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6 Keys For a Success State Of Mind

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Success State Of Mind

The way we look at things is crucial to our day-to-day decisions and actions. 

People who are successful, aren't successful just by chance, although most of us tend to think they were just lucky, while others weren't. In most cases, successful people just think in a different way that's one of the main reasons they reach success and others don't.

The main focus of this article is to compare the approach successful people have, on some key components of success, to the perspective unsuccessful people have, on those same topics. 

By comparing them, we can highlight 6 keys for a success state of mind that  successful people have. Remember a state of mind is the state of a cognitive process, therefore it's not hereditary or non achievable, anyone can get there, you included. Just put your mind into it! Digg deep!

6 Keys For A Success State Of Mind

1. Goals vs. Goalless 

We must have goals to keep on doing what we need to do. Goals are the main reason why you want to be successful, it's your destination. 

It's not that all unsuccessful people are goalless, some do have goals, but it's the resilience to keep on chasing them that makes all the difference when reaching success. 

Successful people don't quit on their goals easily, their goals are very specific and well thought out, quitting them makes no sense at all. They're becoming something greater because their goals will make them better, better than what they were previously. Goals are crucial to success.

2. Good Times vs. Adversity 

What's a good time? What's an adversity? For those we can consider unsuccessful, a good time can be doing nothing, and an adversity is doing anything. 

Successful people don't think this way, a good time is doing what they love, so what others eventually call work, can be a good time in a success state of mind. 

On the other hand an adversity is what makes life changeling and interesting for successful people, how so? Because it represents an opportunity to learn something or to get better at something, so having obstacles in life and passing them it's what makes us wiser and stronger. Adversity can become a good time if you give it the correct meaning. 

3. Successes vs. Failures 

When does one know he has failed? 

When does one know he or she, has reached the final destination, and he or she can consider himself/herself a failure or a success? 

When you achieve a goal you have set in the past you can be called a success, but if you don't achieve it, are you a failure? 

That's what makes all the difference, successful people know that failure is the path of success, because if they fail once, they'll not make the same mistake twice, they'll try again, but this time in a different way, and eventually they'll get it right sometime and be successful. 

For unsuccessful people, failure is the end of the road, they have failed and that's it, no more trying no more hurting, therefore they don't succeed. 

4. Energy vs. Laziness 

Your body, your mind, your spirit, must have energy. Successful people have lots of energy, as you may have notice...

To confront adversity like no other, to look at failure as an opportunity to rise again, to never give up chasing their dreams and goals, successful got to have lots of energy. 

They don't get lazy, they only rest when it's strictly necessary. How can you achieve this also?

Engage in a productive lifestyle:  few minutes of meditation a day can get you to review your goals and keep on track, eating cleaning and exercising will get your body to be healthy and therefore more productive, surround yourself with driven people like you get a boost from their energy also, keep inspiration and motivation around you (books, videos, music, the design of your working room, etc). 

5. Courage vs. Fear

We all have fears and we all have what it takes to be fearless, with plenty of courage. It's just a matter of perspective and approach to situations. 

Remember that time you had to speak in front of an audience and you got scared? But soon as the talking started everything went away? You didn't stop did you? So you conquered fear and your presentation was successful because you did your homework and didn't stop. 

That's how fear and courage will work in your life. Successful people know this, they don't let fear take the best out of them. They work on their craft daily, so that work ethic can eliminate any doubts they might have, they know how to do it better than anyone else because they work on it.

So, what's to be afraid of?  It takes guts to take that step forward, but all you need to do is to take it, and amazing things can happen, but if you don't? Nothing happens. Fear and courage are part of life, look at the consequences if you do or don't and there will be the answer you need to advance. 

6. What You Think vs. What Others Think 

Successful people don't mind what others think because they're too busy listen to their own inner voice. 

Self talk is crucial to success, but it has to come from the gut. Don't confuse this with the self talk of our mind, talking us out of things. It's your instincts you have to trust, not the mind that sometimes tricks with negative self-talk.

Again, successful people have goals, they're driven, so what others think it's a minor issue. Most of the time, people don't have a clue of what they're talking about, compared with what successful prepared people know about that particular matter. You have your own goals and your own dreams, that you specifically design and made for you, so why should you care what others think about it when they don't understand them in the first place?  


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