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8 Mindset Changing Behaviors

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Mindset, Same old thinking, same old results. Habits, Mind, changeWe all struggle time to time with our own habits.

It's crazy because we are unhappy with the results we're getting, but we don't take the time to look at what caused!

Instead of looking at what we did, it's much easier to forget and engage in some time wasting activity that will makes us forget about it. But for your own interest, things will not go away. And the most scary of it: they can get much worse if we don't do something about it.

That's why we need to strike where the problems are coming from, most likely we need to address our behaviors and our mindset to just stick with non-sense habits (although they're getting us nowhere!?).

Instead of just focusing on the habits per say.. try to work on your mind, and figure out if these mindset changing behaviors can actually change the way you think, and consequently the way you act:

8 Mindset Changing Behaviors 

1. Think First Act Second

Enough of nonsense action just because of the rush it gives you...enough of speak your mind out-load just for the sake of it. Think about what you are doing and then do it, not the opposite. You don't have to get it right all the time, but start to at least put a stop signal at just random non-sense action.

2. Share What You Have

It's incredible the feeling you get when you share something that is yours and you improve other people's lives. Share what you have, to make a difference in the community. Let go what you have, so more can come in your life. Share what you have so you can grow from that experience. Share to have freedom in your mind and your behavior. 

3. It's Not Just About You

You are not alone, don't get absorbed with just your own problems and worries, don't let ego get the best of you. You have a family, relative, friends, known people, they all have their own stuff too. It's not just about you, it's about you and others. 

4. Look at the Whole Movie Not Just This Particular Scene

Look at the big picture, work on the capability of getting outside of a particular scene of your life, and see the whole thing, like a movie. It's a marathon not a sprint. Have an outside perspective, it will certainly change the way you think about things. It will help you lead with fear and situations you're not comfortable with.

5. Always on Time / Time For Your Mind

Stop being late. stop make excuses. Being on time for appointments it's a must. Not just because it shows good work ethics, but because, it will improve the way you schedule your own things. Your time management will improve. and you will have much more time to concentrate on your mind.

6. Put Yourself in Other People's Shoes

Nothing like it. Put yourself in someone else's shoes and you will understand what they do more accurately. It will change your perspective on things and it will give you much more sensibility about what others are doing. As a consequence you'll make much better decisions when reaching out other people and dealing with what they do.

7. Abundant Acts of Kindness 

A simple smile. a simple thank you, just opening the doors for people before you pass, a compliment on their work, a favor done without wanting for something in return. Just random acts of kindness that can change the mood of the ones you know. and it will also change yours. Don't be mistaken about it!

8. Talk Less Listen (learn) More!

The ultimate advice. You want to change your mindset, you must become a learner. A student of life and what people say to you by developing the capability of listening and filtering information. What you speak, you already know, if you repeat it enough it will do you good. But what others speak, you don't really know about, listen to it and learn, it will make you master things. There is only one you, there are millions of others. you can learn infinitely if you listen to what people are saying and make up your own conclusions, with the power of your mind.


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