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Super Mario World "Special Lessons" to OUR WORLD

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This is not a simple task, and for now will stick to the first thing that came to my mind thinking about SNES game Super Mario World from early 90s.

It was a Super Inspirational Game!

With lots of levels, lots of  hours looking for that secret key, lots of work to find that one secret level that no one knew about, every playing day some new dangerous would come up, many defying situations with new friends and enemies... lots of lots filled with amazing moments and special memories that I could go days or weeks telling you about.

Some of us where average players and we could be satisfied with average stuff like completing world 1 or 2, or just meeting Yoshi.

Some of us where good players and we could be satisfied with good stuff like learning out to fly with a cape, reveal the secrets in the ghost house, conquer some castles or performing ok in any level.

Some of us where very good players and we could be satisfied with great stuff like completing the 7 levels and finally defeat the evil Bowser in the last castle and save the princess. Ok! Mission acomplished!

But, for a few, this wasn't enough...they (we ;)) needed something Special, something Amazing, something GREAT. And there they were - The SPECIAL LEVELS:

Super Mario World "Special Lessons" to OUR WORLD 


When you've gone beyond radical, beyond extreme, it's balls out danger, & or perfection, & or skill or all of that combined.


Used mostly in the 80's, or by people mocking the 80's to describe something 'awesome' or 'excelent' ie, good.

Way Cool 

Something very good, very interesting, or too good.


Amazing cool good brilliant awe inspiring


Fashionable and exciting., enjoyable and excellent.


Extreme in degree or nature. Surfer undertones.


Shockingly bad or excessive. something that is the bomb and unbelievable


Modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way. Something thats cool or admirable (this usage has fallen out of popularity)

Our take: Look at this names, the adjectives that describe the levels (ok, let's face it I didn't knew the meaning of some as a child and I didn't knew a few as na adult either ahah).
Could this words be a description of something in your own life? Are words like this part of your daily vocabulary or thought process? Do you know someone or something like this?

Do you perform at the SPECIAL LEVELS?

You know this levels only come after you passed the basic levels, the hard levels, the final levels, right?

Don't get overwhelmed by it, get encouraged by it!! There's lots of things to come and levels to conquer in your life! Enjoy the ride and be persistent but also ambitious with your goals,

Don't just be good...

be Gnarly!
be Tubular (dude!)!
be Way Cool!
be Awesome!
be Groovy!
be Mondo!
be Outrageous!
be Funky! 

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