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80 Ways Great Artists Use To Find Inspiration

80 Ways Artists Use To Find Inspiration. How To Find Inspiration, Artists examples of inspiration, Tips, Motivation

Finding inspiration it's not an easy job for anyone. Imagine if your work depends on it, and you have to be creative all the time

Well, that's the life of an artist. Whether you're a writer, a painter, a musician, a songwriter, a sculptor, a director, or any other type of artist... you know that coming up with new ideas and being creative can be a struggle.

To help you out with finding inspiration for your creative work, we've researched the web finding 80 ways that great artists use to find inspiration.

Even if you're not an artist, remember...creativity it's indispensable in today's world. If you want to live a great life you have to be creative! In your relationship, in your work, with your kids, with your family, with your hobbies, etc. So this is not for artists solely, this is also for you! In any case, enjoy: 

80 Ways Great Artists Use To Find Inspiration 

(How To Apply Them To Yourself)

1. Putting Yourself In The Right State Of Mind  

2. Spending Time With Your Own Thoughts 

3. Listening To Music 

4. Wondering While Taking A Walk

5. Seeing Other Artists Working

6. Observing Motion Pictures Characters

7. Being Disciplined, No Distractions! (Turn Off Your Phone, Internet, Etc)

8. Finding The Perfect Work Space

9. Having A Routine (best time to be creative is after waking up or taking a nap)

10. Inspirational Work By Your Peers In Your Specific Field 

11. Doodling Random Stuff (go back at it later see if you can find an idea)

12. Learning To Trust Yours Instincts 

13. Living A Life Outside The Artist World

14. Watching People Daily Actions

15. Finding The Practicality In Ideas

16. Starting With Something To Work With

17. Knowing That Inspiration Can Come From Everywhere

(films, books, conversations, different cultures, colors, lifestyle)

18. Watching Live Performances...Live!

19. Ignoring The Noise Around You

20. Scribbling Something Out Of The Blue 

(first draft is the first, not the final for a reason)

21. Fighting Over-excitement By Taking A Break

22. Great Works By Artists In Your Specific Field

23. Getting It On Whatever Your Feeling Is

(use your creativity constantly)

24. Meditating Outside The Concrete Jungle

25. Combining Two Different Ideas 

26. Using Real Life Examples From Friends & Family

27. Focusing Solely On The Current Piece Of Work

28. Reshaping Ideas In To Other Forms

(a song can be a movie, a game, a competition, etc)

29. Looping Classic Songs Or Instrumentals

30. Not Fearing Failure

31. Chatting With People Not Involved In Art 

32. Finding The Intriguing Imperfection In Things

(ups and downs of life, cliches are boring)

33. Spending Time On Your Own

34. Asking Questions Within 

35. Reviewing Your Work With A Fresh Head

36. Collaborating With Other Artists

37. Silencing Your Negative Inner Voice

(stop telling yourself you aren't good enough)

38. Imagining An Alternative Reality

39. Waking Up Early (dreams can be a great source)

40. Don't Put Too Much Pressure On You It's Only Art

(life has more important issues)

41. Reversing The Process, Start In The End, Finish In The Beginning

42. Being Yourself To The Fullest

43. Stopping Comparisons With Other Artists Work

(you have to be your own critic)

44. Not Caring What People Think Of You

45. Reviewing Your Work After A Few Weeks

46. Stepping Outside Of What You Don't Know

(what you know you can explain in a sentence)

47. Never Knowing What Really Has Inspired You

(only looking back you can clearly see, but stay in the process of doing)

48. Reading Great Books That Flourish Your Mind

49. Breaking The Rules Of Conventional

50. Visiting Places Full Of Emotions To Display

51. Having A Working Partner With Different Perspectives

52. Discussing Ideas With Inquisitive People

53. Observing Your Surroundings 

54. Imagining Places Into Different Places

(what if the coffee shop was a zoo?? what if the museum was a street market??)

55. Finding Stories From Different Cultures

56. Picking Up An Idea An See It From Different Angles

(see the idea from the side, from bellow, upside down, whatever it takes)

57. Carrying Your Artistic Tools Everywhere

58. Listening To Children's Thoughts

59. Having A Boldness Attitude Towards It 

60. Projecting The Future Of People & Places

61. Not Making Sense Is Great!

62. Reminiscing Remarkable Moments Of Your Life

63. Letting Go Ideas To Give Space To New Ones 

64. Quotations You Read Or Hear

65. Knowing The First Idea Is At Most Average

66. Riding Public Transportation By Yourself

(you need time by yourself to be reflective and to think)

67. Being Like A Detective, Find The Intriguing In Things

68. Discarding Reviews From Critiques

69. Giving Things And Objects Personality

70. Staying Opened To New Ideas

71. Not Second Guessing What People Will Buy

72. Doing What Scares You

73. Giving Space To Other Peoples To Perform

74. Breathing Deeply And Relaxing Yourself

75. Embracing And Accepting New Challenges

76. Staying Healthy

(eating well, being physically fit, getting the right amount of sleep)

77. Enjoying Doing Art For What It Is

(you don't have always to produce a great piece of art, just do art for the sake of it)

78. Just By Showing Up 

(at the stage, at the studio, at the library)

79. Participating In Art Competitions

80. Not Expecting Inspiration To Just Happen! 

Share this ideas to artists you know and people that need to find that inspiration. Use the buttons bellow and on the side to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network you like. Share with others, stay creative, and keep on keeping on the inspiration flow, it's on you to...

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