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How To Stop Thinking About Something That Bothers You

How To Stop Thinking About Something That Bothers You - Header image - Man thinking about something that bothers him

No matter your activity, no matter your status, no matter who you are, thoughts that bother us are something that we all had in some point of our lives.

If you're reading this, you must have some kind of thought that bothers you right now. But don't worry, things can only change for the better.

As human beings all kinds of thoughts bother us, from a relationship, to not having money, to eating too much food, not being healthy, school exams, deadlines at work, you name it.

We'll provide you with some examples, but our aim isn't to be too specific about each problem, but rather provide you with solutions that fit all kinds of thoughts that bother people in society. Because what you'll find is that the solution is common too all of them.

In essence, thoughts might be different from individual to individual, but the strategies you should apply are the same. The process that makes you think is similar in every case.

We present you a guide on how to stop thinking about something that bothers you:

How To Stop Thinking About Something That Bothers You

1. How Important Really Is?

Right now I know you probably approach the thought that bothers you as "a life or death" situation... But let's get down to it: how important that thought really is?

Will it be important 10 years from now? 

Ask the right answers, get the life changing answers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning your sanity, I feel your pain because I've been trough troubles in my life as well. 

Truth of the matter is, we tend to dramatize as human beings.

It's our unconscious nature, no problem! We instinctively see problems in our life bigger than what they really are. When it comes to the thought process...it can be real tricky!

That's why we must learn to dedramatize things

Avoiding the thought is not the way, you must try to dissociate yourself from it! You can do that by seeing it from a different perspective. 

That's why questions are important, analyze what causes the thought from multiple angles. Talk to other people about it also, their perspective can help in you in this first step.

Thoughts can be sticky, if you think about them all the time, the harder they stick.

What's the value in them? You need to see them from different angles so that you can undervalue them.

2. Review Your Priorities In Life

Make a list of the top three things you want in life. What are your personal goals?

Is that thought related with them whatsoever?

- If your answer is no,  there is no need of thinking about it. You probably think about it because your addicted to it.

If you start to focus on what you defined as priorities for your life that thought suddenly doesn't seem that big.

- If you answer was yes, than you need to review your priorities from an importance stand point. Is that thought in the first priority? Second? Third? 

Get your priorities straight, if the thought isn't in the first category you don't need to worry about it that much.

3 . Understand What You Can Control

Let's say the thought that bothers you is connected with the first priority of your life. 

What can you control about it? 

In most life situations, what you can control is yourself, you can't control other people. 

If the cause of the thought is other person, let it go, you can't change people, they will change by themselves if they feel the need to...

You can't also change situations you don't control, if that is the case don't focus on the situation, focus on what you control: your thoughts about the situation.

This follows a simple logic: If your problem is self generated, the solution is within you. 

You have the power to control your thoughts if you put full effort into it. Learn what you can do...

4. Analyze What Triggers The Thought

What's the nature of the thought? What causes it?

Is some particular situation in your environment triggering the whole thought that bothers you?

- If you can't stop thinking about eating, probably you are surround by food, or people who eat constantly.
- If you can't stop thinking about your "ex", probably you still flip photos of you two on your phone, and memories are still present.
- If you can't stop thinking about that school/college exam, probably you know you're not studying enough or you're giving too much emphasis to the exam.
- If you can't stop thinking about sex, probably you need to take a break from all the adult sites and such.
(Feel free to build your own empowering sentence with your own problem if it isn't stated above)

Can you control what triggers the thought? Probably you can! What you must do is to recognize that trigger and replace it with an alternative trigger that will lead you to better thoughts.

You can't control a thought but you sure can control what triggers it, focus on that!

5. Find An Alternative

The best way to avoid a specific trigger, that starts the thought that bothers you, is to engage in an alternative activity that starts with a new trigger-

By alternative why mean, it has to be an activity where you can grow from! Not something that simply distracts you from that thought, but...

Something that starts to build new thoughts that will replace the so called unpleasant thought

- If your problem is food, engage yourself in healthy exercise routine. Not only you'll be occupied with exercise but you will also be worried about eating healthy. The cravings go away because they don't make much sense in a healthy lifestyle.
Old trigger: Food, surrounding people. Old Thought: Eat!
New Trigger: Exercise. New Thought: be healthy
- If your problem is your "ex", start to go out more and meet new and interesting people. Maybe you can get a new partner. Not only you'll have a new person in your life, but also you'll stop thinking about the "ex". 
Old trigger: Flipping photos of your ex. Old Thought: Your "Ex" memories. 
New Trigger: Go out, meet new people. New Thought: New people in your life, possibly a new partner.

- If your problem is your school/college exam, your to anxious about it, make sure you do what you can, study for it hard enough and don't worry so much about it. Not only you'll find some time to relax, but also you'll stop thinking about the exam like a life o death situation. 
Old Trigger: Not studying, worrying about the grade instead of the process. Old Thought: The exam.
New Trigger: Studying, distract from it. New Thought: I'm prepared, other activities. 

- If your problem is sex, start to communicate with real people, appreciate them by what they are, not just the carnal aspect. Not only you'll find that love is better, but also the cravings for just plain sex will stop.
Old Trigger: Porn sites, carnal society. Old Thought: Sex and sex. 
New Trigger: Interacting with real people, loving people for what they are. New thought: Love and love. 

(Again build your own example if it isn't stated above)

6. Create A Strategy For Your Daily Routine

Now that you know what you need to do, you must plan it in your daily routine.

1. Establish goals for your new alternative activity.
2. Make a timeline to achieve those goals.
3. Schedule a daily routine were you incorporate that activity.
4. Take an hour of your day to implement the seeds of that activity for new thoughts to arise!
5. Start doing it!

One of the most powerful things you can do is to meditate first thing in the morning. Just sit down in silence for a few minutes and review your goals for the day.

(You can use an advance meditation technique where you just close your eyes and just stop all the thoughts that might come into your head. After a few attempts practicing you'll become good at it, and believe me: you'll feel your head fresh and ready to start the day rocking!)

Wrapping up:

a) Understand the real placement of that thought in your life.
b) Learn not to dramatize things
c) Analyze the kind of thought you're having.
d) See what you can control about it.
e) Define new alternatives for that thought.
f) Applied them daily and new thoughts will knock on your door.

We sincerely hope you can be inspired by this article and solve your problem.
Share this page with your friends and family so they too can stop thinking about something that bothers them with ease.
As always it was a pleasure, continue to...



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