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5 Inspirational Success Speeches

Proven words from accomplished people. That's what this article is all about.

Eric Thomas, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Gates, Success SpeechesIf you want to succeed listen to the people who already are successful, they can teach you their strategies, they can inspire and motivate you, they can make you become better, their words are constantly reminders of what it took them to succeed. 

You can too become successful in your own way, if you follow their advises and apply them to your current life. You don't have to copy, you have to adapt these concepts to your life and make a fitted custom plan for you, so you too can be successful.

We've picked 5 Success Speeches that in our opinion are a must for anyone who's trying to become successful:

5 Inspirational Success Speeches

Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Did you knew success was about leading with the ups and downs of life in the best possible way? That's what Bill Gates (one of the most richest man on the planet) had to do. To be focused and committed on your goals it's a must if you want to be successful. 

Eric Thomas "Secrets to Success/How Bad Do You Want It?"

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." that's what The Hip-Hop Preacher Eric Thomas (or E.T) tells us. It's all about heart and will when it comes to being successful. What sacrifices are you making to reach your goals? Are you making any sacrifices at all? Just imagine if you give up all the unnecessary things you your life, and really focus on the things that really matter...that's the path to success!

Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules of Success

This is a short version of the full speech but here you have all the success rules pointed out. As we said earlier: "You can really relate to the rules, and, in this case apply some principles or rules to your own world. If motivation is needed in your life, this is the success speech you need to listen!"

Barack Obama "Pillars of Success" Speech

As we said in our intro, if you know how someone became successful, you too can become successful. This applies to people, but also to countries, that ultimately are made by people and their work. So President Obama addresses a young country like Kenya, and gives the ultimate guideline on how a nation can become successful. Very inspiring for future generations!

Ashton Kutcher Success Speech 

Another brilliant speech from an uncommon source, Ashton Kutcher just opens his heart and gives 3 advises on living life in order to be successful to the young crowd. The simple fact that, an award speech is transformed in a really helpful advise session on how to be successful in life, it's just amazing be itself. It became epic!
In short: "...build a life. Don’t live one, build one. Find your opportunities, and always be sexy."

We hope you got inspired by this fantastic speeches and that, in the present moment, you are on your journey to reach for success. Remember to continue to...


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