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How To Change Your Mindset About Life In 6 Inspirational Thoughts

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When I write I try to provide the best possible advice I can find for you to achieve your dreams and goals.

I've learned a lot by reading many authors and their takes on what it takes to change our mindset about life, in order to achieve success. 

Also, I've gained experience and knowledge throughout my own life journey, specially this adventure of creating a blog that inspires and motivates people around the world.

With that being said, I came to the conclusion that one of the most important steps to succeed in whatever you do, is to have the right mindset about life.

To achieve something different, something outside of the norm, you have to think differently. Most of us weren't born with this type of thinking, therefore...

We need to change our mindset about life to be successful. 

I'll provide you with 6 inspirational thoughts that can make that change for you:

How To Change Your Mindset About Life In 6 Inspirational Thoughts 

1. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I know this might sound as a cliche, but it's in fact true!

To be successful in life you need to grow, that can only occur if you go beyond your limitations, if you push yourself beyond your comfort-zone! 

You can only learn if you open your mind to new things, things that will make you aware of your weaknesses. You have to work on them and transform them into strengths. 

The same old things can only get you the same old results. 

If you want new results, new achievements, you need to put yourself to the test. 

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable means that you adopt a mindset where you don't worry about not knowing everything, but you are willing to learn and experiment new things, for the sake of developing yourself every day into a new and improved human being.

2. Your Imperfections Are Perfect

Perfection is overrated in today's society. It's the imperfections that make all the difference between us.

Be proud to be who you are and don't be afraid to show it.

People pretend to be something they aren't, that's the perfect recipe to fail in life. The world doesn't trust in a copy. 

Instead, express yourself, be unafraid to show your flaws. 

We all have them, so it's not that of a deal. As long as you are natural things will flow and ride their own course. 

You will feel better about yourself and you start to create things in an way you never thought you could. 

3. See Yourself As Your Biggest Rival

People look to compete with others, in success land that can help, but the most important competition you really have is with yourself. Yes! 

Our mind can be our biggest ally, but also our biggest opponent.

Remember when you said to yourself that was the last time, but you did it again after a while? That's exactly what we mean, although we know better, we can do worst from time to time.

And that's also why you need to be extremely sincere with yourself and strive to be better today than you were yesterday

Constant improvement that's what your aim should be.

If you compete with yourself there's always a way to continue to get better. If you only compete with others, when they stagnate you also stagnate, and that's not good news.

The standard must be high, a high demand on yourself every day.

4. Use Fear As A Motivation

Girl Maintains Balance On a Hill    - Featured image of the article: "How To Change Your Mindset About Life In 6 Inspirational Thoughts" - Guidelines to change your mindset about life

The majority of us looks at fear as a stop sign, but we really should use fear as a motivator. Yes!

Instead of letting fear freeze you from taking action towards something you want, you must use fear as the engine that starts the inside fire to achieve.

This means you really must attack your fears, whenever you fear something that's a sign not to stop you, but instead, a sign that you must go full speed ahead and confront that fear.

The worst thing that can happen: you won't get what you want!
The best thing that can happen: you can get what you want or even better.

You can only know booth if you take action, if you don't do anything you get nothing, a no is certain

Whether approaching a person you want to know, applying for a job, making an investment, or working out, you can only get a result if you execute and let fear on the side.

Be bold about it, if you feel fear about something that's a clear sign you really must do that something! 

5. Become Attractive Inside

This might sound controversial, but nevertheless it's indispensable if you understand the correct philosophy:

You have to become attractive not by following what others want, but by following what you want instead.

Yes! You need to be bold about your goals, go after them. Don't settle for what society wants you to be.

People beg people to be alike, because they are afraid of being left behind. 

But, if you follow what you want with all your heart, you start to behave differently. All of the sudden you become more confident in the way you talk, walk, dress and in what you do.

This will make you more attractive than you can possibly imagine

Although people want people to be alike in the short run, they treasure someone that's different in the long run, because that someone has high standards and values that aren't that easy to find

6. Become Attractive Outside

Yes! The outside look matters as well.

Not in a way that you have to be all fashionable, rocking the latest trend, but in a sense that you need to have your personal style, a look that matches your core values.

Don't be lazy or clumsy, be clean, eat well, stay hydrated, exercise, be healthy and dress smart.

A first impression matters, don't underestimate it.  

Are you ready to join me on this journey and change your mindset about life?
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