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How Sleeping On A Problem Can Help You Solve It

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Challenges and difficulties are the part of our life. No matter how many we've met already, it's still hard to find the right solution for the certain problem. 

Even doing your best, sometimes you're not able to decide what to do... 

As a rule, intense looking for the solution makes the problem more difficult and gives none answers. Eventually, you feel devastated and stricken. You're getting very tired, and your brain refuses to keep working.

Endless attempts to find the solution and lack of rest will make you exhausted and helpless. However, sometimes all you need to solve a problem is to have a good sleep.

How Sleeping On A Problem Can Help You Solve It

Stop the Race and Go to Sleep

When you're stressed and need to find the answer, the last thing you're thinking about is having a rest. Nevertheless, it might be the best thing for you now.

If you let yourself relax and sleep on the problem, the solution will come. 

According to memory study, people solve problems more efficiently after sleep. This peculiarity of a brain is related to a concept that is known as Incubation Effect

This theory suggests that the brain operates better if it had a decent amount of rest. 

If you ever felt broken by not finding the right answer for a long time, and then, having fallen asleep, suddenly found it, you've probably experienced it. 

Scientists don't know for sure what is the nature of such brain behavior. It might happen due to less distraction during the sleep or thanks to continuous subconscious processing while we sleep.

Either way, psychologists claim that sleeping on the problem is the key to its solving.  

Dream to Get Inspired 

It's a well-known fact, that many scientists and writers created their masterpieces while they were asleep. 

To be clear, the idea came to them in the dream

For instance, Dmitri Mendeleev worked days and nights to determine the properties of each chemical element, but he couldn't find the right way to organize them properly. Having done a great job, he put his notes aside and fell asleep. When he woke up, he realized his rested mind had finished the work by itself. The periodic table of the elements was completed. 

When you're sleeping, your mind keeps processing. 

Featured in the article: "How Sleeping On A Problem Can Help You Solve It". Dream to get inspired.

It accumulates and analyzes the information you gathered during the day. Precisely in a dream, the knowledge we got when we were awake is encoded to the long-term memory. 

Moreover, not just sleep is important, but it's certain cycles. Experiencing each of them, your brain unlocks hidden connections that you might not notice during your awake hours. 

Do not Try Too Hard

There are two modes in which our brain can operate: focused and diffused. The first one is the condition when you concentrate on something.

For example, when you're looking for the answer. It helps to solve regular problems, but prevent you from thinking outside the box. Thus, to start thinking differently you have to change the mode. 

Another proof that taking a break is the right thing to do when looking for the answers is the Einstellung Effect

This phenomenon doesn't let you see fresh solutions. It blocks your ability to think creatively and make you work with the information you've already gathered. 

The more knowledge you get on the problem, the harder your brain tends to work on autopilot. 

Take Breaks to Revive

If the problem requires a nonstandard solution and you're looking for it for a while without positive results, it's better to take a break and have some good deep sleep. 

Disconnect from the outer world and get a solid sleep before the next round of your problem solving race.

You'll be amazed at how effective your brain can be if you let him rest as it has to be. If your conscious can't give you a solution, let the subconscious help you.

It seems difficult to put the issue aside, but sometimes it's the only way. Its simpleness doesn't mean it's ineffective. Try it and be ready to reap the harvest. 

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