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6 Effective Ways of How to Be Great in Life

One might question What are the most effective ways of how to Be Great in Life and therefore Have a Great Life? From Great Questions come Better Answers so Here are 6 Effective Ways Of How To Be Great In Life.

If we had to point out one of the main reasons why people can't achieve a great life, we surely would pick lack of direction as one of those top reasons.

Lack of direction means that people don't really know where to go, or, what to look for in order to have a great life. But don't get it twisted, we believe that people have the capability of achieving a great life, the problem is that the majority doesn't know where to apply those skills in order to achieve more.

Of course this is not for everybody, if you feel fine with your current life and don't want to change it that's ok! But if you are unhappy and you need to change something, we've the most effective ways of how to be great in life. Enjoy it:

6 Effective Ways of How to Be Great in Life

1. Have A Strong Purpose

The question is...what drives you?  What makes you wake up in the morning and live your life?

Be fully honest, no problem if you can't answer that question... asking questions will lead you to think about your life and therefore making the necessary adjustments to improve, that's the whole point of it!

Have something to run and live for, when you have strong purposes and reasons hard work doesn't seem that hard, waking up early in the morning it's not that bad, doing lots of tasks in one day feels like nothing, eating those broccoli with chicken breast actually starts to taste good, and so on...

If you give yourself strong reasons to live for you'll find a way to do things you once thought you couldn't do. 

But it's those exact things that you need to do to become great! So ask yourself your whys for living. 

What's your purpose in this world? What are your individual goals? What goals do you have for your family? What goals are you striving for regarding your business? What do you want your body to be like? 

Answer these questions and you'll see that a feeling of determination will suddenly strike, and what was pointless and impossible, starts to make sense and to become possible! 

2. Establish Your Priorities 

If you have found your whys in life, it's pretty easy to establish your priorities, they are similar. But why do you need to prioritize in the first place?

You see... life it's made of decisions, we all have to make choices daily, most people let feelings interfere with their decisions, so they don't control their destiny. Their life is a big mess where they sometimes make good decisions and sometimes make bad decisions, they get stuck.

If you have established your priorities, when it's time to make decisions you'll not get caught up with the moment and decide according to a random feeling, you'll recognize what's the best fit for you according to what you prioritize. 

This takes you to be closer and closer to achieve your goal, because you'll make the right decisions according to what you want to achieve or become. 

Let's see this example: an individual has the purpose to finish a degree, his priority is to study to get the necessary grades to get a certificate. His friends invite him for a party, he has to make a decision If he concentrates on what he feels, maybe there's a little voice inside his head tell him "let's party hurrah!", but if he has his priorities establish and there is still study to be made...he has only one option - to decline the invitation. 

When you have your priorities aligned you make easy and quick decisions without regretting them, because you're fighting for something great!

3. Perfect Small By Working On It

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that to become great in life we have to do huge things that only super-humans can do.

We tell right away that's a lie, or maybe, it's a convenient truth, because most of us can't do them, so there is a "that's ok" comfort feeling to it. But in fact, we aren't making use of our full potential.

Contrary to common sense, to become great in life what you need to do is to take small steps wisely, until you create a big thing called greatness. 

But you need to make the best you can do when taking a single step. 

Everything you do must be perfected time and time again, until you become great doing it. That's why athletes train daily, so they can step by step improve and maintain their skills.

Don't worry if you feel you don't have the necessary resources, see what's available and start there, doing the best you can do with what you have, perfecting it time and time again.

Be diligent with it, after a while you'll discover that you can do great things by perfecting small things. It's very important that you work daily on your craft and develop your skills.

If you're a writer write, if you're a singer sing, if you're a runner run, work on the small things.

4. Cut Down All Distractions

By far this is one of the best advises we can give you to become great in life. Distractions are all those things that make you waste precious time, the time you need to use to make great things.

Time wasting activities should have no place in your life. 

When you establish your priorities in life, you're indirectly addressing distractions, you're telling your brain where you want to go and what you need to do, so chasing distractions will not be in your agenda.

But the problem is that they will appear regardless. Old habits or old faces from the past, the constant advertising on tv or online, all those things will provide you distractions.

What you need to do is to be real serious about it, and cut down all distractions you may have or find, make a commitment!

Some of you may be thinking "but I need to have fun in my life...", and we totally agree with you!

But one thing is to say you need to have fun in life, other is to say "I need to distract myself", that's where problems can arise. Don't look for distractions because you think there's where all the fun is at.

You can have fun doing all the things we told you to do to be great in life, it's just a matter of you being creative and enjoy the ride. It's not what things are, but how you make use of them! 

Take this example: a Facebook page can be a serious distraction if you spend time looking at the wall for no reason, so should you abort your Facebook? That could be a good choice, but it's not necessary, if you take the time to customize it, choosing what kind of posts or people you want to follow. You can in fact have a great experience with it. If you like personal development, you can chose pages, lists or people that daily post topics on that issue, this will not distract you, in fact it will increase your drive and determination!

5. Let Determination Drive You

Fear is the number one reason why people don't manage to be great in life. They are afraid of exposing themselves to situations that they are not comfortable with, but they don't fear great things, in fact, they wish for them!

But wishing is simply not enough! If you have to put yourself into it, embracing uncomfortable experiences so that you can grow outside your limits, you must do the work!

So fear cannot stop you, you must learn to live with fear, and let fear push you from behind. 

Don't think: "if I do this I will be embarrassed and mocked on"; instead think: "IF I DON'T DO THIS, bad things will happen"

That's when fear gives birth to determination, and determination should be your driving force to be great in life. 

The only limitations you have are the ones that live in your mind. Being determined about it, is knowing that you have limitations but you're willing to go against them because your purposes are stronger than your fears.

Your priority is not to let fear freeze you, but to do what you need to in order to achieve what you want despite fear. 

6. Kindness Can Change Your World

Sure it's good to receive acts of kindness, but will that change your world? Maybe..but that's not what we're saying here, we mean that YOUR acts of kindness towards the world can do a difference in other people's lives but they can also change your world!

That's right! And the best part is that they are free! You can do them whenever you want to anyone one you want.

How can a simple act of kindness change your world? 

Think about it, we are not alone in this world, we have the necessity to relate with others, even though you might say you don't need it.. everyone needs it! It's a natural human necessity.

When you are kind you are manifesting that you care about someone else's well being, deep inside you feel validated, you are contributing to a greater good, beyond yourself. 

One act of kindness can do this, imagined what a few acts can do. Give your contribution to the world you live in, you'll make a difference in someone else's life and in yours!

Hope you've enjoyed this 6 Effective Ways Of How To Be Great In Life. Share with your friends and family using the sharing buttons bellow or on the side.



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