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No Motivation To Do Anything? 10 Ways To Increase Motivation

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Have you ever felt like you had no motivation to do anything?
That empty feeling inside like nothing seems to motivate to you? Worst! Feeling like you're lost and don't even find anything good to do?

I think we all have been to those places before in our lives, some found ways to get out of that slump, others remain there like their stuck in a mouse trap. What's the difference between the two?

Why are some people constantly coming up with ways to find motivation, while others find that so impossible. that they say they have no motivation to do anything?

Well, the stuck metaphor simply explains this for me. If you can't find motivation to do anything, almost certainly, you're trapped in the same corner and you won't get out.

Notice how I said "won't" instead of "can't", because in reality you can get out of that corner, you have that capacity.

People that are constantly motivated have left that corner a long time ago, but they were in there at some point. If you have no motivation you can achieve this also, all you have to do is to get out of that trap.

Old habits and behaviors have lead you to being stuck in that empty place, to the point where you have no motivation to do anything.

 From my experienced dealing with unmotivated readers and followers, if you want to get out of that trap and achieve something new, you need to create new habits and new behaviors.

To help you with that, we came up with a list of 10 ways to increase your motivation:

No Motivation To Do Anything? 10 Ways To Increase Motivation

1. You Must Want Something.... Why Do You Want To Do It?

Ask yourself that question. When you feel no motivation to do anything probably you're not asking the right question - so you're getting the wrong answer...

Despite not having motivation, you sure have desires and things you want to achieve. 

Most likely, you feel like not doing anything because you're stuck in old ways, so you need to change the things you're doing.

Search inside you what things you want to achieve. Get in a complete introspective mode: go to a quiet room, breathe deeply and start to write what you want out of life. Nothing is not an answer, there's always something! Get down to it!

After coming up with what you want to achieve, write next to each thing your why.

Why do you want to achieve that specific thing?

You should have strong why's, things like your family, your friends, your professional career, your self-improvement, your health, your wealth and things of that nature. Materialistic things can also be featured on it, but don't rely solo on them.

Having strong whys will push you to do it, if your whys are outside yourself, it's even better, they will for sure push you to do it, because you can't excuse and forgive yourself for not doing it.

2. Challenge Yourself To Achieve It

After you know what you what to do and finding out why do you want to do it, it's time to make a plan to achieve those things.

You need see it like a journey:
1. Starting from where you are right now;
2. Travelling the road you want to take;
3. and Ending the journey where you want to be in the future.

Reverse the process:
3. Visualize yourself as your future you, set goals to become it and time those goals with a specific date to achieve them;
2. Write the actions you must take to achieve those goals;
1. Start to do execute your plan right now!

The whole concept is that you need to be willing to challenge yourself to become something different than you are right now. Taking fear aside and be determined to really do it.

3. Keep Doing Until It Becomes An Habit

By executing what you have planned you'll become closer and closer to your goal. Like a journey, once you start to hit the road your closer to your destination, it's that simple!

Now, once you are in the process, travelling the road you need to go to, it's easy to go ahead and keep on progressing, but it's also easy to stop to catch a breath and wonder for a minute. Once you stop probably you will start to second guess yourself and wondering. Is it really worthy it?

The thing you need to know is that in this whole transformation process you're becoming something different. Different from who you were. But that person from the past keeps coming back. Why?

Because who you are at the starting point is a result of your old habits, you go back that place of feeling no motivation to do anything because of your habits. And habits are sticky, they don't come off easily.

When you start to second guess yourself and stop what you're doing, your old habits are taking over. How do you kick an old habit for good?

By developing a new habit that will replace the old one.

This why you need to keep on doing the actions you've planned until they become habits. You need to keep moving forward in that road you've defined as the way to get to your goal. Don't stop!

If you stop to chill, old habits are taking over. Don't stop, keep doing even if you don't feel like it.

New habits need to be developed until they completely replace the old ones.

4. Fall In Love With The Process 

Featured in our article: "No Motivation To Do Anything 10 Ways To Increase Motivation". Fall in love with the process, hug a tree

Motivation is instantaneous if you really like what you're doing.

The first actions might give you a rush to do it, you're excited to do new things. But then, after the excitement is gone, rationality kicks in and your fuel/determination starts to go low. Motivation decreases.

