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9 Ways To Live Your Best Year Ever Every Year

9 Ways To Live Your Best Year Ever Every Year, Personal Development, Success, Tips, How to

Every new year people make their new year's resolutions. Maybe because they deeply know that something has to change in their lives, or maybe... because everyone is doing it, why not giving it a shot? 

We all promise a change, but unfortunately, most just stay with the promise... and few can make it actually work. This is because just promising won't do you good. You need to address the new year in full effect, analyzing everything you can change, making use of any tool available to change and being fully committed to it.

Also, you cannot remember this only when the year is ending, you need to remember you are currently living a year, if you really want to live your best year... you need to address it now, not later. 

To help you find out the necessary tools to make this your best year ever and the years after, we've enlisted 9 ways you can use to achieve that:

9 Ways To Live Your Best Year Ever Every Year

1. Always Manage Your Time

Each year people live, they regret on something they didn't do... That's a major flaw we all have, in order to avoid this you need to acknowledge the importance of Time

Time is the most important asset we have, because Time is not refundable, you cannot get it back! You need to make the best you can with the Time you have on this earth.

Schedule your days, weeks, months. See what you can achieve in 24 hours, repeat again the next 24 and so on, until you have a week, then a month finally a great year! Don't waste Time doing things you don't want or that are really bad for you.

2. Believe You Have The Power To Change Things

It's indispensable that you believe. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Don't get caught up in the frenzy, people make all the type of excuses, blaming outside events to justify their current negative situation. Only few situations in life are justifiable with the outside, most problems have their solution on the inside.

That's why you should focus on yourself, focus on the things you can control. Believing you have the power to change things is the start to achieve great things. You depend on yourself, that's what you need to say to your inside. 

Start from within, start with an indomitable belief that you can achieve the things you dream of. You can do it if you put your mind to it!

3. Be Thankful For What You Have

It's all about having a positive attitude each year you live. See the beauty in simple things, your family, your kids, your work, your achievements, the beautiful sights outside. Don't see things from a negative perspective, that will make you miserable in the long run.

Being grateful cannot be underestimated, it's the core value of a great life. It's all about perspective really. If you see things by the positive side, you will get encouraged and inspired. On the contrary, if you see things from a negative perspective, you'll be fearful and hopeless. 

4. Embrace The Art Of Learning

The way to constantly grow is to constantly learn from your life's experiences. Learning cannot end with your school days, you have to be a student of life. You live and you learn, that's what they say, and it's in fact true. 

Practice learning, you cannot expect to improve if you neglect the lessons life is giving you. Each experience you live has some sort of lesson to be learned. Take that knowledge! Apply what you've learned in the next time you live a similar situation, then repeat the process. You'll get better with time, but only if you take your lessons.

To have your best year ever, you need to apply the wisdom you have collected over the past years. Create strategies, apply them, track the results, adjust things that aren't working and keep getting better by applying revised strategies. You can only get better, nothing to lose! 

5. Practice The Disciplines Of Success

Do you stop at the first failure? Do you neglect the visualization techniques? Do you have a bad attitude towards being successful? Are you a talker not a walker?

If you answer one of this questions with a "yes" you need to do something about your philosophy about life and success. You cannot quit from your goals, you need to see in your mind an alternative reality where you can be successful. You need to have a great attitude about life and you need to practice what you preach.

Even if you can only perform a small amount of action don't neglect it! Do what you can the best you can, because small efforts performed constantly in a long period of time can produce big achievements. Every great company had a small start, don't get discouraged because you can only take small steps, taken them! Every opportunity you have, you must take advantage of it by taking action.

6. Write Goals For Yourself Each Year

This is a crucial step for two major reasons:

(1) Writing down goals gives you purpose. You have something to achieve, something to live for. It gives you the fuel you need and the motivation you want to keep on going, even when things might seem not to be working.

(2) Goals can easily be tracked, so you can monitor your progress. Either you achieve them or you don't. If you achieve them, congratulations! You get empowered by it, and now you can plan what's next: write down more ambitious goals. If you don't achieve them, you can always find what prevented you from achieving them, and therefore, correct what's missing. 

Year by year you can improve with goals, going from level to level, climbing your way to success.

7. Embrace Personal Development To The Fullest

People spend a whole life trying to fit in, worrying about how others see them, hoping for the best but doing too little for it. But hoping and fitting in, will make your year just like the last, or even worst!

Fitting out its the way to do it, you can only get there if you embrace your personal development as the key to having your best year. You need things to change? Start with yourself first! Like we said in the first point, you have to master the things you can control. Your self improvement is greatly controllable.

Can you get better? Get better in your writing and reading skills? Sure. Get better in the skills your professional activity demands? Sure. Can you get a better health, better wealth, better wisdom? Sure! Just develop yourself in to a better you by embracing personal development.

8. Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

You are not by yourself in this world. Other people can also help you having the best year ever. But don't by mistaken, you cannot expect people to do all the work for you. You need to work with them. Building connections, having great business relationships, helping others to get better.

You will be making others better, but you also will make yourself better! Helping others achieve will give you a great feeling of self worth, you are valuable to someone in this world. If you are a team player, you will help your team win, but your team will also help you win. You are there form them anytime, they are there for you anytime too. It's a win win situation, always! 

Who knows in the next year: you'll be working with a different team, but the team from the past doesn't forget what you have done for them, they might collaborate with you and your new team in a challenging new project! You can all grow to dazzling new proportions achieving new things year by year.  

9. Review Your Year Every Year

What kind of knowledge a year of life can give you? What kind of knowledge two years of living can give you? Imagine 5, now imagine a decade? It's huge! Are you taking the dividends from this approach? 

Reviewing your year, by analyzing what you have learned and the goals you have achieved that particular year, can give you great information. Information you should use in the current year you're living, to live it the best you know! Take advantage of it. 

You're not getting older, you're getting wiser! That's the whole point! Don't hesitate to write down a year review month by month. Even the years you cannot remember in a precise way, you can make summarize them into in short sentences, that can be enough to actually make a difference.

After reading this article we hope you are ready to start living your best year ever and the years after. 
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