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10 R. Kelly Inspirational Songs

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Here's our selection of The Best R. Kelly Inspirational Songs. One of the great voices of the R&B/Soul scene for 3 decades, R. Kelly inspired generations.

We all have an R. Kelly favorite song that reminisces a great moment in our life (you haven't you really should).

With a strong spiritual side, Kelly pens his own lyrics and has written for other great artists, like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson or Isley Brothers.

This R&B Soul artist, has an extensive music catalog that goes from the most outrageous sensual song to the most spiritual driven one. You can think that is contradictory, but make no mistake about it, life is about having the total package, not to be one extreme and run with it. R. Kelly has the inspiration you need!

Enjoy this selection of songs and prepare to be inspired be the one and only R. Kelly: 

R. Kelly Inspirational Songs

R. Kelly, "The Storm Is Over"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This is a great song about overcoming life obstacles. When everything seems to be lost, in a figurative way, your life feels like a "storm" and it seems there is no way out. But if you remain faithful eventually the storm will be over: problems will go away and the sun will shine once again in your life.

It's seems a simple concept, but too much people get caught up with "the rain", problems we all have in our lives, and don't believe a new "sunny" day can come, in other words, the solution can arrive. So people get discouraged, they lose their faith, they don't look for help or search for a solution. No wonder why things remain the same...

Whenever a "storm" comes in your life, keep believing things can change, keep taking action for things to change. Despite all hope is gone and everything could seem dark, don't lose faith, keep on doing what you need to do.

"Somehow my beginning stepped right in

Then faith became my friend"

R. Kelly, "Victory"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This a great song that shows us what personal development and self-improvement are all about. Quite similar topics to "The Storm Is Over" but in a more celebrating way "Victory", brings us ultimate tips to succeed in life.

Despite all things that come in your way when you try to be successful, your mind philosophy about success should be on point, have a victorious philosophy about life. A winner isn't a winner in the day he wins, he's a winner way before the victory in the competition. He's a winner in the way he prepares for the competition day in and day out, because he has victory as his target all the time.

If you name victory has your goal, you'll claim victory in the future, by bridging the gap between naming and claiming it. But the first step is to name it, name your goals and constantly review them in your every day life. R. Kelly gives plenty of examples how things might not go your way at first (the more I climb the hill gets deeper, the more I rise I get deeper...), but you must have this victorious philosophy that makes you keep going despite all adversity.

"See I'm tearing down the walls and I'm moving the mountains
I'm stirring up the sea and be leavin in a change
Putting out the fire indure it to the end
They will come and I will shout victory!"

R. Kelly "Hold On"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This song is about confidence and self-assurance, the title says it all "Hold On". 

Change is inevitable, things and people are always in constant movement, everything changes with time. You can't stop it, you can't freak out because of it. The best thing you can do is to "Hold On". Become a person of strong roots, that has character, attitude and purpose. Be strong on the inside so you can react great to outside events.

One of the best moves, successful people made, that led them to be successful, was to "Hold On" when everything seemed to be doomed. When they were about to quit, they manage to keep going just the enough time to reach their goals. Because they were confident and self-assured about themselves, and, about what they were doing to reach success. Become that kind of person, say to yourself this lyrics/affirmations:

"Hold on, hold on, hold on
Until the finish
I'll be strong"

R. Kelly, "The Worlds Greatest"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This song was written for the Muhammad Ali biographical movie "Ali", and it honors the great champion and his philosophy about being "The Greatest".

"Fake it 'till you make it" that's what Ali's philosophy was all about. He said he was the greatest before he was, people believed it, he trained like he was, he sure talked a lot like he was, but most importantly, he eventually became "The Greatest". 

What lesson can you take from this? Say what you want to be and you'll become it. "Stand up tall, look 'em the face and say". It's all about the attitude, talk the talk, walk the walk! The science behind is that: if you say certain empowering things to yourself in a regular basis, you become to think and act like it, you take the necessary actions to become what you want, so you actually become it over time.

R. Kelly, "Happy People"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This song his about celebrating and being happy. Happiness is an extremely important state of mind in life, the right mood can make you do unbelievable things. Not only that, but you shouldn't take life so hard, that you don't make time to celebrate it, only stressing it.

