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How to Make it Fun at Work!

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Most people see things really dark when it comes to working hard and finishing up tasks.

You should be following your passions and working at a job that really juices you.  Because when you love what you do hard things become very easy, and you see them not as complex as a person who hates doing them does.

You should...can you do it? Sure! Are you in a situation that allows that? Maybe not...and that's ok for now, some things don't depend strictly on us and we know that, but whatever your labor situation you got to have a perspective of a dream job. If you don't please start thinking in one!

Dream Job
Of course it's not easy to have a dream job a lot of dedication and commitment are evolved.  But wait, maybe for some a "dream job" means doing nothing all day long and getting lot's of money for it, ERR, that's not what we are talking about here.

A dream job, means that it's a dream alright, you might say that you can dream about almost everything, but it's a "job" so you have to work to get something! There's no way around it.

The thing here is that you get TO DO all day things that you love, and you get paid for it! You work hard? Maybe, but truly you work smart above anything. That's the dream job. 

Work Becomes Play
Why is this dream job meaning so important? Because work becomes play. That's right! When you love what you do what some people call work you'll call play because it's not hard, by the contrary it gives you joy and pleasure!

 Playing will get you to places most people never will because they just work. When you play you're already motivated to do it because the pleasure in doing it's all there! And the more you do the more pleasure you will get, of course you can't stop doing it! 

People who simply work: They work, work and work. When it's time to go home they go home!

When it's time to go home the ones who love what they do continue playing. Whether home or still at work, they continue to play, it's addicting. But a good addiction! 
  • When it's time to give up, people who work surrender immediately because they want to get out of hell.
  • When it's time to give up, people who play, persist, insist, if they fail, they will play again until they win and find what they want.

How to Make it Fun at Work

So either you have a dream job or you don't. Either you play or you work.
(of course some could be in the middle passage, no drama about it, keep going on your journey to find that dream job!)

  • If you play you're already having fun with what you do! But although most of the things are funny and juice you, there are some that aren't that funny, some are in fact boring. But driven people know that if they perform well in this boring tasks they get to do the ones they love, and they don't get discouraged - that's their strategy to succeed!
  • If you work you have to find ways to get the most out of you're job! And this doesn't mean to rob the company you work for, no no! This means if what you do everyday it's boring you have to make it fun! 

In both cases there's ways of making things easier, less complex, and the best way is no to dramatize things and make them funny

1. See the value in everything: 

  • If you perform well on a given task that's boring for you, you'll get to do somethings you like to do next,so see it just like reward system. If you do that in a good way, you will get what you want.
  • If you don't like doing it try to understand fully the task at hand, most of us when we don't like something we tend to no even look a it, and we take our thoughts for granted. Maybe that task isn't that hard, you just avoid it constantly that you forgot to even look a it from a positive perspective.
  • What's your purpose for being in that company? What's your why? If it is to get money to survive you have to manage to understand that those boring tasks are feeding your family, this will make you think twice before you go on the "I don't like this cycle" again.

2. Let's get all the fun:

  • Have funny strategies when performing tasks. Don't do them always the same old way, get creative about it. Write backwards, write with different colors. Put different applications on the same screen for multitasking, stretch and re-stretch windows (leave the social networking alone), be creative do whatever you want as long as the task is done in the end!
    • Make your desk an inspirational environment. Maybe you have restrictions, but do this kind of things: place pictures from your loved ones and people who you care anywhere, clean up the mess of papers, play some mood music, if the office is to dark make it brighter, open the windows, get into a comfortable zone!
    • If some boss or co-worker gets on your nerve or annoys you everyday, you have to stop seeing as the "boggy monster" and start to visualizing him as a clown, or a funny bear or something that makes you laugh and be in a good mood. Write down funny things about that person and train yourself to visualizing them as some sort of cartoon. This will make you get in a good state whenever that annoying person comes around again.
    • Talk about those boring tasks with co-workers, share your views in a polite way, maybe they'll think it's boring too and you can make funny remarks about it. But seriously consider this: they could see things differently about the tasks at hand, accept others opinion and try to understand their perspectives. They can enlighten you about their own strategies. Don't be a martyr in an island at work!

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