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10 Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life

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Here are 10 Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life to spark inspiration and creativity in you. Each quote is represented in Picture format and has an explanation about the meaning.

He's consider to be greatest scientist of all time, but Albert Einstein, was more than a scientist, he was a citizen from the world with a vast life experience and wisdom.

His quotes prove his intelligence and depth in many matters, not only the scientific ones, but topics that cover all the areas of personal improvement.

We present you a list of Albert Einstein picture quotes about life that contains the most unique quotes and put recreate them in picture format for the best inspiration possible: 

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10 Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article. This one is about imagination.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" - Albert Einstein

Our take: You can know it all and really be good at memorizing things, but it's imagination and the capability to image that can take beyond what's rational and logic.

We all need it!

That's what world history it's all about, every time someone says everything is already invented, that same time someone with imagination creates something no one ever thought of. Is that person you?

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Human beings must have action; and they will make if they cannot find it." - Albert Einstein 

Our take: Act upon it, and deliberately it's our advise!
You see, everyone of us will need action in your life, 2 types of action: 

1. Premeditated action: we plan what to do in order to get our goals, and we act upon it;
2. Non premeditated action: no planning it's a bad feeling/good feeling thing. You do it if you feel like it.

The first one it's a must if you want to control your life and increase your chances of success.
The second one it's a mystery, because you can't control it  so you can't know what's the outcome.

The catch here is that our mind and body will look for action, whether premeditated or not. So if you don't plan things, don't write goals and don't follow through on your dreams, the most likely thing is that you won't achieve what you want, and worst, you can't change your life for the better. 

Why? Because you will engage in some action that doesn't relate whatsoever with your goals, and probably it's contrary to what you're supposed to be doing. You'll lose focus, time, courage, and drive.

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes  About Life article.
"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." - Albert Einstein

Our take: We have an exponential intellectual growth in our first life years, mainly because as a child our minds are curious and that's equal in teenage years and young adult life.

But then most people tend to get caught up we the easy things, and pushing ourselves to know more it's a individual thing.

You want to know more, or you just settle and go for quickie things in life, like watching televisions programs that were designed to catch your attention, listening to non relevant content music that was just made for you to buy, playing video games that were design to you to get addicted and also buy more and more, or for instances eating junk food that was made for you to get addicted also.

So the catch here is you should drive yourself to grow intellectually ate any age, regardless. Go back to school not the old building...but school in your mind: School Days are BACK.
One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong it is character." - Albert Einstein

Our take: This is one of the great misconceptions we have about great people who achieve much in a specific field.

We tend to think they're somewhat divine in their abilities and that what distinguish them from the common people it's a divine given gift.

But if you study some of the greats, you will see that most achieve success with simple and consistent things. One of them it's character.

Einstein didn't believe in war, nor, racial discrimination or nationalism. He wasn't afraid of speaking his mind on those matters and really made a point in world history.

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Love is a better teacher than duty." - Albert Einstein

Our take: When you love what you do, when you have passion for your job, you will get trough all hell and keep on going regardless.

When you do what you do because it's just a duty, at the first chance you'll give up.

Loving will get you trough everything, because at the end of the day you still love what you do.

You will learn the ups and downs of life in this process and there's a higher probability of becoming better and better, that's why love is a better teacher than duty.

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

Our takeEinstein had many detractors, in the photo you can see a representation of the educating system (with a teacher), Joseph McCarthy ( McCarthyism author of public attacks on the character or patriotism at the time), soldiers at war (the notion of war to solve world problems) and Adolf Hitler (Einstein was german and against nazism or any for of imperialism).

When you are GREAT many voices will rise up against you, because they don't understand your different vision of the world or,and, they feel you're a threat to their success. They will try by any means hit you.

You'll have your critics always, the Einstein tip here is not to dramatize the issue. By the contrary, acknowledge it as a good thing (you're put on the spot because you're Great and they are not) and move on. Don't stress with it, people have different ways of seeing the world that's ok, but continue with your vision regardless and stand up for what you believe in.

Naysayers are everywhere and if you have them it's a good sign that you have something unique and distinct. Learn how to deal with naysayers.

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein

Our take: Another misconception people might have: smart people are born smart and that's it. In this quote you have a concept from a man consider a genius by many that goes against that smart notion.

Consistence, persistence and believe will get you to solve your problems and eventually to succeed at what you do, that's the catch here.

In many situations in life what you have to it's to outlast the competition. Keep on doing when everybody is giving up, work more than your opponents do.

Stay with your thoughts more time than the rest, you'll get more accurate conclusions and better strategies than anyone else on that field of expertise.

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

Our take: The perception of our 5 senses gives us the sense of how real things are. And we can live with those sensations as the true, but that's not so easy because all reality can change depending on how your mind perceives it.

So you can have two individuals with the same 5 senses capability looking at the same picture, but with different views, and different realities about what they're seeing. So which one is real? Which one is not?

Who are we to tell? It's an illusion, your mind will see what she wants to see, or what she's trained to see.

That's the catch right here, your habits, what you're used to see and think will determine your reality, and it will persist in time because you make it an habit.

So train yourself to be sensitive to the things you really want, or else "reality" will trick you, and you'll be living what you think it's living but maybe it's not!

One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein 

Our take: Once again your passion it's crucial when your creating new content. For instance here it's research what Einstein is talking about.

When you love what you do, doing hard things it's not hard, in fact, it's playing because it juices you, it's fun to you doing that thing because it's what you really love in life.

It's the highest form of research, why? Because when you love what you do, work becomes play, and play will get you to places most people never get because they simply just work, for the sake of it.

People who play will outmatch the ones who only work.
One of the featured quotes in our Albert Einstein Picture Quotes About Life article.

 "Only a life live for others is a life worthwhile." - Albert Einstein 

Our take: What's your purpose, is it a selfish purpose? Or it's a higher purpose that goes beyond you?

Contribution that's what life it's about!

So Motivate, Amaze and....


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