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3 Essential Ways For The Law of Compensation To Work: A Bad Work Is Not The End!

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3 Essential Ways For The Law of Compensation To Work: A Bad Work Is Not The End!

Let's say you are an artist, you are a content creator or an office worker - someone who produces something on a daily basis.

You produce work, you have an extensive collection of your works, something like a catalog showing your created content. 

Do all the works, you did produce, stand at the same level? Are they all great pieces of work? Are they all bad? Are they all average? 

Of course not!

Some of the things you did were great, some bad, some average. It's a common place for a content creator. 

Here at Motivate Amaze Be GREAT we produce lots of content, do you think every page gets the same views number? 

Of course not! 

Some of the pages we've launched, with produced content, went viral with thousands of views in a day, others with hundreds of views and others with only a single digit views on the first day they were published. 

What's the deal with it? 
  • The content you produce will not be always an immediate success
  • But that doesn't mean it will be a failure.
  • You need to look at the all content producing adventure as a process. 

3 Essential Ways For The Law of Compensation To Work

A process in development, like a child growing up, things will come when the time is right. You just cannot stop producing, like a child doesn't stop running and playing! I repeat, you cannot stop producing!

1st: Keep On Producing Regardless

You need to keep on producing, not thinking about the immediate results you are getting. If you get a bad review or bad comment, don't stop because of it! Keep on doing what you do. People sometimes will criticize you because of selfish reasons, or no apparent reason! In reality some just don't understand the things you do, because they don't have your skills our experience. 

2nd: Keep Getting Better With The Process

Of course, you cannot ignore the feedback you are getting, so besides keeping on with the content production, you need to keeping on getting better, sharp your work, work on your craft. Improve what you do all the time, push the envelop on yourself. Listen to what your peers say, listen to what your heart says also, and do what you believe it's better for improving new content.

So besides producing non stop, you need to learn from it, getting better and better with content as time goes by.

3rd: Don't Get Discouraged! Keep Believing!

Some people stop believing their skills when their work has a bad feedback or review, but not only they stop believing, they stop producing! They get discouraged by it, fear of failure stops their actions. And that's a problem!

Once again, do you think Motivate Amaze Be GREAT stopped at the first sluggish 9 views of our first article ever? Do you think we stopped when we had 100 views only at the first month of our existence? 
Hell NO!

We kept on keeping on, our mission to inspire greatness doesn't end because 100 views in the first month of our website! It's much deeper than that! We didn't took this 100 views as a failure, but as a process. We were learning with it! But did we stopped? No, we kept on writing, kept on publishing amazing things, kept learning from the people we inspired that reached out to us. Guess what? A few months latter we got 5.000 views in a day for a single article! We kept believing on our mission and purpose, and that drove us.

Do you think we would of got that by getting discouraged with the "results" of the first month? Of course not! We sharped ours skills, kept on producing content, kept believing, and in the middle of a nowhere, an article went viral. 

What's The Law of Compensation?

The work you do today might be the best you can do today. But in the world's eyes it can look incomplete, or poor. If you study and learn from the experience, you will catch what were the missing pieces, so next time around you perform better, an so on. Until, your "bad work" starts to become better, and now it's "good work" and get's notice. So in reality your "good work" will compensate the time you were putting out "bad work". The feedback and reviews that were dreadful at the start of your journey, will be compensated by good feedback and reviews in the future. 

Bad work it's not the end! It's actually the beginning, keep on learning and producing, because you will get even with it by the Law of Compensation

Also, bad work it's not the end because it's a result you obtain from someones opinion. Sometimes this happens because people aren't ready for it, yet! But with time, work that was considered as bad, becomes good because of a different exposure. Different people, different cultures, different times, etc.

We have had some articles that in the first month they were published performed poorly, but with the growing of the website, they got different exposure, and 4 months after publication they blew up. It happens! Take advantage from it, expose your work if you believe in it!

It's like an underdeveloped muscle group that has some muscles that are strong, but others around are really weak. You need to compensate, you need to keep pushing the weights at the gym, and defy that muscle group. The underdeveloped ones will improve their strength with the help of the strong ones because you didn't stop! Again it's the Law of Compensation. "Bad work" will be pushed by "good work" and suddenly it develops! 

Don't worry if your work actually didn't worked, because in the future it will! Maybe by itself, maybe with the help of other work, as long as you:
  • Keep on learning with the process;
  • Make an effort to be better today than what you were yesterday, every day;
  • Don't stop producing;
  • Acknowledge the Law of Compensation and take advantage from it;
  • Compensate what was lacking and underdeveloped;
  • Compensation will work for you if you follow this simple tips!
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