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Who do you Depend on?

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Picture of a mountain men that motivates to live of land, depending solely on ourselves in this modern society.

In short, the vídeo below it's about mountain men.

It portraits their natural way of living, where nature gives them everything they need to survive.

Two statements told by one of them got us thinking...

Who do you Depend on?

1 - "I think modern people are getting more dependent on everything"


It's a modern world, it's not easy for some of us to imagine our life without modern things.

But can we live without some of them? Of course! That's what people do (or should do...) whenever there's a rescission, they apply cost cutting strategies and manage to survive somehow someway, without things that in the past were indispensable (!).

Do we need to live without them?

2 - "Living off the land, shows you, that you have to be dependent on yourself"

There's the answer I was looking for, not living off the land, but the notion that you're dependent on yourself!

Modern things, like cell phones, internet, tablets, etc, made our everyday life simpler, but that's not a synonym for easier in this case.

You still Depend on Yourself to make your life better and get the results you want.

We all tend to get caught up in this technological frenzy, forgetting that what we do, with the resources we have, it's really what determines the outcome of our work.

The resources you have won't solve your life by themselves.

So by living off the land you rely on yourself to get a better life, but also, by living a modern life  you still rely on yourself to get a better life.

If you choose to rely on something or someone else rather then you:
- in the first scenario you'll feel immediately the consequences;
- as for the the second one, you can be joking around, having fun with a new toy, and be disconnected from it for a while, but believe me you will feel the consequences in the long run.

That's why you need to get the sense or urgency in your own life, and start to act like you depend on yourself.

So Who do You Depend On?

A - We don't need much of the stuff, we think we need to have, to get a better life;

B - Too many toys can detached you from your main purpose in life, don't get caught up in the frenzy just for the sake of it.

C - At the end of the day, technology helps, but You Depend on Yourself always first, don't try to shortcut and sabotage your own life.

D - Everyday guide your actions by this principle: I Depend on Myself, a sense of urgency will arise and good things will follow.


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