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Joker's Diary: Preparation Is Everything!

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Known fact: Heath Ledger's performance in the DarkKnight movie as The Joker was universal acclaimed.

New fact: last year in a German documentary  series Too Young to Die, in a episode dedicated to the late Heath Ledger's, his father showed a diary produced by Heath himself when he was preparing to play the role of Joker (vídeo bellow):

I saw lots of comments about this on the web, and the majority were about how tragic and sad this came out to be. And with that frame of mind fear comes to us all!

Joker's Diary: Preparation is everything! 

We have a different take on it, to us this is preparation at his best.

Of course the end was tragic, but if you concentrate on the process of preparing for a role, and then watch the performance, this is mind blowing. Really encouraging.

Awesome to see how hard work payed off. How often do you get to see how a role is prepared?

We all think that acting is a given gift that actors have and little preparation is involved.

What if preparation played a major role?

What if preparation played a major role in your own life, not just acting?

  • Would you sit waiting for things to go your way?
  • Do you have a diary?
  • Do you write your own plans?
  • Do you take time to think about you and write some thoughts down?
  • Do you prepare for meetings? Do you prepare your work ahead of doing it?

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

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