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Steve Jobs 7 Secrets to Success

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Steve Jobs is one of the most influential icons in modern society when it comes to innovating and becoming successful. 

 A leader, a pioneer, an innovator, a perfectionist, a genius, an inspiration, so many adjectives to describe him, a man who was so successful in various industries like personal computers, animated movies, music business, phones, tablets, etc. 

But how did Steve Jobs become so famous? How did he became successful as an entrepreneur, in so many areas?

Thinking differently was one of Steve Jobs mojos, but what was really different about Steve Jobs?

We stumble upon this video that describes the Steve Jobs 7 Secrets to Success. It can be a great starting point to answer the questions above. Enjoy the video bellow, and look out for our analysis after, so you too can become successful in what you do.

Steve Jobs 7 Secrets to Success


Our take: Passion it's what gets you started, it's the fuel that keeps you going. Success it's not easy, you have to deal with a lot of problems and you must not quit, that's where passion comes into play, it will keep you going when nobody else will. Also, being passionate about what you do means work isn't a hard thing for you, it's doing what you are passionate about, so, in essence, you don't work you do what you really love and eventually get paid for it. 

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.” – Steve Jobs 


Our take: Steve Jobs believed we were put in the world with a purpose, bigger than ourselves. What's the legacy you'll leave behind when you're gone? That's basically the point. What big thing are you thinking of doing with your life? What kind of skill you possess that can improve this world in a unique way? What kind of dreams you want to conquer? Make your mark in the universe, think big. Anyone can get caught up with the daily routine and lose sense of purpose, constantly remind yourself of your dreams and goals - this will help decide better in a day to day basis.  

3.  SAY NO TO 1.000 THINGS 

Our take: Known as a perfectionist, Steve Jobs was really demanding when it came to creating the best possible experience for consumers with his Apple products. Of course, when you talk about a big company like Apple is, it means to turn down a lot of sloppy products and features that engineers constantly come up with. What we take from this is that if you want to be successful you have to be selective also, by demanding the best quality possible for your projects. This means knowing what you don't want, excellence has to become your stamp, or else you'll become average.


Our take: Have the capability to know a lot of things but also the humbleness to recognize you don't know everything. You must be open to new experiences, inspiration can come from everywhere. Looking back at Steve Job's life you can see that inspiration from different sources played a major key in his products. It's never to late to learn, never to late to get that one piece of the puzzle that will get your brain going. In his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, Steve Jobs explained how calligraphy class in college, he took just by curiosity, inspired him years later to create text fonts for the Macintosh.  


Our take: This point connects with the "Put the Dent in The Universe" one. You need to have a big vision about how you're going to make impact, Steve Jobs wasn't really selling computers, he was offering the world the chance to become better and simple. That was the dream of any costumer, that's what you need to start doing. The costumers don't want to know about your products technicalities and geek stuff, they want to know how their lives can get better, that's what you have to offer them, so focus on it. 


Our take: You already know you have to think big and have philosophy about selling dreams, but how you're going to do it? By creating insanely different experiences. They give the Apple Store display as an example in the video, sure you notice, it's different from a convenient computer store, so create your one different experience by thinking different also. It's all about connecting with costumers in a unique way by providing them what they need. You need to get creative and innovate when it comes to success, remember you're not the only one doing it, you have competition. Stand out from competition by creating what doesn't exist. 


Our take: You can have a great product but if you fail to deliver when it comes to communicate with costumers, the product will not sell. You'll have your faults and weaknesses, but if you work on them, so you can master them! Steve Jobs wasn't a great presenter by default, he made himself a great presenter by working on it exhaustively. Anything you need to get better you can, if you put your mind into it and work for it. That's huge when it comes to success. 

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