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6 Limits That Can Free Up Your Time

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When people are asked "why they don't workout?" most answers are: "I don't have time!". 

We all think this is a poor excuse, and criticize like we do a great job with our own time and that particular person doesn't. But let me tell you, that person is absolutely correct when he or she says they don't have time.

Most people really don't have time to do something they aren't used to do. There is no point in making time for an habit you don't have , and you think you don't need...Your mind will not make time for it. 

So first and foremost, you have to decide what you really want, get your priorities in line. Make a list of what really is important to you (1).

Second, you cannot duplicate your time, so you need to pick up a timetable with the hours of the day and think about a normal day for you, write on the timetable respective hours the activities you've engaged in that day. See if the priorities you've listed are being met, or what other activities that aren't a priority for you, are wasting your time (2).

Third and final, if it doesn't make the priority list (let's assume you've been really honest with yourself and you made a great list, you can remake the list of course...) you have to either take that activity out of your life or simplify it by establishing Limits (3). Those Limits are going to free up time so you can live the life you want so here are 6 Limits That Can Free Up Your Time:

6 Limits That Can Free Up Your Time

The Workout Hour Limits

Make it a priority first, second make it a routine to workout at the same exact time daily. You start to call that hour the "workout hour", nobody can distract you from that. But also, the workout is on that hour and that's it! There is no more to it. If you workout in the morning, you have the rest of the day to do others things, if you workout in the evening, you have done all the work previously. There is no catching up.

Short Decision Making Limits

You don't have forever to make a decision. You have your priorities lined up, so you know what you want. Everything in your life circulates around those priorities. So when you have to make any decision, simplify it, go for the short answer that is aligned with your priorities. A simple "yes/no", if you need time to ponder on it a simple "maybe" and take time little to think about it.

Time On The Web Limits

Is network marketing your business or are the social networks your playground? Please, limit the time you spend on social networks. One thing is a social network that's making something for your business (you basically market there or get inspired by it), another is if you use the network just to socialize and kill time. Think again! We know how addicting it can be, but it's not your priority! Limit the hours, or just simply cut the unnecessary stuff. 

Socialization Limits

We need to get along with each other for things to work, that's right! But we don't need to be socializing all the time for things to get working. When you have a goal that requires sacrifices and real dedication, you have to say goodbye to the socialization you do just for the sake of it. Social moments will come, solicitations will rain from everywhere, but is it a priority in your list? Unless you are a PR, socialization has to have a limit on, also.

Meals Ahead of Time Limits

You don't have to cook all the meals and be microwave dependent for the rest of your life, but what you can do is to cook some of the meals you plan having daily, and have them prepared ahead of time.
There is no need to make decisions and you can control your dieting. 3 hours is the necessary time to cook some great food for the week, you can freeze up in boxes and take out wherever you go.

Outfit Of the Month Limits

What will you wear today? What you'll wear tomorrow? You don't have to plan it, but you have to simplify things. You don't have to be black turtle necked with jeans all the time like Steve Jobs, but you have to simplify your wardrobe. The time people take thinking on what they are going to wear, sucks up their time, sucks up their creativity, and also, puts to much emphasis on fashion and not on character and sense of purpose. Don't get us wrong, you need to dress well for what you do, but don't let that be the reason why you don't have time.

Wrapping it up, it's really wonderful how by limiting things you can really have more time to the things you what to do. Prioritize, change things, create new habits, it's on you to continue to...


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