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Every single day we ask ourselves simple questions. Even if it is an unconscious act, we all do.

And for every question we make, we give ourselves an answer. Is it a good answer? Ask if it is a good question in the first place.

Because "stupid questions" equals "stupid answers" - that's a knowledge we gained since the kinder-garden days.

What's the problem with this? The answers you give everyday will guide your daily actions, because our self talk tends to guide our way of thinking, and the way of thinking the way we move, and the way we move determines what we do, our actions.

So you have two options: 
- Either you make good questions, you'll get good answers and the correspondent great acts will follow,
- Or, you do the most simple questions and work on the answers making them POWERFUL.

Today we'll focus on the second option. 

We've choose the most simple questions of all, the five W's, the interrogative pronouns (Who, What, When, Where, Why). Like we said, if simple questions are made it's the answers you give that make all the difference, so here we are for it.

We've seen a couple of photos and articles with answers to those questions on the web - but they weren't satisfying enough for our vision of things.

Remember our mindset: we're are in the Zone, where the AMAZING it's a constant chase, where GREATNESS it's trusting upon us to deliver. This is for the ones who want to excel at what they do, who want to amaze, those we the Be GREAT state of mind.

Motivate Amaze Be GREAT
that's the anthem!


Who you are, follow your instincts and your inner voice. In reality who you are really? Many people aren't what they supposed to be, they are what their friends want, or their parents, or their co-workers.

You have to be YOU. Because there's only one person that can be you,
- Only one person that can bring what you can bring to the world - YOU.
- Only one person can create what you can create - YOU.
- Only one person can love like you do- YOU.

Some may question: "but being me it's hard, I need this and that resource, and I don't have it.. I have already so many friends that like me because I act like them.."

- Guess what: It doesn't matter!!!
- You have to picture yourself like the real YOU.
- No matter what start to act like it, talk like it, walk like it, be like it.
- The first tool you need it's YOU, and other things will follow.

Don't be afraid to become who you're destined to become. YOU know what's the answer deep inside, find out, if you have found it already, good! Now go on and start acting like it no matter what.

Don't stop! Being YOU it's a day to day job, keep on keeping on!


That's not important! You read it well! Not important! because if you answer the "Who" question and you're being you like you're supposed to, what you'll have it's a consequence of it.

This is the common mistake. When people elaborate on their dreams they say things like:
"I want a big house with pool and jacuzzi in it", "I want that expensive car".

The focus is on materialistic things, don't get me wrong, you can have them and you can wish for them of course! But that shouldn't be your primary focus.
- What you'll become will get you to have what you want.Who you are it's what you should be worrying about.
- You have to grow on the inside, materialistic things will give an edge on happiness for the moment not in the long run, and things that last is what you need!

So when What is asked, don't go for the quick answer "I want this and that" like you're writing to Santa.
Instead go for the sincere answer "I want to BECOME", "I want to BE", because that's where all the power is!


This is a time question. You've talked about time, and how it can be an illusion.

- You cannot bring the past back, so why focus on it?
- You can live the present, and act now making things the way you what them to be.
- You cannot live in the future either, because you'll never focus on the current moment. You can prepare the future and plan about it, but act also upon it.

When will you become who you are destined to be? Think for a while...how about...RIGHT NOW!

Many people buy the "when I get that..."- theory. Only when they acquire something it's when they'll start making progress.
Ex: When will you start to lose weight? "When I buy that new abs machine I saw on TV" - and this goes on and on to any other device. And they never lose weight. Because their focusing on the "Ifs" of tomorrow.

And Greatness it's not about tomorrow. LIVE TODAY, and FULLY that's it!

Any other story you might have...it's just a story and the bad answer to the question "When"!


Like time, it's not important to worry about this constantly.

Where you are now it's not where you're going to be in the future, unless your not active and don't become who you should be.
- Don't stress about your current living place, or working place, if you do the things you should do, they will become just a memory;
- Envision your future in a different place, the power of imagination can get you anyWHERE

Where you want to:
- Live;
- Work;
- Travel;
- Spend your free time;
- Go have fun with your kids;
- Go to a pleasant diner.
- You name it! For real, you name it.

Where it's a future thing in the mindset of an achiever. Go out there and earn your right to be where you want to be.


Along with "Who?" this is the most important question you should do.

You want to become this, WHY? Why do you want to become that person.

Find strong reasons, if you listened to your soul and heart, the correct answers will follow:
- Why? Because I want to become the best I can be;
- Why? Because I have a family to support and give assistance;
- Why? Because this is my lifetime dream and no one can live it like I will.
- Why? Because I'm the only individual who can bring to the world what I can bring to the table.
- Why? Because there's a community counting on me.
- Why? Because love and happiness it's what I want, and I willing to fighting for what I deserve.

Strong answers will get you strong feelings, and with that strong actions will follow. This is the mos powerful question you can ask yourself when self-doubt strikes you.
- What are your reasons?
- What's the one thing you're willing to dedicate your life to?
- What's your mission in this world?

You can ask "Who?" first and then "Why?". But "Why" can be used in and reverse logic:
- First you can question yourself Why you want to become Who you want to become. And then decide Who you want to become with your reasons first.

Simple questions can be an illusion, seek POWERFUL ANSWERS and go after your dream, next level thinking, YOU CAN do it!


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