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12 Life Teachings You Can't Afford to Miss

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They say you live and you learn, that's the point in this article. We've analyze till this day what life has brought us, and what kind of lessons are hidden in those experiences.

Life teachings can be a valuable tool to anyone who his willing to learn from what others have lived. 

If you can learn in a few minutes what someone took a year or decades to learn, you can be wiser and better prepared than or ancestors. That's why it's crucial to look at life and take out the lessons it teach us, so other generations can become better also.

12 Life Teachings You Can't Afford to Miss 

Life Teaching 1: People Will Only Change If They Want To.

No matter how bad you want it for them, they can’t change just because you want so.

You can however influence them to become better and to view things from a different perspective, and then maybe they will sense the urgency to change.

Life Teaching 2: Some Things From Childhood Cannot End In Childhood, Be A Child Over and Over Again

If you act like a child with your persistence and honesty, you’ll get the things a child gets – everything! That’s right, don’t give up until you get it.

Children don't look at problems from a dramatic standpoint, they look at problems as challenges to overcome. That's what we should do as adults also.

Life Teaching 3: There's No Such Thing Called Perfection 

You can work at things, make them better, but once you called your work a perfection it will get outdated and actualization is needed, someone is working harder then you always. 

What should exist is constant improvement, there’s always room to become better.  If your work constantly you’ll become better, if you work once in a while you’ll be enough, if you don’t work you get rusty and all the past work is wasted. Don’t stop!

Life Teaching 4: Cynicism And Easy Critics Go Away As Fast As They Come

Don’t get discouraged by it. People talk a lot of crap, most of them by envy.  Learn how to deal with this, be happy with it, it’s a signal that what you’re doing is significant enough for people to criticize in a dirty way. 

Life Teaching 5: You Get In Life What You Give

If you hate people, that hate will consume you and people will hate you also. If you love people, love will surround your life and people will love you by what you are not what you hate..

This doesn't mean dying to be accepted, but to truly enjoy others personalities and differences, embrace them, let them shape some of your thoughts, but always become yourself. 

Life Teaching 6: About Comfort and Discomfort 

Will say just this: Comfort will get you a good moment. Discomfort will get you a great life. 
Meaning...that you have to Search for challenges because facing them is the way for you to grow, don’t settle for the same old things because they represent no growth. 

Life Teaching 7: Search For Knowledge And Make Sure You Use It

Accept this universal life fact: You don’t know everything! But that’s ok because no one does. Be prepared to face people with more knowledge than you, because they exist everywhere. 

Get the best from them, but just don't settle for the knowledge, use the learning you gain by taking action. Apply those strategies to your own life and take your own conclusions.

Life Teaching 8: Working Performance Matchup - Quality vs. Quantity 

Two are good, but not equal, if you have to choose one, choose quality over quantity.
It’s better to do one thing well, than a gazillion things the wrong way. 

Life Teaching 9: You Can Choose The People In Your Life  

You can choose the people you want in your life and you have to. Stop living with this as a consequence, it shouldn't be a consequence, it should be premeditated. Surround yourself with people who empower and celebrate you, and empower and celebrate them.

Life Teaching 10: Time It's Not Returnable

Time will not return. 
You've used it? Good! You waste it? Nothing you can do to bring it back. 
So seize this moment right now, and every moment from now on. 

Life Teaching 11: Cliches, Quotes And Aphorisms Are Great Friends

Cliches, quotes, aphorisms, make some people tired and bored, but they are crucial to one’s success. This is the one “drug” you should use and abuse.
This tools represent the life others have lived before us, they are major life teachings. Select the ones that really empower you. Keep them in some place where you can read them or ear them daily. Transform common sense into practical sense, the art of repetition will make you unstoppable in your beliefs. It's very important because beliefs determine the way you act on a daily basis.

Life Teaching 12: Be Helpful Not The Contrary

Criticizing and putting people down will get anyone’s attention sure, but it will get them to react negatively to anything you do from that point on. 

You’ll get the opposite you’re trying to achieve, people will not listen to you, instead they will focus on putting you down. So be helpful whenever you can, say what you have to say, but in the most helpful and honest way.


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