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Top 10 Tv Themes from the 80s

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Header image of the article "Top 10 Tv Themes From The 80s". Includes:Hill Street Blues, MacGyver, Cheers, Alf
Music it's a strong inspirational tool, we all know and have experienced that. 

But how about music from our past, music that reminds us of good things and feelings from way back? For sure music from our younger years can do that! 

That's our purpose with this selection of Top 10 Tv Themes from de 1980's

We've decided to give you not only music to inspire but also images that are in our memory forever, just go back in time with a smile and enjoy the ride like we did!

Top 10 Tv Themes from the 80s

10. Hill Street Blues

9. The A-Team

8. The Love Boat

7. Cheers

6. Alf

5. Fame 

4. Family Ties

3. MacGyver

2. Knight Rider

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air


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