Again, the old habits are pushing you back, this is why it's so important to build new habits and keep on doing them despite not feeling motivated.

You're not yet loving what you do, you'll stop at any obstacle. 

But if you do it time in and time again, regardless if you like it or not, after a while something magic happens, you start to like it!

Yes the habit develops the love by finding passion for everyday tasks. Motivation starts to rise.

So you need to fall in love with the process, after that motivation will be there for you.

5. Say Goodbye To Old Habits

Ok, we made that point, old habits must be replaced. But if you want to really be motivated all the time, you need to say goodbye to old habits for good!

You need to see them as threats that can jeopardize your success efforts.

Just the thought of going back to and old habit (that did you no good in the past), must make you feel sick. You should relate pain to do them!

Again ask yourself why? Why I must not engage in that old habit? Simple answer, because you don't want to return to the old you that had no motivation whatsoever

6. Fall In Love With The Results

This might seem to obvious because it's easy to fall in love with the results and not the process. But of course you should fall in love with the process first and foremost. 

But don't discard the feeling you get when achieve what you wanted, feel the power of fulfillment, by loving the rewards you get from working hard. 

After you've achieved some of the goals you set for yourself, after getting to some of the destinations you wanted to go, you'll feel great joy, happiness and also a boost in your confidence!

You got to where you once thought you couldn't go, now that you know you can! You'll feel more determination.

This is what we call: falling in love with results! 

Once you achieve that, things will get easier! If you went to that place, if you achieved that goal, you know you're capable of going to more places and achieving more goals.

Whoa! Motivation that was so difficult to find in the past, now it's easy to find!

7. Get Away From Lazy People

On this journey you are not alone. People exist in your life and influence you. Some will have a positive influence, some will have a negative one.

You need to distinguish who's who and choose your mates wisely. 

Lazy people are the ones that push you away from your goal, people that are always bringing you down, calling you a dreamer, coming up with things to distract you, taking you back to that place you once where with not motivation to do anything!

Do realize that you don't need to eliminate them from your life, you just need to avoid them from getting to your mind. So that you can get away from their lazy mindset.

Instead, hang out with positive people. People that are trying to achieve something too, people that are driven and can inspire you with their actions and advises.

Motivation creates more motivation, get around some.

8. Analyse Your Achievements

Featured in the article: "No Motivation To Do Anything 10 Ways To Increase Motivation".

Not only is important to fall in love with the results you're getting, but also, to analyse what you're getting!

By analyzing your results you can understand what you've accomplished and realize what you can do better next time. 

Yes this is quite important, particularly if you want to achieve something identical but in a shorter period of time.

Now that you know better, you can also do better! More motivation comes from it!

Other reasons for doing are: you might not get what you want right away, you need to analyse results so you can correct your possible errors; to boost your motivation, by realizing how far you have come comparing to where you were in the past; to make new decisions regarding your future goals.

9. Set New Goals

After you've achieved your goals you just can't hang on them forever

Motivation must keep on flowing,  you must set new goals!

You set yourself in motion by defining goals, once you've achieve them, it's time to keep on moving. 

New goals will give the drive and fuel to achieve more.

Challenge yourself again to achieve more ambitious goals. What I do is something like: I did 7 articles last month, now I'm trying to double that number next month and so on. 

You can multiply your results or you can build on those results, for example: I made an article about 15 habits of successful people - my first result, now I'm creating individual and deeper articles for each one of those habits - results build from the previous achievement. 

10. Repeat And Keep Doing

Now that you know what you need to do to have motivation to do anything, it's time repeat the process all over again.

Remember motivation must be something that is easy to come around if you are committed to achieve something by: knowing your whys for doing it; challenging yourself; building new habits; falling in love with the process by doing; saying goodbye to old habits; falling in love with the results and analyzing them; getting away from lazy people and joining inspiring people; setting new goals; and repeating the whole process.

If you follow these steps, without a doubt, you'll never have to ask yourself again why you have no motivation to do anything. 

Because motivation will be just around the corner, go meet her!

Hope you've enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.
Share this thoughts so people you know that have no motivation to do anything, can really start to have a bunch of it!
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