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Why People Who Annoy You In Fact Help You To Grow

Find out why the People Who Annoy you help you grow. Read tips of how to deal with people who annoy and get inspired with tips of what to do in order to grow.

Let’s be honest, time after time, you have that strange feeling when a person annoys you without a reason. You just think that tearing your hand off and throwing it a this person just to make him/her to be silent is not a bad idea at all.

You hate the way they breathe, blink, or make noise typing on the laptop. You pay attention to things that usually do not even notice. It becomes unbearable and you could not deal with it. The only thought that you have on your mind is how to get rid of this person who truly annoys you.

Now it will be painful: mostly it is impossible. You need to communicate with them every day as they are your coworkers, partners, and, sure, relatives.

So, drop your attempts and prepare for life full of displeasure.

"Those things that hurt, instruct." - Benjamin Franklin 

Why People Who Annoy You In Fact Help You To Grow

1. Switch Your Attitude To Survival Mode

Prepare to remember every little detail about the day that pal caught you up on the way to the office, he start telling you how he is flustered about today's meeting and try to squeeze your hand looking for understanding. Remember how ugly he rolled his eyes when at the meeting your boss mentioned among other things that he approved new deadlines.

“You just need to shift your attention to other things, listen to your boss, man,” should be going in your head.

Prepare to listen to his opinion, nodding and without any objections, and really consider it despite his kinky jacket and rococo haircut, which make you sick.

“You just need to be open-minded, and listen when others are speaking, it is not so hard,” you are telling yourself.

Prepare to postpone your meetings just to avoid necessity to negotiate with him about booking the meeting rooms and endure his nasty voice and whiny look.

“So what? I have another time window, I could move my meeting, why I need to get stressed negotiating with him, if it is much easier to change my plans.”

Prepare to pretend that you need to do a lot of urgent work and to start work harder just to escape him seeing you entering the kitchen and offer you in his stupid manner to make you cup of coffee and to chat.

“I need to work, pal, the deadline is close. Sorry, I just came to have a sip of water.”

Prepare to spend your company’s team building summer events, which are supposed to be extremely fun, swimming in the pool near that guy, trying not to laugh looking at his “mom takes care about me” speedo and making jokes about his gills and cold-blooded, watching how long he could spend under the water.

“Wow, how is he doing this? It requires many trainees. Impressive.”

Not enough? Okay, here you go.

2. Grow With The Process 

Prepare to hear those things that annoy you are actually the things you hate about yourself. Be ready for soul-searching, feeling insecure and lost denying these assessments and, finally, admit them and start thinking you are an awful person.

“Is it true? Is he my mirror? No, I do not think so. But, what if he is?”

Prepare noticing how other people you like are chatting with that guy and it seems they really enjoy the conversation. Get ready to realize that it is not about you, the world does not know about your existence and everyone just live his or her lives and have nothing to deal with you.

“Really? So, am I the only one who annoyed?”

Prepare to start waking up much earlier to meditate just to survive during your weekly meetings with him when you need to negotiate and make collective decisions.

“Well, why not? I could try.”

3. Get Your Prize, It's About What You Become

a) Efforts and attempts.

b) Experience and findings.

c) Self-development and disclosures.

This is what I am talking about.

The worse feelings lead you to the boldest decisions and actions, which completely change your life. They make you a stronger person, a good listener, teach you to negotiate, to be patient, and attentive.

Lack of sleep, exhausting introspection, and compelled indulgence have not a harmful effect on your life. They are like a bitter pill that you need to take to feel matchlessly better later.

Here is when your inner child shows up. The kid doesn’t want to take the pill, he spits it out, cries, falls down and throws a fit. However, once life makes him take it, the kid starts to grow much faster and feel much better.

Don’t be mad at the world. It is a teacher. Just learn your lessons.

Share this article with your co-workers, friends and family who surely know people who annoy them and have a difficult time with it, help them out! 
Cause the people who annoy you can really help you grow. 
It's all about growing and making others grow at the same time, continue to...


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