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Success Principles: How Reality Cannot Stop Your Success

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Who are we to say what's real and what's not? Our own perception of reality is influenced by the way we sense the world.

Our 5 senses give us the perspective on how things feel, that's where we get our sensations from. So the way your 5 senses are sharped influence your perception of reality.

That's why we can have two different persons with different experiences on living, and therefore different 5 senses development, observing the same exact picture but having different concepts of the reality that's in front of their own eyes. 

In other words, you can have the same event happening but 2 people will have different points of view about what they are witnessing because they simply are different from one another, in their beliefs, life values, backgrounds, skills, education level.

Of course not only your 5 senses will influence your perception of reality, but also, your life experiences, believes and things you value the most will influence the way you feel and see the world. 

So what's the reality, who is right? We don't know! Who knows? Reality will depend on your own perspective and vision of the world, so whatever you believe in it will shape your own sense of reality. That's why when you're a child you see things differently from an adult.

Success Principles: How Reality Cannot Stop Your Success

1. Reality as an Illusion!

Perception Of Reality, Success, Stop your Success, Success Principles, Inspirational Tips, Motivational, Personal Development, Change Your Reality, Self-Improvement, How ToTherefore you should consider the definition of reality as an illusion. That's right! An illusion. Because if you don't structure very well your beliefs and conceptions on the world and your mission here, you'll be confused by a mix of feelings and sensations that come and goes So by that order of ideas one day reality is one thing, other day it's another.

You cannot count on reality to guide your life! It's that simple!

2. How This Influences Success?

Sometimes friends and colleagues in an helpful way, want to give us a wake up call, and they share with us their perspective of reality. If you're not strong on the inside, and have a strong system of beliefs and values you will fall for anything. You will believe your friends are right. But what if their sense of reality it's not well structured, and in fact, it's merely an illusion! You're in deep trouble!

If you follow your mates opinion, you don't believe in yourself no more, and you're systematically tricked by someone else's illusion. That will mislead you in your road to achieve your dreams. Because logically, others influence you and your mind, to think that you are on the wrong path to success, so eventually you quit. By quitting you won't get the results you want, so no success!

4. The Solution: Steps to Success 

  • Step for Success 1: Find out what's your passion in life, what's your purpose of being in this earth. What are the values you should have, and the beliefs you should follow.
  • Step for Success 2: Structure well your goals and life objectives based on your passion. Know what you really want out of life.
  • Step for Success 3: Strategize on how to achieve it, what are you suppose to do, what type of actions.
  • Step for Success 4: Go from theory to action, all the time. Do the things you've planned as soon as possible. Achieve your short term goals, then the medium and finally you'll achieve your long term goals.

What are we doing with this steps? Building your core values and life beliefs - the fundation for Success.

You have to be conscious of what you want out of live. You have to become the person you were born to be. Only then you'll be conscious of how to interpret reality and what happens to you in the right way. 

5. Breakdown

  1. You have to be strong on the inside, in order to interpret reality the best way possible. To be aware about what's and illusion and what's not. 
  2. Learn how an illusion cannot stop you. 
  3. You have to get to the point of having such self confidence and such self esteem that it's so powerful that you don't need to be chasing what's real and what's not to validate your world.
  4. Your mind will make it real if it has to, that's the way things should structure. 
  5. You don't need to examine if it's real, you have to make it real with your own power. 
  6. Simply: you create your own illusion (reality), you believe what you have to believe so you can reach success, and there's no question that your dreams will become reality. 

Train yourself to become better and better on your life mission and purpose. You'll shape your reality to become the illusion you need to follow to be successful. BELIEVE and...

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