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8 Things To Remember When Everything Looks Dark

How to turns things around when everything looks dark? 8 Things To Remember When Everything Looks Dark

Life isn't perfect. We all have our own problems, unfortunately bad situations come a dime a dozen.

Although we don't want to, things can go wrong and sometimes they will, so much that we feel discouraged and everything looks dark.

It's very important that we recognize this, but also, acknowledge that we can do something about it.

Our belief is that it's not the circumstances that define us, but the way we deal with them. We've got to have the necessary skills to turn things around and make the best we can with what we have.

It all starts with simple things you can remember whenever you go trough those dark times:

8 Things To Remember When Everything Looks Dark

1. It's Over If You Say It's Over

Don't get caught up with failure. You have your goals, you have dreams, its not a setback that will stop you from achieving them, only if you focus on the moment and not on the long run. Wins and loses are part of the development process. You will reach what you want, if you have a relentless mindset where learning from failure is part of what you do, giving up it's not even a matter. It's on because your goals are still there for you to achieve them, so you have to say to yourself it's not over yet!

2. Being Angry Never Solves Anything

If we are going trough a rough time and feel broken, the way to pick ourselves up again is to build or rebuild something. Being angry doesn't help, because it will not build nothing, in fact, it can destroy everything. Be careful, stay focused don't let anger take over. You need to find strategies and solutions to your problems. Anger will only help you to gain even more problems. No need for it.  

3. Focus On Your Blessings Not Your Problems

Be grateful for the good things you have in your life, take time to analyze them and give them value. You'll find out that you have much more reasons to be happy than depressed. Realize that you have already achieve something that's stronger than whatever reason is making unhappy or frustrated. Besides focusing on negative things and worrying won't solve anything, you might well give it a try and count your blessings. 

4. You Can Turn The Situation Around

You have a specific set of skills that are valuable, deep down you know your strengths and capabilities, use them to handle the current circumstances. You can turn things around, you have experienced bad situations before,  maybe, the answer is inside you. The only way things are going to change is if you use your skills and do something about it, you got to move forward, keep on going.

5. You Are Not Alone In This World

You have people who can support you and make you accountable. They are called family, friends, partners. Sharing your problems with other people, can be a good solution. People also have their own problems, and have found a solution, maybe they have a proven strategy you can use to solve yours. Look for people who you recognize as strong people, those who have the power to inspire you.

6. Pain Is Part Of Growth 

Don't expect for things to be perfect and pleasurable all the time, on your path to reach your life goals. Inevitably, pain will be there also. No one is born perfect, we all have to change something at one point in our lives. Change it's not possible without a little pain, after all you are doing something new, something your body, mind and soul are not used to. So it's more than reasonable that you will feel some sort of pain, the trick is to see this has part of the growing process. Pain can be a sign that you are moving forward. Next time you feel pain, embrace it! Something good is coming, cause you are about to change and become better.

7. There Is Always Something Good 

Maybe you're being to harsh and negative about it, we all go trough it sometimes. We become so blind that we can only see the bad things, look at your problems from another angle, a positive point a view. What's good in that bad experience? Is there something really good you can hang on and realize that something good can actually come from that negative situation? 

8. After Darkness Comes Light

This is indispensable and it's part of the laws of life. After night comes day, after day comes night. 
Our life circumstances work like this also, when everything seems to go wrong, things change, and good times arrive. So circumstances are temporary, they work in cycle, and change often. You must remember this when everything seems dark in your life, you know there's light at the end of the tunnel, So why stress about it? Have faith, give time the time needed for things to change.

You surely know someone who is in a difficult situation and everything seems dark to them, they need to start seeing things from a positive side, share this article with them so they can start to figure out a way to rebuild their life. Continue to be...


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