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3 Reasons Why Imagination Is Your Biggest Gift To Reach Success in Life

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It's an undeniable fact that every child has an unbelievable Imagination! We all enjoyed our days of playing with the help of imagination in our younger days, and now we witness as adults children inventing all kinds of stuff.

So Imagination was part of your life. Now... is Imagination still part of your life? When you grow things get more "realistic" and "adult", you have bills to pay, you need a job that provides money for it, things get "serious", it's "grown people business" no a "child's play".  So..."there's no time for Imagination"! WRONG!

That's where many people go wrong. What should be the place of Imagination in our time? Crucial! Fundamental! Most important!

3 Reasons Why Imagination Is Your Biggest Gift 

1. Why is Imagination so crucial for Success?

Let's map out the path to success:
1. You analyse your passions and life goals;
2. You set short and long therm goals even if they seem so distant right now;
3. You plan your strategy;
4. You do the necessary actions to achieve those goals working hard day by day;
5. You adjust it depending on what results your getting;
6. Repeat. 

So... you don't need imagination to perform any of those tasks? Sure you do!

How can you set goals for yourself to achieve things that simply don't exist in your life today? You have to be capable of imagining it, make a picture in your own mind

Success principle 1: Having a vision. You got to believe in things others won't and that's why you have to put your Imagination working.

Success principle 2: There's something magic about imagining things before they really happen, when you actually imagine it in your mind that's the first step of the journey to achieving it. It's like your going freely in one direction, but when you put all in perspective and imagine the future, your mind imagines the goal you want to achieve. By doing so your riding direction changes, you become driven and suddenly you're taking the road to achieve that goal. Imagination can get you closer to success.

2. Mind, Body, Spirit influence in Success

Mind and body have to become one. That's a cliche, but nevertheless it's true!

But what about the spiritual part? It's a must that you converge mind+body+spirit. That's where your faith and believe come into play. Things that you go to believe in order to conquer your dreams.

Imagination it's a mind/spiritual characteristic of course. You cannot sense it, you have to be able to imagine in your mind, and reinforce it with your faith and believe in it.

How can this help you to reach success? When you set a goal, you can imagine it in your mind all you want but if you don't believe it's possible with all your faith and desire things will not work. So you must believe it, the spiritual part, it's a major thing as success is concern. Take this examples: 

  • For instances people who have panic attacks are able to imagine things, sadly in the worst way, but in fact they do imagine. Because their mind gives them a fake feeling or insecurity and they believe in it so strongly, that doesn't matter if the situation is in fact dangerous or not (most times isn't). In this  case imagination is used in a negative way.
  • Same thing goes for artists, a surrealistic painter doesn't conceives the world as it is, he has the ability to view things in a particular way in his mind. This painters believe their vision it's worth painting and show to the world, although most don't understand it. In this case the use of imagination it's very positive

3. The Biggest Gift You Have To Reach Success

You can gain all the knowledge in the world, perform the necessary actions with that same knowledge that will provide the things you want. But ultimately you will face competition in your business or knowledge area. What can make all the difference? Imagination.

Because imagination can take you beyond what's rational and logic. If you what to create something that's unique, this is a must! And being unique it's essential if you want to be successful.

World history taught us that! Time after time someone says "everything is already invented". That's when someone shows up, and by believing in something that exists only in their Imagination, creates new things that no one ever thought of, and they become a so called "overnight" success story.

Take this in consideration if you want to design your own success story: Imagination it's the fabric of life, so don't kill the biggest gift we ever had since birth! Use it to your own benefit and others! Remember...


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