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Live Your Dream - Powerful Motivational Speech

Motivational Video Article - Live Your Dream, Reasons Why You Won''t Fail

A great speech can really motivate you! In this video you can find several thoughts and ideas about life than can really change your perspective. It's a must watch!

In essence, it can make you think different, and therefore, make you act differently. In a form that your life can start to change and improve. You can really reach your dream!

Les Brown is the speaker, and like always, he brings us great wisdom and success advice in his powerful words.  

Check the video below and get instantly inspired by watching it!

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Live Your Dream - Why You Won't Fail! 

Speech Transcript

I want you to take the time and write down 12 Reasons on Why You Won't Fail

Because when the tough times come and they're going to come 

When life hits you on the blind side

and that's going to happen

Your children start going crazy 

or someone you thought you'd be married to for the rest of your life 

Like I went through 

and they decide they want a divorce, call life 

What is it that can keep you going?

Your reasons will be your rod and staff to comfort you 

To take you through that process

I can tell you it's possible!


It's necessary that you surround yourself with

People you can learn from and grow from 

That you write your goals down 

That you work on them every day 

and you have a made up mind 

I'm going to MAKE IT!

It's necessary...

that you constantly work on yourself:

Reading positive material 

Listening to positive material 

Going to seminars and workshops 

Investing in yourself 

Getting a coach 

And it's YOU

You've got to take personal responsibility to make it happen 

Don't see yourself as a victim

And it's hard it's hard changing your life it's hard getting up 

working when you're in pain is hard it's hard 

it's hard working when you are trying to make something happen for you and the family

and you go home and you're facing a living hell 

where you need to refuel and replenish yourself mentally and emotionally and spiritually 

and you gotta battle in your home base

 it's hard to keep the spirit up it's hard 

people don't see the vision they don't believe in you 

they say oh you can count on me 

and they're not there they just lie they only fail when they need you 

I tell you it's worth it the sacrifice that you have to make

I can tell you from my experience it's worth it!

so take the time to write down what are those 12 Reasons of Why You Won't Give Up?

What is it that will make it worth it for you?

and once you find that you will create some momentum in your life 

and then it's done it's done stick a fork in it it's done 

Here's something I want you to keep in mind

Life is a fight for territory it's a fight for territory 

And once you stop fighting for what you want 

What you don't want will automatically take over

I want you to read that I want you to memorize that 

I want you to put it someplace where you can see it 

I want you to keep that in mind 

Life is a fight for territory 

and once once you stop fighting for what you want 

what you don't want will automatically take over 

Once you stop fighting for Financial Freedom...

I am cancer free, I'm debt free and I'm drama free 

I have the faith to call forth those things 

and be not as though they were 

I'm fighting for my peace of mind

I'm fighting for my freedom 

I'm fighting for my children's children's children

I'm fighting to create a brighter tomorrow 

I'm fighting to make a difference in life 

I'm fighting to to make my print to leave my Mark 

I refuse to die and unlive life 

and that that's what you are doing right now 

You're saying to yourself I refuse to die and unlive life 

I want my life to count 

I want my life to mean something 

I want not to be a burden to anybody 

I want to control my own future 

To write my own check to control my own destiny 

If you want to do to do what I want to do 

and I want to do it not to answer to anyone else but myself you have it like that 

The only reason you're watching me is because we're cut from the same cloth 

We're branches of the same tree 

The only reason you take the time to invest in 

your time your money and your energy just stay here and focus right now 

Because you feel me in your heart 

where your heart is there your treasure is also 

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he 

And I say to you keep in mind what I said 

Life is a fight for territory 

once you stop fighting for what you want 

what you don't want will automatically take over

Jim Rohn said something I love he said:

"when the end comes for you let it find you conquering a new Mountain not sliding down and old one"

and Oh what now life is too short and unpredictable

As Helen Keller would say: "eat the dessert first" don't let it find you sliding down the same Mountain 

I don't know what your goals are 

I don't know what your dreams are

here's what I know about you 


Here's what I know about you 

and I don't even know you but based about my own experience 


one out of 400 million sperms


But greatness is a choice it's not your destiny 

It's a choice that you have to make every day

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve

The mediocre part of yourself 

or The GREATNESS that you were chosen for!

Live Your Dream Speech Breakdown

After hearing it, have you wrote down the 12 reasons why you won't fail?

Les Brown takes us to the power of making a decision about living your dreams, you have to make a choice! You have to chose greatness and commit to it!

After making that choice you have to do what you have to do, in order to achieve your dreams

Greatness is a choice, and after you make that choice you have to act according to it.

It takes sacrifices, it demands a full effort by you. 

Some great advises on what you must do are featured in this motivational speech video.

You have to surround yourself with everything that will make you achieve what you want, mainly positive things: people, books, audio, seminars, coaches, on so forth

A great concept is also given, sometimes what motivate us, it' not just about what we want, but also what we don't want!

Matter of fact, some people find it easier to know what they don't want first! What they want comes second. 

Les Brown makes a crucial point about life being a fight for territory between the two, and reinforces it throughout the speech:

If you don't fight for what you want in life, what you don't want will take over.

If you can't find the positive side of it, let the negative be the motivating factor to start your engine. Surely you will find what you really want once you start being engaged in the process.

But to start, look at your current life conditions. Don't like what you see, or where you live, or how you're living life? Change it! 

You don't want to live in that house? Don't want to do that job? Tired to be over weighted? Sick of negative and toxic people?

You must make a change! Because if you don't, all those things that you despise will take over your life.

So, time to find what you want and start to take the necessary actions to achieve it! 

It can also motivate you to find the reasons why you won't fail on that path to reach your goals. 

What's your why to do it? 

Your family? Your kids? Your talents? Your skills? Your personal needs? 

Your will to make a change in the world? 

You want to control your life and your destiny? You want to be your own boss?

Another crucial remark is this, you have to make a choice

Despite having the possibility to be great from birth, Greatness will not be handed to you... It's something you must deserve, you must work for it! 

It all starts by making a conscious decision about it. Being mediocre or work to achieve greatness!

So, what's your choice? Chose to..


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