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How To Find Inspiration For Writing

Header image of the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing" . 22 Ways To Find Inspiration For Writers

No one will argue that writing is a highly creative process. Although it requires some technical skills, it still needs more than just combining words into the sentences.

Being inspired, it’s far easier to generate ideas, create some story lines, and develop characters. 

However, when the writer lacks inspiration, he may work on one piece of text for hours and create nothing.

Most of the writers confess that the lack of inspiration is a common problem for them.

Despite that, those who write professionally state that they have been working to define the sources of inspiration that help them keep their motivation on a sustainable level all the time.

Of course, these sources are different for each single person. But despite all differences, a huge number of them is common to everyone.

Among 23 ways of inspiration listed in this article, you will definitely find something that will help you stay motivated to keep working hard!

23 Ways To Find Inspiration For Writing

1. Reading Blogs

What is the most inspirational thing for bloggers? Easy! Other blogs. By reading blogs you can turn on your imagination and find issues you need to raise in your posts. Besides, as you don’t want to stay apart from the blogging community, you will start to write again for sure!

2. Reading Books

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 2. Reading Books

Books are an infinite source of inspiration. Thousands of plots, a huge variety of styles, perfect language, detailed characters, vivid descriptions – you will find everything that will help you restore your creativity and return to writing. Also, this will be useful for proofreading of your writing as you will start to notice stylistic mistakes that ruin the plot and the story line. 

3. Listen To People

Have you ever noticed what do people discuss in public? Try to listen to them, and you will find loads of interesting details that will inspire you to create interesting plots and find effective insights.

4. Peek At Magazine Covers

There’s no need to buy dozens of magazines to find something great there. Just check their covers in the bookstore, and you will get a plenty of ideas of how to create an effective headline for your paper. 

5. Watching Movies

Movies are not just a picture but a scenario, characters, language. If you watch a movie carefully, you start to understand the importance of operator’s work, of sounds chosen to support the story, and the colors that appear on the screen.  Notice these details to use them in your writing.

6. Checking Forums

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". Colleagues reading forums getting inspired to write.

Forums are a great place to find more insights and get to know the truth about problems that are common to people. Besides, here you will get to know what’s really interesting to people and what questions you need to rise in your articles.

7. Enjoying Art

Writing is a kind of art indeed, and it is inspired by other types of art. Visit galleries, check websites of famous museums, study the history of art. Select some of the most inspiring works and check them every time you feel that you lost inspiration.

8. Listening To Music

Music can restore your energy quickly and evoke your emotions. By listening to your favorite songs, you can write better and generate better ideas for your texts.

9. Talking To Friends

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 9. Talking with friends

Your friends can bring you more ideas than music, books, and movies. It frequently happens that real people inspire us more than most of the artistic tools. Just remember how many great ideas appeared when you talked to your friends! Perhaps, it’s time to use these ideas in your writing or to develop some new story lines when drinking coffee with your bestie.

10. Join Writing Groups

You will be surprised to know that writing in groups in many cases is far more effective than writing alone. In case you have lost your inspiration and have no idea how to restore it, join writing groups and you will definitely estimate the benefits of writing with other people.

11. Reading Quotes

By reading quotes, you can find inspiration in thoughts and approaches of the authors but also find some sparkling ideas for your posts. Additionally, you will be able to analyze the style and choice of words to implement these practices in your writing. Besides, quotes are really a source of inspiration for many. And perhaps they will inspire you as well!

12. Walking

Any physical activity is great for your mental state. Taking a walk after a long day of searching for inspiration is the best decision that you can make. Try not to think about writing problems while walking but concentrate on what surrounds you.

13. Enjoying Nature 

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 13. Enjoying Nature

Nature is another source of inspiration that is available to everyone. It’s enough just to leave the city for a couple of hours, to feel the breeze of the ocean, or to spend some time in the wood, and you will feel that you have something to tell to the world.

14. Learning History

The most unexpected situations, the biggest challenges, and greatest tragedies happen in human lives. Learn history to discover how the smallest decisions changed lives, how the words could cause a war, and how the biggest empires were born and destroyed. Nothing better than a biography to inspire writing.

15. Travel When You Have A Chance

Travels are perfect to explore the world, to meet new people, and inherit a new vision of life. Visit different countries, get acquainted with new people, talk to the strangers, and find out how your life is different from the lives of other people.

16. Talk And Play With Kids

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 16. Talk And Play With Kids

Children have an absolutely different attitude to life and life situations. Sometimes it seems that they know a little bit more than some adults. Their creativity is inexhaustible, and they are ready to share their ideas with you.

17. Go Into Sports

Depression is the killer of inspiration. If you don’t want to suffer from it, start to exercise regularly. A half an hour of sports per week will prevent you from getting bored, and you will always feel excited enough about what’s happening in your life. Besides, sports activity helps to make you more concentrated and attentive, and frequently this is what you lack to become a great writer.

18. Writing Poetry

If you feel that none of the ideas come to your mind, try to create poetry.  Writing funny poems will help you to restore your creativity and start to generate ideas faster. Even though you may have never written a poem in your life, finding rhymes may be rather entertaining for you.

19. Free-Writing Or Scribbling 

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 19. Free-Writing or Scribbling

If poems are too difficult for you, give a try to free writing. This is a kind of writing exercise that presupposes that you just start to write everything that comes to your mind. There is no necessity in idea or plot. To the opposite, here you need to write down your thoughts and not to be preoccupied with how it will look like.

20. Visit Theaters

Plays are absolutely different than movies and books. If you want to expand your experience on how the characters should behave and how the plot should develop, you should visit theaters more frequently. It will be nice to see the same plays in different productions and with different actors. In this way, you will be able to understand how the words change when different actors pronounce them and the importance of description for telling stories. 

21. Brainstorm

Featured in the article: "How To Find Inspiration For Writing". 19. Brainstorming

Brainstorming practices work perfectly for anyone who wants to find inspiration and start to write better. It will be nice to brainstorm with your friends or colleagues; as solo brainstorming never works effective enough. There are various approaches to brainstorming, so try different of them to find something that works perfectly for you.

22. Try Something New

If you have noticed that you frequently lose your inspiration, you need to grow your experience. The more new things you try, the more you understand about the life and the more new ideas you can implement in your writing. 

23. Read Your Previous Work

Your own written words can inspire you also. There is something about reading previous pieces that sparks the inspiration juices, not to write something alike, but to write sequels, snip-offs or even new work. One thing you can do is to challenge yourself to improve and do better this time. 

Wrapping Up

Inspiration is important for all writers. But, if you have some problems with finding inspiration here and now, it does not mean that this problem will be with you forever. 

You are able to develop some approaches to generating content, do whatever it takes, and find your ways. 

It will be nice if you determine a couple of ways that will become your panacea for beating the lack of inspiration

We hope that this list will be an awesome selection of the ideas that you would like to try, and some of them will bring the desired effect to you. 

Share this tips with your writer friends and help them find the inspiration they need for their writing efforts.
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