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10 Self Talk Questions To Inspire Your Day

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In previous articles, we've talked about how important it is to have a great self talk capacity, to reach success. The kind of things you say to your inner-self, in any given situation you may experience, the things that will make you move and execute the necessary actions.

We think, eventually, anyone does this, the question is what kind of self-talk do people have with themselves. 

Some people use excuses to everything, and are really negative about it, blaming the world for what they aren't.

Than you have people who accept their responsibility, and, in their inner talk, they are the main subject of change in their life. The things they say to themselves put them in the right direction towards being successful. 

For you to better grasp the mindset of success of people who ask the right answers, we've selected 10 questions in, what we think, is the incorrect and the correct way to make that same question. 

Get inspired by these questions that can lead you to give the right answers to achieve what you want:

10 Self Talk Questions To Inspire Your Day

1. Instead of asking:

What can the world provide for me? 


What can you provide to the world?

Our take: The world will not provide you nothing until you provide something of value to the world. It sucks right? But that's the way things work, first you need to give regardless, rewards come second.

2. Instead of asking: 

How can you change? 


How can things change?

Our take: The way of "things" changing is you have to change yourself first. Things will remain the same if you remain the same. So make a change for the better with your own self, and there's a great possibility that "things" will change.

3. Instead of asking: 

How much can I make doing this?


How much can people benefit from what I do?

Our take: Key to business and when discussing a salary, of course you deserve the money you think you deserve, but if the benefit your giving people is small, your chances of having more income will diminish. If you are giving people something of great value for them, they will pay you big.

4. Instead of asking: 

What should I do?


What can I become? 

Our take: This is like moving inside the treasure island searching for the treasure without looking into the map, eventually you'll get lost. So, you have to know where you need to go, and after knowing it, you do the actions you have to do go get to that place. First, decide what you want to become, only then comes the execution part, what you must to do become it.

5. Instead of asking: 

How will things adapt to me?


How can I adapt to things constantly changing?

Our take: People fear change because they don't know how outside things will adapt to them, some don't even change because of this. Don't worry about it, as you change, you'll find and develop the capability to adapt, it's on you to stay sharp and always growing in a world constantly changing.

6. Instead of asking: 

What has life done for me?


What have I accomplished and to accomplish in this life?

Our take: Your mental focus should be on goals, not on things you cannot control. Plan a goal, achieve it, after that repeat, non-stop. That's the whole game! Get inspire by what you achieve, and plan to achieve more and more. Don't worry on that "life persona" our mind creates.

7. Instead of asking: 

What people want me to stand for?


What do I stand for? 

Our take: Forget what people want, you know what's best for you, because you know yourself better than anyone else. So, you know what you have to stand up for. Don't let your faith in the hand of other people, who really don't know you that well.

8. Instead of asking: 

What do people want me to do?


What do I love to do? 

Our take: You can have all the political reasons to do what people want you do, and we don't dispute it. But, remember, when you go home and you are all by yourself, you deeply know what you love to do. That's the person you have to deal everyday, yourself! Not other people, so write your story with your own pen by doing the things you love to do.

9. Instead of asking: 

What can they create next?


What can I create? 

Our take: You're waiting on the "Steve Jobs of the world" to provide you that new gadget for you to get entertained? Ok! But what are you creating with it? What you are you building daily in your life? Cause consuming products and entertainment aren't giving us nothing solid and everlasting. But what you create can bring you joy and satisfaction for a lifetime.

10. Instead of asking: 

Am I doing things right?


Am I doing the right things?

Our take: At school you should do things right, and that remained in our lives forever...But think about it, you can do things right, but are the things you are doing putting you in a better place? Or should you rethink your life and analyze if you are doing the right things? If you are getting the same old result, probably, you're doing the same old things, you can be doing them in the right way, but the problem is not how your doing it, but what you are doing.  


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