why I will give you some basic tips on how to improve your life by changing or upgrading your morning routine:

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning

1. Exercise

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning: 1. Exercise.

Physical exercises are crucial in the morning. They will keep us fresh and dynamic throughout the day.

If you're just starting to exercise, you can do a few stretches, meditate, concentrate on yoga poses or low cardio exercises. Make sure you breathe while doing all this, otherwise it won’t have any positive effect on you. Also, we should leave our worries and daily problems behind before leaving our houses. Mornings are for us and us only.

If you're more experienced in exercise, I would recommend some power loads such as push-ups, deadlifts or high intensity cardio exercises. That does not mean that you should not stretch. It is indeed recommended to, if not necessary. Pay attention to your weights though, you do not want to get yourself hurt before going to work. That won’t make your day very pleasant, so do not overdo it.

2. Shower and Read

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning: 2. Read

What is better than a hot shower after an energetic workout? The answer to that question is: reading about what is going on in the world.

Working out and showering is our time to forget about our worries, but we still have to stay connected and informed.

Since there are a lot of news that could affect our lives and our children’s lives, we need to stay on top of them all the time. Thus, reading a newspaper or an interesting magazine in the morning can make our days more efficient.

3. Eat Well

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning: 3. Eat Well. Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what comes before breakfast is even more important: water. Staying hydrated is essential if we want to feel active during the day. So don’t forget to start your morning with a glass of water – you can even add some lemon to it if you want.

After the water, there comes the food. Make sure it is rich in protein! That is very important for our energy levels. The foods you should look at are oats, cottage cheese, eggs, or even milk and Greek yogurt. Eat your veggies as well – add them in a shake with some protein powder if you don’t like them raw – and eat your fruit!

If you are a coffee drinker, make it enjoyable! Add different topics and flavour to it, and then delight in that amazing taste.

4. Stay Organized

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning: 4. Stay Organized. Agenda

Let’s take the average disorganized person and call him John. John wakes up every day exactly 15 minutes before leaving his house. He barely has time to wait for his coffee maker to brew his coffee. His work bag and trousers are hard to find in the morning, and he has no time to look for them. Every day, John leaves the house thinking ‘Why is my life so difficult all the time? Why me?

Now imagine Lucas, an organized fellow. He wakes up at 6 AM every morning, although he leaves the house at 7:30. He drinks his coffee every day while reading the newspaper, chats with his wife, and prepares his kids for school. He runs on the treadmill for 15 minutes, then takes a shower, and goes to work. He leaves his house with a smile on his face, empowered and happy.

Whose day would you rather live? John’s or Lucas’s? If your answer is Lucas, you need to understand how important it is to plan everything ahead of time

Take 5 minutes each morning and make notes and reminders on the day ahead of you. You promised your friend you will buy him lunch? Write that down and keep that promise! Stay organized and effective.

5. Take a Look in the Mirror

5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Morning: 5. Take a Look in The Mirror

Appearances mean a lot to the people around us. Before leaving the house, take a look in the mirror and fix whatever you don’t like. For men, make sure your beard and moustache is well shaved and clean looking. For women, put on make-up if you feel like it. If not, just be aware that combing your hair makes it look professional, so don’t forget to do that.

Keeping your clothes clean and ironed is a form of respect to your co-workers and superiors. Also, using hygiene products and perfume is very important in order to keep a constantly refreshing look.


As you might know this by now, staying well organized and having proper habits will help you very much. It will not only improve your mornings, but make you feel better throughout the day. 

Happiness and dynamism make you more productive, thus increasing your chances of success! So start planning on changing your behaviour, and always make the best out of your days!

Are your ready to start using these tips on your morning routine? 
Share this article with your friends and family so you can inspire them to plan better their mornings too. 
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