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7 Steps To Simplify Your Life And Succeed

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7 Steps To Simplify Your Life And Succeed, success advice, tips, how to

Our aim with this article it's not to provide you a list of things to simplify your life, what we want is to make a difference in your life, to make a real change!

Therefore a simple list, like cleaning out your closet, get rid of the junk, might offer you some momentarily satisfaction and space for better things to come, but solely, won't make you successful!  

Those are just tasks, of course you need to do something different for things to change, but you need to do it consistently, so you must have strong reasons behind what you do, or else, you won't be driven to do them.

When it comes to success, simple is better. That's right, discard the common believe that success is very complex, the most simple and common people on earth have achieved success because they were simple in their ways but very determined about their purposes.  

For a better understanding of this "simple is better" philosophy we're going to provide you a step by step guide on how to simplify your life in order to succeed:

7 Steps To Simplify Your Life And Succeed 

1. Define Your Goals

You wish something great, that's cool, but everyone wishes something, that won't do it! You need to really define what you want! What you want to achieve, the most productive way to express it's in a form of a goal.

Define your goals, goals for yourself, for your education, for your physical body, for your relationships, for your business and for your finances, pick them up.

Make a list with each different goal highlighted, keep some amount of space in between goals.

2. Define Your Priorities 

What goals can you achieve now or in the next months, what goals need a longer period for you to achieve them?

Pick up the goals list and write down on the side of each goal their priority rate: which ones are a priority for now, which ones can wait a little longer?

This will clear your mind about what goals you must focus first, clarity is essential to simplify your life and succeed.

3. Define The Actions You Must Take

Now, for each goal you have prioritized first, write down bellow the necessary actions you need to take to achieve them. Do the same thing, with the goals you have prioritized second.

These actions are your main menu, the first ones you must start to do them at once.

For the actions of the secondarily priorities, although they aren't as important now, there are some you need to start doing also but always have to come in second place.

4. Make Your Daily Schedule, Organize Your Actions

After defining the actions you must take, organize them throughout the day, week or month, it all depends on the type of actions you must take. 24 hours in a day, don't lose time, be precise.

Spend one or two hours doing something, if you didn't finished, leave it to the next day, move on to other actions you must take.

Hanging on a problem for hours is a common mistake, if you do so, you won't have time to work on the other tasks you have planned. This is very important, this is why you defined and divided your goals into areas, so you can work on different goals every day.

If you dedicate to an area solely throughout the day, you're neglecting all the other areas you have prioritized too.

They all are important so work on them each day, even if it's just for an hour or two, it will make a big difference in a year.

5. Cut All The Unnecessary Stuff

This could be dispensable, since you have prioritized no other things should get in your way. But this is the most difficult part for everyone: to leave the older habits behind and engage in new ones.

People aren't dumb, they know they have to change, but this is the way our mind and body work, once we get used to something it's difficult to kick the habit.

What you need to do is to be congruent with what you have prioritized. If it's not on your goals list and priorities you don't need that stuff! Leave it alone, it's not a sacrifice, get it right!

If you keep doing the unnecessary stuff, you aren't prioritizing! Priorities are there because they are the first thing you real want and need to do

So, it's all about joy, you're leaving something that was bad for you for something that will be way better! Cut them all!

6. Focus On The Necessary Stuff

How do you cut the unnecessary stuff? By focusing on the necessary!

As we've explained you need to see the reward on the new habits: you have enlisted your goals, chosen your priorities, because that's what you really want!

So, if you really want it, focusing on the necessary stuff can only give you joy. Start doing your tasks, get entertained by them, not by time wasting activities.

You can get fun doing what you've enlisted, after all you were the one deciding what to do because you needed in your life, no one obligated you to decide, it's your decisions, get it right!

 It's a win win, it's fun all the way!

7. Analyze Your Progress, Repeat The Steps

Final step is to check how you're doing with all the process, Check the results you're getting, get some insights, see if there is anything you need to adjust.

You can only see this if you are engaged in the process, interacting with reality. Sure we can plan all previously, but some answers will only come when you are in the process.

So, don't neglect this very important step. If something is wrong, don't worry, repeat some of the steps, redefine your strategies.

Wrapping Up:

Success it's all about the easy stuff! The hard part is doing it consistently without distractions, you need first and foremost to have a purpose and be determined to do it.

So, have a great purpose behind your actions, prioritize what you need to do, schedule it, leave distractions alone and focus on what you have to do daily. It will work if you make it work!

It's that simple, so simplify your life! You can really do it, because ultimately it's all up you to...


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