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10 Kimo's Hawaiian Life Rules To Live By

Header picture for the article 10 Kimo's Hawaiian Life Rules To Live By, a list of rules from old sayings from Hawaii that are great commandments to live by.

We have no doubt that while surfing around the web you can find amazing things that can inspire us and motivate us, on a daily basis.

While doing some research we found out this Kimo's Hawaiian Life Rules, old sayings from Hawaii, that where popularized has sayings in printed t-shirts and other merchandise from an Hawaii shop and restaurant.

We went deep on this life rules, analyzing them so you can grasp a perspective on how they can change your life for the better:

Kimo's Hawaiian Life Rules To Live By

1. Never Judge A Day By The Weather

Our take: This is so true and yet most people get caught up in the "weather report feelings hype". Regardless of rain or sun, we can have a bad day or a great day, because it's on us to decide what are we going to do that day, therefore our actions influence the outcomes of that particular day. Never mind if the sun is shinning or not, you are the one that has to shine and bring the shining light to others. 

2. The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

Our take: Do you want that particular car? That new purse? That remarkable watch? Those brand new shoes? Maybe, but want you really want is the feeling of happiness those material things can bring to you. But take a guess..You don't need that stuff to get those feelings. You can be happy right now if you decide to, without any of that stuff. The best things in life are not touchable, feelings can be triggered by an unmatched use of the greatest human qualities, like character, honesty, intelligence, creativity, kindness, forgiveness, the ability to love and give love back, learning, and so on. Concentrate on those things.

3. Tell The Truth - There's Less To Remember

Our take: If you tell lies you have to remember the story you've made up constantly, that's a lot of work for a week, imagine for a lifetime, right? Eventually one day you'll slip, forget something, or other people involved will have a different story to tell, and the truth comes to surface. So why go trough that whole stuff and get people not to trust you? Tell the truth, there is nothing made up to remember, only facts. you will be consider an accountable person, and your conscious will thank you.

4. Speak Softly And Wear A Loud Shirt

Our take: We are not trying to sell you t-shirts, so we take this has a metaphor for "your actions speak louder than your words", meaning, you shouldn't spending most of the time speaking about things, but rather spending that time being about those things. Take a lot of actions according to your life mission and purpose, don't worry about bragging or publicize it. For all that you are and you represent not much you need to say, that's how you should take this. 

5. Goals Are Deceptive - The Unaimed Arrow Never Misses

Our take: This principle is quite controversial, but what this means, for us, is that if you don't aim at nothing you will not miss at something, so you don't get frustrated by failure. This can be a good approach in some situations, like when people are too concerned with the finishing line and that concern is affecting their productivity so much, that they can't do nothing productive at all. So the trick in that type of situations is to relax, do things for the joy of it, and eventually that joy will make more productive and things will get to a good place where nobody expected it. 

6. He Who Dies With The Most Toys - Still Dies

Possessions mean nothing while facing death, so you might well take the time you have on this earth and make the best out of it. Ultimately, life is about being, not about having the most things.

7. Age Is Relative - When You're Over The Hill, You Pick Up Speed

Our take: While aging we lose some of our capacities, but we also gain major life abilities that we wish we had while you were young. Being young means you can run all over the place while not getting tired, being old means you know how and where to run, you don't waste that much energy. So the aging process can be quite relative, because you loss some physically speaking, but you win plenty on the intellectual side. With patient and time you can grow in all areas of personal development and become better than you were before. 

8. There Are Two Ways To Be Rich - Make More Or Desire Less

Our take: This a great advice, one because it's so straight to the point, two because it simplifies the way, to do one of the most difficult things people don't do: to make a decision. You want to have more than what you want? Simply do more than what you are doing. You thought it out, and you realize doing more isn't for you? Quite simply, desire to have less than what you previously wanted. The key is to make one decision and live with it, no second thoughts. Decide what you want and be committed to it. 

9. Beauty Is Internal - Looks Mean Nothing

Our take: Quite romantic vision, if relates to love relationships don't you think? If we take this into consideration and see the full spectrum, our first thought is this: thinking about all the people we knew throughout our lives, the ones that touch us deep inside, aren't the ones with greater looks, but the ones with greater hearts. Now, think about this in reverse style, you don't become attractive and memorable to other people because the way you look, you become it by the way you conduct yourself daily on the inside. Looks are important don't get us wrong, because the first thought that people have about you is related to what they see, but passing that stage you got to have inside you the tools that make you an unforgettable human being.

10. No Rain - No Rainbows

Our take: If you want sun forever in your life, things will dry out, skin starts to burn, whatever. Rain is necessary to bring balance. Like without struggle there is no progress, without something negative you can't get to a positive. There is no contrast if you go all positive. Happiness is not a state you reach if you ignore all negativity, for us happiness is having the capability to go throughout life adversities and turn them into opportunities. So you must understand, that live can't be sunny all the time, rain is necessary, it's the opportunity to have a rainbow figuratively.

Tells us what you think of this 10 Kimo's Hawaiian Life Rules in the comment section bellow and share them with your friends in the sharing buttons, so they can get to know the rules and also get inspired by them to live better, continue to...


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