On the other side of the coin, you got people that are constantly partying and hanging out looking for those good feelings. May we remind you that, happiness is not a destination, but the enjoyment you get from the journey, so quite often people make the mistake to search for happiness and happiness, not realizing they can be happy in this instant, right now!

Whatever you're doing, do it in the most fun way possible, have a bowl doing it, even though it could be hard work...your mind is what makes it hard. You can find ways to turn that mindset around and still do what you have to do. Celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest.

R. Kelly, "U Saved Me"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song:  Once again, R. Kelly hit us with is faith and spiritual side. In this song he gives 4 examples in first person (some fictitious some may be not...) of how life circumstances took the best of him, but he manage to get through by remaining faithful and he's thankful for the outcome.

Life his about ups and downs, everybody makes mistakes and everybody takes low blows, no one is immune. But that shouldn't bring you down, you make mistakes you can correct them, you take low blows you can overcome them. It's all about using and believing in spirituality. Religious or not, you can have faith and believe that things can change. You can be saved if you are faithful and practice your religion or spirituality, for that matter.

R. Kelly, "Step In The Name Of Love"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: Again a celebration song, this time R. Kelly gives the formula on how he approaches life: "see u got to understand stepping is not just a dance its a its a culture; it its the way we live; its what we eat, think and breathe"

Beautiful intro, that can represent the formula you should approach anything you love to do in life. Live it, eat it, think it, breathe it, and we add sleep it. Total focus on what you love to do.

Another way to see this song is this, take a step in the name of what you love. Ever hear something life: "take one step towards something, and that something will take two towards you"? The magnet effect, attract the things you want in life and those same things (or even people) will be attracted to you. Don't deny love and its amazing power, use it to your advantage, love is your ally to achieve wonderful things.

R. Kelly, "I Believe"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song:  This song celebrates the election of Barak Obama, as President of the United States of America. An event that shook up the world, cause Obama was the first ever black president in history of the USA. A country that has a rich history of racism and struggles for social rights. Many leaders of this movements were killed and silenced, the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X in the 60s.

So having a black person running the White House was a dream for many afro-americans, a dream that most people consider to be impossible. But if that impossible dream actually became true, anything is possible in this life. That's the message behind this song!

So...BELIEVE! A change can come and will come, despite the circumstances tell you that your dream is not possible, follow this advice from the song:

"When they tried to keep you down
You kept up your head
Never loosing sight
You believed in what was right
You endured to the end
Walked through the strongest wind
The storms over and a new day begins
And when our hope was dying
You bought as healing
And now I got something, to tell my children
I believe!!, I believe, I believe".

R. Kelly, "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: This is about a love relationship that ended and R. Kelly is regretting about it. He wishes he could turn back time, because that's all he can do now. This is such a deep and wonderful song.

You can say this is a tragic song and it just depresses you. If you analyze it from a different perspective, inspiration can come: see this song has an example on how people don't value a good thing until it's gone. So, what you must do is to appreciate what you have, you might not have another opportunity to do it, you might well seize the moment and live life to the fullest. 

One thing is sure in this life, you can't turn back the hands of time (sorry Kells), this is why is so imperative to live the moment and to be in the moment. Love relationships are great lesson, pain is quite often related to them, but no pain no gain...learn the lessons, grow from them and move on, if there is nothing you can do about it.

R. Kelly, "I Believe I Can Fly"

The inspiration behind R. Kelly's song: The best for last, the most popular R. Kelly song and of course, there's a great inspirational reason behind it. This song is from the "Space Jam" movie that features basketball player Michael Jordan, also know as "Air Jordan" because of his unbelievable ability to dunk the basketball, giving the illusion he was flying, while hanging on the air. So, believing he could fly became sort of his formula to actually doing it. 

Again, the believing part of personal development is on display in this beautiful song. There is no limits to believe, even flying can be possible if you believe in it. 

"There are miracles in life I must achieve

But first I know it starts inside of me"

You can believe in miracles, but first and foremost it starts inside you. The attitude to believe, will make you have the right attitude to take the necessary actions, in order to accomplish the unthinkable. A great thing about this concept, is that we all have the power to believe, it's on us, not on outside sources. So, you are in control. We have the answers inside us.

Listen to all this songs in our custom made playlist of R. Kelly 10 most inspirational songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60R3lHKrHNSIuMKFitWK7fm8VE-8vX73

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